Why Is My Alexa App Not Finding My Device?

Why Is My Alexa App Not Finding My Device

Picture this: you’re excited to issue your first command to Alexa, only to find that the app refuses to detect your new gadget. This hiccup can be due to network snags, device compatibility, or incorrect settings. In this article, we will dissect these problems and offer clear, actionable solutions to bridge the communication gap between … Read more

Can You Timelapse With Kasa Cameras?

Can You Timelapse With Kasa Cameras

TP-Link’s Kasa smart security cameras have several great features and are generally very easy to use. However, I’ve seen several queries about users wanting to create ‘timelapse’ videos with Kasa cameras. Timelapse makes it easy to see a whole day’s worth of recordings in just a few minutes.  Unfortunately, Kasa cameras don’t have any built-in … Read more

Leaving The Echo Auto Plugged In: Does This Drain The Car Battery?

Can You Leave Echo Auto Plugged In 1 1

Is your car’s battery is draining fast, and you think your Echo Auto may be the culprit? Well, that’s a possibility, which is what we’ll explore in this post.  The Echo Auto works with your car’s electrical system– drawing power from your car’s USB port or cigarette lighter socket when the engine is running. But … Read more

Echo Auto Not Playing Through The Car’s Speakers [Fixed]

Echo Auto Not Playing

Some users report that the Echo Auto won’t play through their car’s speakers. If you’re experiencing this issue, it could be due to a problem with the connections or the device­ itself. If your Echo Auto is not playing through your car’s speakers, continue reading as we explain the possible causes and provide solutions to … Read more