How To Fix The Red Light On A Philips Hue Dimmer Switch (9 Solutions)

Philips Hue dimmer switch showing a red (error) light

The Philips Hue dimmer switch is great: it acts as a physical remote, allowing you to seamlessly control your smart bulbs (turning them on/off, changing their brightness, and changing between scenes). However sometimes it will refuse to work, instead showing a red ‘error’ light in the top left when you press one of the buttons. … Read more

Do Ring’s Smart Home Products Use a Lot of Electricity?

Ring Floodlight Cam wall mounted - front view

Smart home devices might seem like they use up a lot of electricity, but is this true? How much energy is being used by your Ring devices? Ring’s smart home products do not use a lot of electricity. Even the most power-hungry Ring devices are still only using a small amount of electricity and shouldn’t … Read more

Ring Device Not Showing Up Under Your Device List? Here’s What To Do

Location in the Ring app

If you have a Ring camera or doorbell, then you know what an important role they play in your home security. While using them, sometimes you do run into the occasional hiccup. But in general Ring devices are pretty reliable. And of course, you manage all of your Ring devices from the Ring app. But … Read more

4 Ways To Change The Outside Ring Doorbell Sound (All Tried & Tested)

A Ring Pro attached to a door frame, but without the faceplate - or power being supplied to it (yet).

When someone presses your Ring Doorbell, an external ‘ringing’ sound is played. One time – not long after installing my own Ring Doorbell Pro – someone pressed the doorbell (without knowing what it was) and then they visibly jumped a bit as it abruptly played a sound back to them! This does seem like a … Read more

Is Your Kasa Smart Plug Stuck With Flashing Lights? (How To Resolve)

Various features and benefits of a TP Link Kasa smart plug

One of the trickiest things about owning smart devices is decoding those flashing LED lights. It can be hard to figure out what those lights are trying to tell you or even what colors they are to begin with. Thankfully, the Kasa smart plug has an easy-to-understand system when it comes to LED light codes. … Read more

The Difference Between Kasa, Tapo and TP-Link (Which Is Discontinued?)

Front of a TP Link Kasa Smart Plug

One of the biggest challenges of using smart home tech is keeping up with what’s going on at your favorite smart tech companies. This gets even harder when a company fumbles a product launch. TP-Link has left some big questions on the table, and we’re going to answer them. The biggest differences between Kasa and … Read more

Do Any Smart Plugs Work On 5 Ghz WiFi?

A marketing image of the TP Link's HS105 Kasa Wi-Fi Smart Plug, which leaves the second outlet free for use.

You may have heard that 5 Ghz WiFi is faster than 2.4 Ghz WiFi, but many smart plugs only seem to support 2.4 Ghz WiFi. Does this mean that your smart plugs won’t be as efficient as possible? And if so, why aren’t more 5 Ghz smart plugs available to buy? Many smart plugs support … Read more

How to Only Run Alexa Routines If You’re At Home

Alexa App Routine Triggers

Routines using Alexa have time and again proved extremely useful in the everyday function of our smart homes. They help make our daily lives that much easier – most of the time. Now, what if you want to take routines a step further? Perhaps you want them to run only when you’re home and can … Read more