Kasa Device & User Sharing: Can You Share Between Accounts (Or Devices)?

Further information about the logged in devices to that Kasa account

Smart technology is supposed to make everything easier, but sometimes it can feel like a hassle if you constantly have to figure out how to get different users to control your Kasa smart tech. How can you get multiple users to control the devices in your home? Well the short answer is (unfortunately): Kasa devices … Read more

How To Turn Off The Echo Show’s Screen At Night (Or When You’re Away)

The brightness slider adaptive brightness and sunrise effect options on an Echo Show 8

The Echo Show is a fun and useful device, but there are times when you want to dim or turn off the screens in your home. Thankfully this is often straightforward to do, and the gist is: You can turn off the Echo Show screen by using the “Alexa, turn off the screen” voice command … Read more

Changing WiFi Info On All Devices (Echo, Home etc) At Once?

A screenshot of the BT Smart Hub 2 (internet router) wireless configuration page, showing which details to change.

When thinking about the disadvantages of smart homes, I remembered a time when my internet router broke. I changed this, and so I had to manually re-configure 5 smart home devices… along with a couple of TVs, my printer, two tablets, two Kindles, three mobile phones and two laptops. Ugh – changing 17 devices manually … Read more

My Amazon Smart Plug Says “Provisioning Failure” (How To Fix)

Amazon Smart Plug provisioning error

Smart plugs have some of the coolest potential when it comes to smart technology. These little devices bridge the gap between smart technology and yesteryears electronics. For the smart home wizard, a few smart plugs are a must. This isn’t to say they aren’t without their tech issues. What tech isn’t? There are a few … Read more

Do Any Eufy Cameras & Doorbells Support 24/7 Recording?

The Eufy app allows you to record 24 7 or on a schedule

Eufy cameras and doorbells have a bunch of great features, but do they support 24/7 constant recording like Nest do? This is a really useful feature to have because whilst many smart devices rely on motion (such a someone walking past) to start recording, this isn’t infallible – so 24/7 recording can help ensure you … Read more

Can The Nest Doorbell & Cameras Turn On Your Lights?

A veranda/porch with an overhead light turned on.

A fairly desired (and standard) feature of smart doorbells and cameras is that they notify another service about motion, so that automation routines can run – for example, turning a smart light on when motion is detected. This is possible with many smart doorbells and cameras, and is often as easy as integrating your device … Read more

Can Philips Hue Control Other Bulbs (Smart and Normal Lights)?

Two full RGB smart bulbs from Hue and LIFX side by side

One of the greatest appeals of a smart home is the ability to control all of your devices wirelessly, from just about anywhere – in or outside of your home. In the quest to achieve this seamlessly connected smart home, being able to control all of your smart devices, including bulbs, from one central location … Read more

Does Eufy Support Cellular Backup (No Wi-Fi = No Recordings)?

A Eufy Indoor Camera sitting on a living room table

Most smart home cameras are reliant on Wi-Fi in order to work properly. This enables them to connect to their respective apps, as well as upload recorded videos to the Cloud. In fact, many smart cameras won’t work without it. But what about those that offer local storage, such as Eufy? Some Eufy cams offer … Read more

Eufy Bitrate (AKA Recording Quality) Guide: Why So Bad, Eufy?

A low image quality recording due to low bitrate

We’re starting to see more smart doorbells and cameras advertising 2K capable video, but the highest resolution camera in the world won’t help you if the bitrate drops below what’s necessary for 480p. The Eufy Doorbell & Camera ranges have a reputation for having a rocky bitrate. While it is capable of delivering at the … Read more