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YouTube video baby monitor thumbnail

New Video – Using Echo As A Baby Monitor

I’ve just published a new YouTube video to accompany my ‘Using Amazon Echo As A Baby Monitor (But Is It Worth It?)‘ guide. As you can probably guess, it covers…

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Two Echo devices (a full size Echo and an Echo Dot), along with a 'Love You' baby bear.

Using Amazon Echo As A Baby Monitor (But Is It Worth It?)

So you’ve just found out that you’re expecting a little one? Congratulations, that’s awesome! Speaking as a fairly new dad myself, I’m sure that clearly the first question you’ll be…

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Alexa app screenshot showing both 'Alexa' and 'Echo' listed.

What Is The Difference Between Amazon’s Alexa and Echo?

When reading about smart homes, you’ll probably have seen ‘Amazon Alexa’ and ‘Amazon Echo’ used almost interchangeably, but they’re actually quite different. It’s almost like the difference between a guitar…

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Picture of me holding up an Echo Dot in my house.

25 Advantages Of Smart Homes (Why They Are Awesome!)

I previously written about the disadvantages of smart homes, and somehow came up with a list of 19 reasons. Whilst everything I covered is valid, there’s more that’s good about…

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Ring Doorbell, a NAS (on the right hand side), an SD card adaptor and Ethernet cable (on the left hand side).

New Video – Ring Doorbell Local Storage (w/ NAS, No Cloud)?!

Hi everyone, I have just published a new video to go alongside the ‘Can You Record Ring Doorbell Footage Locally (No Cloud)?‘ guide I posted yesterday. I look at the…

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A Ring Doorbell Pro in-front of a D-Link ShareCenter NAS, and an SD-card adapter and Ethernet cable on the sides.

Can You Record Ring Doorbell Footage Locally (No Cloud)?

The Ring Doorbell is a useful smart device: it replaces your existing doorbell, giving you the ability to speak to visitors when you’re out (which is handy when it’s a…

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The Nest app on the left, and the Google Home app on the right.

Can We Add Nest Protect To The Google Home App Yet?

If you search for “Nest Protect” – the smart smoke and CO alarm – you’ll be greeted with Google’s logo and the words “Google Nest”. It’s clearly a Google smart…

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Screenshot taken of the desktop view of Home Assistant's demo.

SmartThings, Sengled, Wink, Home Assistant.. Still Needed?

When it comes to controlling your new smart home device, you’ll probably see that most devices nowadays “support Alexa”. Some support Google Home, too. However you may also have seen…

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YouTube thumbnail for the Ring Doorbell Pro Faceplate video

New Video – Ring Video Doorbell Pro: 4 Colored Faceplates

I just published a new YouTube video. It’s a quick 4 minute video covering the four different faceplates that come with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro: silver, cream, dark bronze…

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A traditional ceiling fan

Using Smart Light Bulbs In Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great invention: they make a room’s temperature feel around 5-8 degrees cooler than it otherwise might. The light is often adjustable too, allowing for the light…

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