Smart Bulbs With 5Ghz Wi-Fi Support (Are They Any Good?!)

A dual band smart bulb with 5 GHz WiFi support sold by serversdirect in the UK

New Wi-Fi standards are rolling out and this is shaking up smart devices across the board. One of the types of devices that are facing their biggest change is the humble smart light bulb. The increasing popularity of 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks is causing some trouble for 2.4 GHz-only smart bulbs. There are currently very … Read more

Is Lutron Caseta Available Outside America (in UK or Australia)?

Lutron Caseta is unavailable on Amazon Australia

Lutron Caseta are a premium smart switch brand, with a range of lights switches, detachable remotes, dimmers, and more. Since smart switches can often be better (and more user friendly) than smart lights, it’s common for people in the UK, Australia and other non-USA countries to ask if they, too, can install Caseta products in … Read more

Smart Lights That Change Color Temperature Based on Time of Day (A How-To Guide)

Smart Light with Orange Lighting

Smart lights are awesome, as many people can agree. The ability to control more than one light with just the mere touch of a button or voice command is extremely convenient in a variety of situations.  They’re convenient, they can be festive, and can really help set the mood at home. Smart lighting can affect … Read more

“Turn Off” Ring Alarm: How To Remove The Battery Of The Base Station

The now removed battery within the Ring Alarm Base Station

The Ring Alarm system is great, offering homeowners a simple way to install and manage their home’s security system. But sometimes you want to turn off the alarm system completely, which is difficult considering that the Base Station has a internal battery backup. This article discusses how to turn off the Ring Alarm system (by … Read more

Is Philips Hue Z-Wave or Zigbee? Can It Support Both?!

A Philips Hue White Ambiance E14 single bulb box, with the actual bulb outside it (resting against the box).

Philips Hue’s popularity has earned it a place in the smart homes of many – maybe even yours! And while oftentimes smart lights use Wi-Fi to connect to their respective apps, Philips Hue doesn’t. There seems to be some confusion as to whether they use Zigbee or Z-Wave, or if they can even support both. … Read more

How To Connect ZigBee Light Switches to The Hue Bridge/App

A Lutron Aurora smart switch part of the Friends of Hue program

Smart light switches are still something of a wild west frontier when it comes to smart home technology. They’re just starting to become as popular as the smart lights they control and this means there’s still a lot of conflict when it comes to how they connect to smart hubs. This leaves us with some … Read more

Using Wyze Without a Subscription – What Works and What Doesn’t

Screenshot of the Wyze Cam Plus webpage

In order to help people get the best use out of their cameras, Wyze offers a few subscription services. In addition to Cam Plus, Wyze’s most popular plan, they’ve recently added Cam Plus Lite, Cam Plus Pro, as well as Home Monitoring. These subscriptions add on a few enhanced capabilities, giving you new ways to … Read more

Ring Recordings Have Strange Lights Or Orbs At Night – Why?

A light orb type effect from my Ring Indoor Cam inside my garage with color night vision enabled

Have you been catching some eerie orbs in your Ring camera photos and videos? These orbs could be ghosts, but they are much more likely to be a simple trick of the light! Ring cameras catch orbs due to a photography effect known as backscattering. This happens when small objects, like dust or small insects, … Read more

LIFX Parent Company Issues: Is LIFX Still In Business?

Buddy Technologies the owner of LIFX is no longer listed on the ASX stock market

I love LIFX. When I first purchased from them, they were renown for selling the brightest smart bulb on the market. Philips Hue have now taken that crown from them, but LIFX still sell a range of high quality smart bulbs with great color quality and accuracy. So it has been disappointing to see various … Read more

Say My Name: A Guide to Amazon Echo’s Voice Recognition Feature

Pronunciation options in Alexa app

The Amazon Echo is a popular fixture in many smart homes. And as anyone who has one knows, it works primarily by responding to voice commands. Via the Alexa app, your Echo can even remember your name and your voice. But how?  How does the voice recognition feature in the Amazon Echo work? And what … Read more