How Many Philips Hue Outdoor Lights You Can String Together

Philips Hue 40W outdoor power supply

The outdoor smart lights from Philips Hue allow you to extend the convenience and utility of smart lighting to the outdoors. However, it can be tricky to get power to all of these outdoor lights. Here’s where the Philips Hue outdoor power supplies come in. These power supplies, along with extension tables and T connectors, … Read more

Help! Someone Put Tape (or Gum) on my Ring Doorbell Camera

Someone putting brown tape over a Ring Doorbell

Picture it – you’re sitting at work and wondering why your Ring Doorbell alerts haven’t gone off so much as once. You know the mailman always comes around 10 am, and you’ve got at least one delivery coming, and that one dog runs across your lawn at the exact time each morning – so what … Read more

Is the Ring Alarm Range Extender Needed?

A Ring Alarm Range Extender plugged in

The Ring Alarm System has become an indispensable tool in many smart homes. I mean, what’s not to love about the fact that you can set up your alarm system according to your own preferences, all while keeping your home safe? Now, when either purchasing one of the Ring Alarm kits, or each item separately … Read more

Ring Disconnected From Wi-Fi (And Might Not Easily Reconnect)

Ring doorbell wifi error on app

Wi-Fi issues are some of the most common problems to have with Ring devices. It seems like they flicker out every now and then and it’s hard to tell why. However, there are some tips and tricks we can do to figure out why the Ring devices are disconnecting and make sure that they have … Read more

5 Simple Ways to Christmas-ify Your Smart Home – New Video

A YouTube thumbnail showing me after lazily throwing a smart lightstrip on a Christmas tree

Smart homes are great, but sometimes it’s not always clear how to use smart devices to make your home more Christmasy. This video covers five simply ways that you can use common smart devices to smarten up your Christmas. The individual sections of the video are at the timestamps below: 0:00 – Intro 0:19 – … Read more

How Long Do Eufy Cams Record? (Max Recording Length)

Eufy app in App Store

Smart home security cameras are one of the most sought-after items for the modern smart home – and with good reason! The safety and security of our homes, as well as the ones that live in them, are of utmost importance. In your search for a good security cam, one brand you might consider, is … Read more

Change A Ring Device’s Wi-Fi – Without Undrilling Or Removing It!

Ring Doorbell with white spinning circle showing it is in setup mode

This is a problem that’s going to happen to all of us sooner or later. At some point in owning a Ring device, you’re going to need to change the Wi-Fi network. Knowing how to change the Wi-Fi network easily on your Ring devices is going to save you a lot of hassle. Rather than … Read more

Can’t Change Ring Alarm Wi-Fi (It Won’t Enter Pairing Mode?!)

The WiFi and power LEDs on the Ring Alarm Base Station gen 1

I’ve spoken before about how I prefer Ethernet (network cable) to Wi-Fi. This is for a number of reasons: to prevent Wi-Fi jamming, to avoid having to re-enter Wi-Fi passwords all the time, and for better reliability. So when I recently ran out of free Ethernet ports on my home’s router, I grimaced… but I … Read more

Why Are Smart Bulbs So Expensive? (10x The Price Of Normal Bulbs?!)

Smart LED bulb in dark pink

There’s nothing like coming home to relax after a long day. To that end, in addition to other comfort features of their home, many people invest in their lighting as well – particularly ambient lighting. This kind of lighting makes coming home that much more relaxing.  Today, lighting goes beyond just fancy light fixtures and … Read more

How To Get Notified When Your Smart Plug Goes Offline

Two smart plugs Hue and Kasa side by side

Smart plugs are one of the best additions to smart ecosystems everywhere. Not only do these bring basic smart features to older devices, but they also open up new doors for people innovating in what smart technology means and how it interacts with our lives. This leaves us with one big question. Is there a … Read more