Alexa App Keeps Opening On LG TV: [FIXED]

Though Amazon has done a good job ensuring that the Alexa App does not encounter too many problems, there will always be occasional gaps.

Some LG TV users report facing an issue where the app keeps opening on their TV, and there doesn’t seem to be a permanent way to stop it.

Most people don’t know that the issue could be surfacing due to Alexa reacting to normal talk, features enabled on your TV, or when you are running an outdated app version.

Today, we will provide a detailed explanation of why the Alexa App keeps opening on LG TVs. You’ll also find effective troubleshooting tips to resolve this problem, so keep reading!

Why Alexa App Keeps Opening on LG TV

Why Alexa App Keeps Opening on LG TV

Your Alexa may keep opening on LG TV because it needs a system update, or it is simply reacting to normal talk and taking them as commands. It could also be due to an outdated Google TV OS, automatic LG TV settings, and app glitches.

These causes may trigger Alexa to open on its own, even if you are not currently using the TV in any way. 

Let’s walk you through these potential causes in the section below. Your Alexa could keep on opening due to the following:

Outdated Google TV OS: 

An older Google TV version makes it simpler for bugs to take advantage of security holes. This can cause the Alexa App to open on the TV without your command.

Alexa Needs a System Update:

The Alexa system could be faulty due to an obsolete operating system. Its running version may have bugs or errors, causing it to open suddenly.

Alexa Has a Glitch: 

Glitches happen all the time. This is a common occurrence often caused by connectivity issues—perhaps your Alexa to TV connection is not working properly. The glitching could also arise due to a built-up cache where your device has several corrupted files.

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Voice Control:

Since the Alexa App uses voice control, it may react to normal talk and open on your LG TV by accident.

LG TV Settings: 

The reason the Alexa App may launch itself is that your TV is set up to launch Alexa when it turns on automatically.

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Alexa App Keeps Opening on LG TV: How to Stop This

Imagine you are listening to music on YouTube or doing anything else on your TV; the Alexa App just opens by itself. Fortunately, there are known ways to fix this. If your Alexa app is constantly opening on your LG TV, here are some potential fixes you can try.

Clear App Cache

Smart TVs use the cache memory to store temporary files that help their applications operate smoothly. The files include data required to perform tasks and open apps. Though the cache is beneficial, sometimes it can get corrupted, leading to app problems.

Therefore, before performing other fixes on your Alexa App, consider clearing the cache. The simplest way to clear the Alexa App cache on LG TV is to open the LG Content Store to access the App list. Now select the Alexa App and click “Clear Cache.”

Clear App Cache

Clearing the cache will serve two main functions:

  • Correcting errors by clearing the bugs that may have accumulated over time, causing the Alexa App to open randomly.
  • Freeing up the space occupied by the cache allows your LG TV to perform better and keep the Alexa App from malfunctioning.

Force Close the Alexa App

Another easy and quick fix is to force-close it and then open it again. This procedure ends all of the app’s processes and refreshes its program.

If you want to force close the app, open your Alexa App and then long-press the three-dot button on your remote controller until a menu pops up. You’ll see several options; select the  “Quit App” option. Once done, continue with your other programs and see if the app pops up or opens itself.

Force Close the Alexa App

Update Your Device

You already know the issue could be due to obsolete firmware on your TV. Though the firmware updates usually occur automatically without your effort, it is still possible to miss some.

We suggest you install and run the new version of the LG TV software to resolve the Alexa App problem. Luckily, checking and installing an update is simple and not time-consuming.

To update LG TV, press the Home button on the controller and open “Settings.” Next, select “Software Update” on the bottom left; when the firmware screen opens, click “Check for Updates.”

Update Your Device

Once you get here, you are almost done. Go ahead and tap “Download and Install” and wait for the process to complete. When the device boots back up, it will run on the most recent software. Your Alexa App shouldn’t be opening by itself at this point.

Update the Alexa App

Updating your Alexa app regularly is a crucial step to take if you want to ensure it doesn’t contain any glitches or other problems. The updates ensure you get the best out of your app by clearing bugs and errors.

When updating the Alexa app, you must open the LG Content Store to access the App list.

Update the Alexa App

From here, click Alexa and select “Update”. If you can’t find the Update option, you are already running the latest version of the app.

Check Your TV’s Settings

Setting the TV to automatically launch Alexa when it turns on might lead to issues such as the Alexa App opening up constantly—especially every time you turn on the Television. One way to fix this problem is to ensure the TV is not programmed to launch Alexa whenever it turns on automatically.

