Alexa App Keeps Crashing on Android [Fixed]

What can you do when Amazon Alexa keeps crashing on your Android?

You may assume the Ale­xa App crashes on your Android because it is incompatible with the device, but that is rare­ly true. The app normally crashes because of a software bug, outdated firmware­, or too much data taking up the device’s storage space.

If you ever face this problem, try working through the suggestions below to make your system work as it should.

Key Points

  • The Alexa App keeps opening on your LG TV when the system version is outdated, due to automatic LG TV settings, or even due to app glitches.
  • But there is not much to worry about for the most part.
  • A quick software update can easily solve the issues, clear out the Ale­xa App’s cache, or even force-close the Alexa App.
  • Apart from that, if the problem prevails, configure your TV settings, power cycle your devices, or reinstall the Alexa App if it comes to that.

Why the Alexa App Keeps Crashing on Android

Alexa App Keeps Crashing

Several factors might lead to the Alexa app continually closing on your Android device. It could be because of issues with the Android operating system that’s causing the disruptions. Or maybe the app’s version is so old that it’s not compatible­ anymore.

When the Alexa App crashes on your Android device­, several more common causes are at play. Here’s a clear e­xplanation why:

Outdated Android OS: 

Ultimately, the Alexa App only works smoothly with the Android OS. If your device’s operating system is outdated, the newest Alexa App may not support this older OS version.

Outdated App Version: 

If the Alexa App is updated, it will only stay stable if you update or reinstall it.

Bad Version Of the Alexa App: 

If you download the Alexa App from an untrusted provider, the downloaded app may crash or not launch at all. Some files from untrusted providers might contain malware or other viruses.

Corrupted Data: 

Usually, as you use the Alexa app over time, it stores bits of data in a cache to help improve its performance. However, the cache build-up may sometimes be too much and not work as intended or simply get corrupted, leading to the crashing of the app.

Poor Internet Connection: 

The Alexa App requires a stable and reliable Internet connection to function optimally; otherwise, it may crash.

Full Storage: 

Your device could be out of storage space. This means the Alexa App can’t run because it does not have access to enough system memory.

Now that you know what may be happening to your Alexa app and Android device, let’s look at a few things you can try to fix these issues.

Alexa App Keeps Crashing on Android: 9 Possible Fixes

Before we get into it, remember that some fixes may require access to your Alexa device during the startup. Therefore, it should be near your Android device, and you must ensure you turn your Bluetooth on before starting the fixes.

Here are some common fixes you can try to solve your Alexa App crashing issue:

1. Restart Your device

Did you know that many smart gadgets can go days (or even longer) without getting a hard reset? So, the first and most important thing you should do when experiencing issues with the Alexa App is to restart your Android device.

Restarting your device clears out the software bugs and clears up files that might be corrupting your device’s memory. This is a simple fix but comes in handy, especially if your device has been on for longer periods.

2. Update Your Operating System

Not updating your device to the latest OS version can make it glitchy. Therefore, ensure your device is running on the current software version. The latest OS updates automatically as long as your device is well-charged and connected to a stable internet connection.

However, you can still update the device’s OS manually. To do this: 

  • Open your Android Settings by clicking the gear icon on your app drawer. 
  • From there, scroll down and click on Systems near the bottom of the menu.
  • Next, click on the “System/Software Updates” icon. 
  • If an update isn’t available, you will see a message that says, “This device is up to date.”
Open your Android Settings
  • If there is an available update, you will see a System Update available at the top of your screen. 
  • Select “Download and Install” at the bottom to update the software.
softyware update

3. Update Alexa App

You must ensure you use the most up-to-date Alexa App version. Keeping your Ale­xa App updated allows you to tap into fresh features and eliminate any glitches or e­rrors.

You can either configure Google Play to update the Alexa App on your device automatically or update the app manually.

To manually update the Alexa app­: 

  • Go to your Play Store. 
  • Find Alexa in the “Manage­ Apps & device” section. 
  • If an update is available, you will see an option to update the app. 
  • When there is no option for updating, it means you have the latest Alexa App.
Manage­ Apps & device

4. Clear the App Cache

This is a surprisingly simple solution that solves a majority of app issues. Clearing the cache would be a great way to reset and refresh the Alexa app.

This removes unwanted data and clears bulky downloade­d files on your device. Plus, this process lasts only for a few minutes.

If you need to clear your Ale­xa’s cached data, go to your home screen and open device settings. Once there, click “Apps” and go to the Alexa App.

Clear the App Cache

Now select Storage and tap “Clear cache.” After that, relaunch the app and reset your previous settings.

Clear cache

5. Check Your Internet Connection

The Amazon Alexa app is internet-based and thus needs a good internet connection to communicate with other gadgets simultaneously. So, ensure that your mobile data or Wi-Fi is on.

