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A Firefly edition version of the 'Introducing Amazon Echo' meme, showing 'echo' crossed out and replaced with the 'firefly' logo.

New Video – Introducing Amazon Echo: Firefly Edition (Meme)

I recently came across the ‘Introducing Amazon Echo’ meme on YouTube, and I noticed that none had been created for Firefly – my favourite TV show which was cancelled (too…

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A standard (non smart) terrier thermostatic radiator valve fitted to a radiator in my house.

Smart Radiator Valves: Worth It? Or Just A Gimmick?

A single-zone smart thermostat can either put the whole house’s heating on, or off. It can’t control individual rooms (well, not without automatic dampers – which are rarely fitted in…

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Ring Protect Plus Plan pricing, with "amazon Prime" text in foreground and a question mark.

Is Ring Protect Free with Amazon Prime?

Ring Protect is a paid-for plan that stores footage from Ring cameras and doorbells in the Ring cloud, ready to access 24/7 (along with extra features for the Ring Alarm…

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August's Smart Lock Pro in exploded view, i.e. showing the individual constituent parts that make up the actual lock and smart lock.

Can Smart Locks Be Rekeyed?

Some smart locks are keyless, not requiring (or allowing) any sort of key at all. However other smart locks come with a physical key, usually as a backup option incase…

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Samsung S10 phone screenshot showing bluetooth, mobile data and GPS (location) turned on, and also the 'IpsGeofence' app that's installed.

Smart Door Locks That Support Geofencing And Auto-Unlock

I sometimes wish that I lived in a posh mansion with a dedicated doorman, but failing that a standard doorman would work just fine: (via GIPHY) Of course, not all…

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YouTube thumbnail for my 'Hue and Alexa integration issue' video, showing me looking annoyed in-front of an Echo and Hue bulb.

New Video – 5 ANNOYING Hue & Alexa Integration Issues (& How To Fix Them)

Whilst I like controlling my Hue smart lights through Alexa, there are some annoying integration issues between the two, which I explore in more detail in my new YouTube video:…

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My Philips Hue E14 White Ambiance bulb inside a table lamp, with weird flickering and noise issues.

Hue Bulbs Buzzing: Why It Happens, And How To Stop It!

Philips Hue bulbs work really well in general, and are quiet to the point that you can only heard a noise if you put your ear right up next to…

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My Amazon Echo (with a blue ring, in listening mode) next to a Philips Hue E14 White Ambiance box.

Hue And Alexa Integration Problems (& How To Fix Them)

I recently started to switch over to smart lighting in my house, and overall I really like the integration with Alexa. After all, being able to control your lights using…

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An ecobee room sensor on a bookcase shelf.

Ecobee Sensors Guide (And Can You Use 3rd Party Sensors?)

ecobee produce a range of smart home devices, although they’re best known for their smart thermostat which rivals the Nest Learning Thermostat. ecobee also produce two smart sensors: a SmartSensor…

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A pram and car baby seat, stored under our stairs in the hallway.

How A Smart Home Has Helped Me Since Having A Baby

I was recently taking my 11 month old 10 kg (22 lb) baby son downstairs and doing a few things with him in my arms, when I realized that I’d…

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