You can do this by opening the TV menu and going to the settings. Click “Alexa” and turn off hands-free control to disable the feature. It should resolve the issue. 

Check Your TV's Settings

Reinstall the Alexa App

When configuring your TV settings doesn’t work, try a fresh Alexa app installation on your LG TV. Simply uninstall and re­install the app! It only takes a few seconds and will remove old data that may be causing the issue.

Uninstalling an app on LG TV is easy and only takes a few seconds. The best part is that you can install it again if you ever need the app.

So, to uninstall the Alexa App, press the Home button on the TV controller to open the launch bar. Next, scroll through to find the Edit App List and search for the Alexa App.

Reinstall the Alexa App

Hover the pointer over the app until a trash icon appears on top of it. Now click on the trash icon and press OK to confirm delete.

confirm delete

Once you uninstall the Alexa App and want to reinstall it, go to your LG Content Store. Search for the “Alexa TV App” and install it. Remember, you’ll have to sign back into the app after installation.

Note: This step only works with LG TVs that don’t come with the built-in Alexa App.

Power Cycle LG TV and Alexa

Okay, so it’s time for the final tip. Let’s hope this works! Such Alexa App issues can stem from difficulties its software encountered when starting up.

Power cycling the TV and the Alexa device can help refresh everything in these cases. Power cycling helps configure the parameters and clear errors to prevent the app from constantly opening.

Other Troubleshooting You Can Try

If the tips listed above haven’t solved your problem, it might be tempting to give up. But don’t do that just yet. It’s time to pull out the big guns, so try these additional fixes!

The App Could Be Responding to Your TV

Though a Voice Assistant like Amazon Alexa is smart, it might not be sharp enough to understand the difference between talking to the TV or having a normal conversation in reality.

Fortunately, you can use an alternative wake word with Alexa to reduce the chances of accidentally activating its app. However, the wake words have a limited option, and you can’t use just any word you want.

To do this: 

  • Open the Settings Menu on your Alexa App and select the device you want to manage (Your LG TV). 
  • Next, tap the “Wake Word” entry in the General section and choose between Amazon, Alexa, Echo, or Computer and set it as the wake word.
  • However, to simplify the entire process, Alexa has a switch to prevent your TV from hijacking a conversation and picking up commands when it doesn’t have to. All you have to do is manually switch off the microphone at the back of the Alexa device.

You can do this every time you want to watch something that is bound to have Alexa wake-up words. But you have to remember to turn the microphone back on whenever you finish watching your programs. 

Factory Reset Your LG TV

Sometimes, the Alexa App keeps opening on LG TV because of conflict with other programs or critical application files. This is why it is advisable to factory reset your device to resolve these kinds of issues. Performing a factory reset clears malicious files and resets the features you might have changed.

To do this: 

  • Open Settings on your TV.
  • Select “All Settings.”
  • Tap on “General.” 
  • Then, search for “Reset to Initial Settings,” confirm the process, and wait for it to complete. 
  • Once done, make changes in the settings to suit you and check if the Alexa App keeps opening.

Contact Customer Care

If none of the above alternatives proves successful, the next best option is to contact Amazon Customer Care support. The team will be able to deal with any issue unique to your circumstance and provide guidance on the best course of action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Turn Alexa Off the LG TV?

To turn Alexa off the LG TV, launch the Alexa App, go to “More,” and click “Settings.” Then, tap “TV & Video,” click your TV, and select “Disable Skill.”

How Do I Remove the Alexa App From My LG TV?

To uninstall the Alexa app from your LG TV, press the Home button on the TV’s controller to open the launch bar. Next, select the Edit App List and search for the Alexa App. Hover the pointer over the app until a trash icon appears on top of it. Now click on the trash icon and press OK to confirm delete.

How Do I Disconnect Alexa and Start Again?

The best way to disconnect Alexa and start again is to factory reset the device. To do this, open your Alexa App and click the Devices tab in the bottom right corner.
Now, select “Echo & Alexa” and pick the gadget to reset. Then, in the “Device Settings”, scroll downward, tap on the “Factory Reset” tab and confirm to factory reset. Your preferences and information get deleted from the device once you reset your Alexa device.

Bottom Line

At this point, the problem should be gone, and the Alexa App shouldn’t keep opening on your LG TV. Hopefully, you’ll be able to solve the issue with the simple troubleshooting solutions we provided in the guide above. Sometimes, solving the entire issue comes down to a simple software update, clearing the Alexa App cache, or even force closing the Alexa App, among other fixes.

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