Ring Doorbell Screw Guide (Torx Size, Screwdriver & More)

A closer look at the size of all three Ring doorbell screw types

The Ring doorbell is a great little device. It notifies you when someone is at the door, and they help protect your property by recording after motion is detected. However some would-be burglars have considered just ripping the Ring doorbell off the wall (or door). Is there any protection against this? The short answer is … Read more

How Much Internet (Bandwidth) Does Ring Use?

Ring and Philips Hue internet usage from my BT HomeHub

Ring devices are some of the most common smart technologies out there today. This company makes everything from smart security systems to home lighting. It would be great to have a full home of Ring technology, but how much internet data would that take? Ring systems are dominantly WiFi based. This means that they are … Read more

Viewing All Your Ring Cameras (And Doorbells) At Once

Two people standing under lots of bullet CCTV cameras

We’ve probably all seen movies where a secretive company has dozens of CCTV cameras along their perimeter, and the security control room has multiple TV monitors that display the live feed from these security cameras. All of a sudden, Jack Bauer bursts in and knocks out the security guards in the room, before carrying on … Read more

Smart Radiator Valves: Worth It? Or Just A Gimmick?

A standard (non smart) terrier thermostatic radiator valve fitted to a radiator in my house.

A single-zone smart thermostat can either put the whole house’s heating on, or off. It can’t control individual rooms (well, not without automatic dampers – which are rarely fitted in residential homes). In my opinion, this is one of the many flaws of smart thermostats. But what about smart radiator valves? Can these swoop in … Read more

Nest Thermostats and Underfloor Heating: Latest Info Guide

Two Google Nest thermostats in store, the Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen and Thermostat E.

Underfloor heating provides soft, gentle heating from underfoot throughout the day, giving a nice, natural feel to a house’s heating provision. This is especially compared to an occasional blast of warm air (or heat from a wall-mounted radiator) that many houses provide. So I wanted to explore how well the Nest Learning Thermostat range and … Read more