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A screenshot of the BT Smart Hub 2 (internet router) wireless configuration page, showing which details to change.

Changing WiFi Info On All Devices (Echo, Home etc) At Once?

When thinking about the disadvantages of smart homes, I remembered a time when my internet router broke. I changed this, and so I had to manually re-configure 5 smart home…

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Why smart homes are "bad" - 19 disadvantages

Why Are Smart Homes “Bad”? 19 Disadvantages To Consider

As you can probably guess, I am a fan of smart homes. I love the benefits they can provide to people, and how they are often easy to use –…

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A Netgear network switch installed on a piece of wood in a loft, with three ethernet cables going in and one power cable (for the switch) in the back.

How Power over Ethernet (PoE) Can Improve Your Smart Home

Whilst looking at smart doorbells for my house, I came across the Ring Doorbell Elite – which is powered by an Ethernet cable. This reduces the need for running electrical…

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