Help! My Amazon Smart Plug Can’t Find or Connect To WiFi

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Having an Amazon smart plug in your home is a great way to transform your electronics into truly smart devices. These little plugs can also do wonders for people who are looking to test the smart device waters, but don’t know which devices they want to upgrade first. All in all, smart plugs represent a … Read more

Can Amazon Echo Identify Songs (Shazam Style)? [Not quite…] – New Video

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Amazon Echo is a useful smart speaker: it has multiple microphones to listen to external sounds, and it can also play music. So… y’know… surely it can listen to playing music and tell you what song is playing, right? After all, Shazam can do this fine? Well as it turns out… NO, no it can’t. … Read more

Does Amazon Alexa and the Echo work without the Internet?

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In homes across the country, many smart homeowners have chosen to use an Amazon Echo, in conjunction with the Alexa app, as their smart home hub. Their popularity, wide variety of options, and ease of use have drawn many people to the smart home hub of one of the largest manufacturers. Alexa and the Echo … Read more