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Marketing image of a two-switch Lutron Caseta smart switch

How Smart Light Switches Can Use Power Even When Off

Smart light switches seem a bit of a contradiction when you first think about them, because an electrical switch has two states: on or off. But yet, any smart device…

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YouTube thumbnail for my "watching all your Ring feeds in 1 monitor" video.

New Video – View All Ring Devices On 1 Monitor (Possible?)

Professional grade security systems will allow you to watch all real-time (live) views of the camera feeds on a single PC/TV monitor. This got me wondering whether it’s possible to…

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A Philips Hue White B22 bayonet bulb in the background, and an overlay UK light switch in the off position (in the foreground).

How Smart Bulbs Work With Switches (Regular And Smart)

Smart bulbs are one of the most popular – and fun – smart products available on the market. After all, you can change their color to anything you want, and…

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Various Ring doorbells and cameras in a UK store.

Which Smart Cameras Support 24/7 Continuous Recording?

Traditional CCTV cameras and professional-grade security systems have always supported 24/7 constant recording as a standard feature. It wouldn’t even have been listed as a selling point. But these systems…

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Marketing image for the Leviton Decora Smart WiFi 15 Amp Light Switch

Why Are Smart Switches “So Expensive”?

Smart switches can sometimes be better to purchase than smart bulbs, but when Lutron Caseta switches sell for up to $60 each, it makes some people ask why smart switches…

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Marketing image of the waterproof eufy camera installed outside when it's raining.

Do Any Eufy Cameras & Doorbells Support 24/7 Recording?

Eufy cameras and doorbells have a bunch of great features, but do they support 24/7 constant recording like Nest do? This is a really useful feature to have because whilst…

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YouTube thumbnail showing me looking confused, and the text "Google Home = CONFUSING!" on it.

New Video – What Exactly Does “Google Home” Mean?!? (Why So Confusing, Google?)

I was recently filming for another YouTube video, and I realized that I kept saying “Google Home” but I hadn’t discussed how “Google Home” can actually mean four different things….

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A sticky note put over a standard wall switch, saying "Smart bulb!!! Don't turn me off!!!"

Smart Bulbs vs Smart Switches (Why Some People Are Wrong)

Whenever I see newcomers to smart homes ask what the best smart bulb to buy is, I often see one or two replies saying “Noooo, smart bulbs are POINTLESS!! Just…

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A veranda/porch with an overhead light turned on.

Can The Nest Doorbell & Cameras Turn On Your Lights?

A fairly desired (and standard) feature of smart doorbells and cameras is that they notify another service about motion, so that automation routines can run – for example, turning a…

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Cropped screenshots from the Ring app showing the WiFi health of two of my Ring devices.

Can Ring Cameras & Doorbells Be On Different Networks?

Ring produce a wide range of cameras and doorbells which can protect all parts of your property – inside and out. This is great, other than the fact that your…

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