Can I Use Alexa Instead of the Hive Hub?

The Hive Hub

No one likes a lot of clutter – unless of course, you’re one of those hoarder folks. But in general, most people don’t like clutter or extra, unnecessary stuff. This includes extra tech. We all want our smart homes to be streamlined, well-oiled machines as it were, and don’t want to deal with things that … Read more

Can You Use Smart Bulbs Outside? (Yes… Sort Of)

Coach light sconce with a light bulb inside

Smart light bulbs have changed how we approach indoor lighting, but can they work outdoors? There’s plenty of reason to want to use your smart light bulbs outdoors. This gives you all the same benefits of indoor smart lighting, but in a setting where smart lighting can be much more valuable. With outdoor smart lights, … Read more

The Best & Cheapest ZigBee Repeaters: Why This Is Important

A diagram illustrating how ZigBee Mesh may look for a Philips Hue smart light setup, with bulbs in each room and an outdoor light - and them being interconnected, with some ultimately also connecting to the Hue Bridge.

Have you been having problems with the range performance of your ZigBee network? ZigBee repeaters can improve your experience with smart technology. Every smart device in your ecosystem is only as good as the connection that holds it together. The ZigBee mesh network is made stronger when more devices are added to it. ZigBee devices … Read more

Wyze Motion Tagging Vs. Tracking: Differences and Which Is Best?

Wyze Cam v3

Wyze continues to hold its own among its competitors in the smart home camera sector today – and for good reason! One main reason they maintain their foothold is because of the convenient combination of affordability, functionality, and quality. Altogether, this has made them one of the most sought-after smart home security cameras. In addition, … Read more

Can’t Connect To Lutron Caseta’s Bridge? Try This Out

Lutron Caseta starter kit with no WiFi sign on top of it

Did you just set up your brand new Lutron Caseta bridge, only to have it constantly disconnect from your Wi-Fi or app? Maybe your old trustworthy bridge has started to blink in and out of existence? Either way, there’s a solution for fixing Lutron Caseta bridge connection issues. Smart home devices are all about DIY. … Read more