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Philips Hue smart plug manual showing the different install modes

Ethernet Based Smart Plugs: Possible, Pointless or Useful?

Smart plugs are an interesting item in the world of smart home devices. They have the potential to become extremely useful, but there are some major questions that need to…

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The power over Ethernet Ring Doorbell Elite, mounted on a wall.

Ethernet Smart Doorbells: Is The Ring Elite Really The Best?

We’re in the middle of a smart home technology boom. Everyone is racing to bring new products to the market. Not all of these are just cut-cost clones of name…

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Ring neighbors privacy YouTube thumbnail

New Video – Protect Your Neighbor’s Privacy With Ring Cameras & Doorbells

Ring cameras and Ring doorbells are great for crime prevention and parcel deliveries because they record in full HD and record audio. However this also means that they can be…

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The wiring inside a UK light switch containing a neutral

Ethernet Based Smart Light Switches: A Good Idea?

If you’ve been into smart home technology or the Internet of Things for a while, odds are you’ve thought about being an early adopter for a new bit of tech….

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My Dolce Gusto coffee machine with an electric physical switch

Smart Plugs & Devices With Electric Or Physical Switches

Smart plugs are great (or so the marketing says…) – they can easily be used to turn household devices and appliances on/off via your voice, a phone app, automated schedules,…

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Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus controller - front view

Can You Buy Just The Philips Hue Lightstrip Controller?

I have been on a bit of a smart lighting journey over the past year. I originally disliked the idea of smart lighting, before buying a couple of smart lights…

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Marketing image of the Philips Hue tap switch button

Help! My Philips Hue Tap Switch Buttons Aren’t Working! (How to Fix)

One of the best features that IoT has brought to the smart home is lighting control. There’s nothing like having an automatic wakeup call from your lights or being able…

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Z-Wave alliance logo

Why Are Z-Wave Smart Devices Just SO Expensive?

Move aside WiFi: much like the Zigbee protocol, Z-Wave is an alternative way to control your smart home devices. It operates on a mesh network, doesn’t require a lot of…

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A LIFX bulb with green light and me taking a selfie

LIFX Effects And Problems When Stopping & Starting Them

I remember when I installed my first LIFX bulb: it was my first full-RGB (color) smart bulb, in-fact. So naturally I jumped into the ‘Effects’ section of the app and…

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A Philips Hue starter kit (B22), and four E14 White Ambiance bulbs.

Why Are Zigbee Smart Devices Just SO Expensive?

In today’s connected world, there are many ways for devices to interact with one another. While most people opt for the more popular options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, there are…

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