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The Ring Alarm base station mounted on a wall above a shelf, with a Ring stick-up cam sitting on the shelf.

Can Ring’s Smart Cameras Trigger Ring Alarm?

Ring’s devices can be linked together to provide closer integration, and it’d be nice if motion detected on a Ring camera (especially an outdoor one) could trigger the Ring alarm…

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Echo Dot 3rd generation model, with a blue 'listening' ring after a voice command was issued.

Amazon Echo: Transferring Music To Another Echo (Room to Room)

It’s quite common to be listening to music on your Echo in one room, but you need to move to another room – and so you want to continue playing…

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YouTube video thumbnail showing a Ring Chime Pro and the Ring app showing the different Ring Chime sounds.

New Video – Ring Doorbell Chime & Chime Pro: All Chime Sounds

The Ring Doorbell can work with a separate Chime device which plugs into your wall socket and works over WiFi, playing a doorbell sound whenever someone presses your Ring Doorbell….

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Selfie of me (Tristan Perry) looking thoughtful

My Smart Home Thoughts: What I Love (And Hate!) About Them

I purchased my first Echo device back in 2016, and I’ve always found it quite useful, although my wife wasn’t convinced at first. But over time, as we’ve discovered more…

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The Google Nest Mini (2nd generation) on a table, processing the command "Ok Google, play Skies and Shadows"

Can Google Home Read Emails And Text Messages?

Google’s smart voice assistant – the ‘Home’ range – is great. It can play music, search (and read back) the internet, read your calendar entries, and a whole lot more….

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My Ring Chime Pro plugged into a UK plug socket, with "ring" illuminated in blue light.

Do You Need The Ring Chime For Your Ring Doorbell?

The Ring Chime is a useful device in many cases – it plays a chime or doorbell (‘ding-dong’) sound to notify you when your Ring Doorbell has been pressed. This…

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Using 'pinch zoom' in the Ring phone app to try and read information from a passing car at night.

Ring Video Range: How Far Can It See? Can You Zoom In/Out?

Ring’s cameras and doorbells tend to film in full HD (1920x1080p) with a few exceptions. Whilst this is good, Ring cameras also use a wide angle lens that pick up…

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YouTube thumbnail for my 'fix Alexa weather forecast' video.

New Video – Grr! Alexa/Echo Gives Wrong Weather: How To Fix This!

I love most of the features that Echo provides… apart from the weather forecasting, that is. That’s because I moved house a few years ago, but it still gives me…

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A removed doorbell, showing the two supply wires (blue and orange twisted pairs).

Stolen Ring Doorbell: What Happens? Can It Still Be Used?

You wake up in the middle of the night to a sound outside your front door. You check your phone and see that you have a Ring motion alert. You…

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A smart plug phone app on top of a person on a train.

Do Smart Plugs Work Away From Home?

When talking about the benefits of smart plugs, I usually give the example of being able to turn your slow cooker on from work, so that you come home to…

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