A Message For Ring’s Marketing Team: SORT IT OUT! – New Video

YouTube thumbnail showing me looking annoyed and the text Why

I was recently on YouTube and Ring’s Floodlight Cam Wired Plus announcement video popped up for me to watch. This confused me, because Ring already announced this product – a month ago! As it turns out, that was actually a completely different product (the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro). Ring’s product line-up seems quite confusing … Read more

When Philips Hue’s Downlights (GU10) Are Too Long & Don’t Fit!

Philips Hue GU10 size comparison diagram between both generation of bulbs updated

Philips Hue is still one of the biggest and best names in smart home lighting. Their Gu10 lights are an ideal choice for modern looking homes who want that recessed lighting style. The only problem is that the Gu10 standard is a little inconsistent and Philips Hue Lights has also changed the size of their … Read more

Does Amazon Echo Extend Wi-Fi? Is It A Wi-Fi Extender?

A diagram showing the various parts to a home network which doesn't reply on PoE - i.e. an internet supply cable brings internet to the router, which then mainly 'speaks' to the smart components over WiFi. Various power supplies are then required.

Within the last couple of years in particular, working and schooling at home having become more popular – if not essential. To that end, the need for a good, strong Wi-Fi connection is more in demand than ever before.  Besides laptops, desktops, and tablets, many of us also operate a variety of smart home devices. … Read more

Smart Lighting In 2021-2022 & Beyond: Everything You NEED To Know

An image of me holding Hue accessories with the text Make The Right Choice

If you’re new to the world of smart lighting, you might be baffled by all the different choices out there. Whether it’s Philips Hue, LIFX or a budget make on Amazon, it’s not often clear what company to go with. Plus is there a difference between Wi-Fi and Zigbee based lighting? Finally, should you care … Read more

Can Ring Pathlights Stay On? How Do You Charge Them?

Rings smart lighting pathlight solar installed down a path

Since their introduction in 2018, Ring’s smart lighting has become a popular addition in the modern smart home, especially with those who already use Ring products. Their line of smart lighting includes Floodlights, Steplights, Spotlights, Motion Sensors, and even pedestal Pathlights. Ring’s Pathlights not only look inviting as they light the path up to your … Read more

How Long Do Ring LED Lights Last?

A Ring A19 smart light bulb being installed

Which Ring devices do you have around the house? Between their outdoor cameras and their new line of smart lights, Ring relies heavily on LEDs to make sure their devices are working properly. However, how long can we expect these LEDs to last? Ring tech can get expensive. This is even more true when you’ve … Read more

No, Ring Does NOT Offer True “Full HD” Quality – New Video

Picture of me talking with half of me being really pixelated

People quite rightly think that when a company advertises “full HD” quality… the image quality matches expected full HD (1080p) quality. Seems obvious, right?! Well unfortunately this isn’t really the case. Whilst Ring’s cameras and doorbells tend to have a 1920x1080p resolution, the all-important bit rate is a measly 2.5 Mbps – which is closer … Read more

Do I Need a Ring Bridge If I Have a Ring Alarm?

The Ring Alarm base station mounted on a wall above a metal shelf.

Ring’s ever-growing line of smart home tech has become one of the most popular brands of smart home devices in the modern home. Starting out with their line of security cameras for the inside and outside of your home, they then introduced the 1st generation of the Ring Alarm System in 2018. This was soon followed … Read more

Amazon Smart Plug Multiple User Guide: How To Make This ‘Work’

Alexa app - give permissions for contacts

The Amazon smart plug is a great way to transform your pre-smart home technology into something a little more state of the art. You can use these plugs to bring your old lighting, electrical appliances, and most other eclectic devices into the smart home fold. One of the biggest challenges with transforming everything into smart … Read more