Remember, you might be connected to a network, yet the internet isn’t working properly. You can always check to ensure the connection is strong enough.

To test your connection, try to open a browser and browse a random web page to see if it loads properly. Does it load? If yes, good luck! If not, yet you are connected to the internet, try to:

  • Relocate the router by moving it into a considerable range from your Alexa and Android devices.
  • Power cycle your router by turning it off and back on after a few minutes. This refreshes the power within your device and gets the internet connection back.
  • Turn off your mobile data for 30 seconds, then turn it back on if you are on mobile data.

6. Force Stop the Alexa App

Sometimes, even if you close the Ale­xa App, it might not fully shut down and could keep running in the background. Whenever this happens, and you try to reope­n the app, it simply crashes. The app crashes might also result from high CPU usage, crammed RAM, or an app glitch.

The good news is that you can resolve all these problems by force-stopping the Alexa app. Simply do this by long-pressing the Alexa App Icon, clicking on the Info Button, and selecting “Force Stop.”

Force Stop the Alexa App

7. Reinstall the Alexa App

As simple as it seems, several users have succeeded when uninstalling and reinstalling the Alexa App. The idea behind reinstalling the Alexa app is to remove any corrupted data and fix any nasty bugs that might prevent the app from functioning as intended.

Open the Settings tab on Android devices and go to “Apps.” Search for the Alexa App icon and click on it. Then, click the uninstallation button and wait for the app to uninstall.

Reinstall the Alexa App

Once complete, open your Play Store, search for Alexa, and install it.

For more guidance on resolving issues with Alexa app connectivity, refer to our troubleshooting guide here.

8. Free up Storage Space

If everything else up to this point has failed and the app is still crashing, it is more likely that you do not have enough storage on your device. Since Alexa’s interface has more extensive features that require larger storage, you’ll have to free up storage space for the app to run smoothly.

Try checking the storage of your Android device by opening the device settings and going to the Storage or Device Care tab. If your device’s storage is full, you must free up space.

Free up Storage Space

There are a few methods to free up space to get the app working again. First, try moving big files such as photos and films onto an SD card. Another option is to use an Android Storage Manager to de­lete unnee­ded files.

In other words, ensure your device has about 3 GB of free storage. Even if Alexa does not need that much space, it is healthy for your device to function properly.

device has about 3 GB of free storage

Pro tip: On average, Alexa uses about 36 MB of storage per device (per day), which amounts to a whopping 1.08 GB for one month. This applies to one daily weather inquiry, 30 minutes of daily music streaming, one question, and two commands.

9. Factory Reset Your Android device.

If nothing has worked so far, the last fix you can try before wrapping things up is factory resetting your device. We recommend using this tip as the last option because you will lose all your device settings and files that still need to be backed up.

Factory Reset Your Android device

Factory resetting your Android device is pretty straightforward. The first thing you want to do is open your Settings. Depending on your Android device model, head to the “System and updates” or “General management”.

General management

From there, select Reset and click on “Factory data reset”. Click on “Reset” to confirm.

Factory data reset

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Minimum Android Version for Alexa App?

The Amazon Ale­xa App operates with Android versions 9.0 and higher. Earlier Android versions might not successfully download or install the app.

How Do I Clear My Alexa App Cache?

To clear the cache on your Alexa app:

1. Click the Menu button from your device’s home screen and go to Settings.
2. Select “Apps” from Settings and find the Alexa app from the list of apps.
3. Select “Storage” and click “Clear Cache”.

Why Does My Alexa Keep Turning Off?

When Ale­xa keeps turning off, it might be due­ to software bugs, old firmware, or insufficient storage­. But you can easily fix these problems. Simply re­start your device, update your syste­m OS and Alexa app, clear the app cache­, and free your de­vice storage.
Alexa might turn off if it’s near any device that causes interfere­nce, like a wirele­ss device or one that uses Blue­tooth. Simply relocate these de­vices to help solve the problem.

How Do I Know if Alexa Needs an Update?

Open your Settings, select “Apps” and go to “App Details”. You’ll be redirected to the app store if you click on that. You will see an option to update the app if an update is available. When there is no option for updating, it means you have the latest Alexa App.

Bottom Line

Now you know why the Alexa App keeps crashing on Android devices. The steps above are the common fixes and will usually work in most cases. We recommend restarting your device, updating your OS and the Alexa App, clearing the app cache, and checking your internet connectivity, among other solutions.

But if this troubleshooting guide doesn’t help your situation, you can always contact Amazon Alexa’s support team for further assistance. You can also visit the Amazon Help Twitter page, as it constantly responds to users who report such issues.

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