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Ring 'audio & video recording' warning stickers in different languages - English, French, German, Spanish and others.

Do You Need To Put Up The Ring Recording Warning Sticker?

When you buy a Ring doorbell, camera or alarm system, Ring warning decals come in the box – such as stickers that say “Attention: Ring Audio & video recording“. These…

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A Philips Hue White Ambiance E14 single bulb box, with the actual bulb outside it (resting against the box).

Why Is Philips Hue So Expensive? Are They Worth It?

This morning I ordered some Philips Hue bulbs (four White Ambiance E14s, a size sometimes called ‘decorative candles’) and a starter kit including the hub/bridge. To be honest, I was…

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The location of the sun in the sky at 9:04am

Ring Doorbell Sun (or Anti-Sun!) Guide: Protect Your Device

You don’t have much choice where to place your Ring Doorbell: it’ll be right by your front door. Maybe a few inches to one side, or maybe even on the…

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Wiring guide YouTube thumbnail

New Video – Deta Doorbell to Ring Doorbell Pro – UK Wiring Guide

Hey everyone, I’ve just published a new YouTube video covering how to switch from a Deta mains-voltage doorbell to a Ring Doorbell Pro (I had the Deta C3051, but the…

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Inside a Deta C3501 mains voltage doorbell: the input (mains voltage) cables are on the bottom left, with the output (CAT5) cables on the bottom right.

How To Convert a Deta Doorbell to a Ring Doorbell Pro – UK

When I purchased my Ring Doorbell Pro, I knew that I currently had a Deta doorbell but I hadn’t looked at the wiring much beyond that. To be honest, I…

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A Ring Doorbell Pro on the foreground, and a NAS ShareCenter in the background. Also with the infinity symbol and the text "24/7?!".

Do Ring Doorbells & Cameras Record Continuously (24/7)?

So you recently paid $229.99 for a Ring Doorbell 3 Plus and $99.99 for a Ring Stick Up Smart Camera, and you’ve finally installed them. Phew, now you can sit…

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A side lamp with an Amazon Echo Dot in-front of it

Can Smart Plugs Be Used To Dim Lights?

When you plug a device into a smart plug, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the device itself isn’t suddenly smart. And by that I mean that it’s still the…

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