Are Eufy Camera Batteries Replaceable?

Is your Eufy camera constantly running low on battery? Do you find yourself having to recharge it every few weeks? As much as we love the convenience of Eufy’s wireless security cameras, dealing with their batteries can be a pain. But what can you do if your Eufy camera doesn’t charge anymore? 

That’s why I compiled this guide to explain what you can do. And if you’re handy with a screwdriver, I’ve outlined how you can replace the Eufy camera battery yourself, along with some alternative solutions you can consider. 

Key Points

  • Eufy cameras don’t have user-replaceable batteries, but you can replace them yourself by disassembling the housing. This voids the warranty.
  • You can order a replacement battery that matches the Eufy camera’s voltage, capacity, and type. The exact part number can be found on the disassembled battery. 
  • This is only recommended for skilled DIY-ers, and only on old cameras where the battery life has degraded too much. 
  • You can consider alternative options like solar charging and hardwiring the camera as well.

How to Replace Eufy Camera Batteries

Replace Eufy Camera Batteries

Eufy’s camera batteries are not designed to be user-replaceable, which makes it a difficult process. Eufy recommends replacing the camera if its battery no longer recharges. However, with some technical know-how and DIY skills, it is possible to replace the batteries yourself. Note that this will void the warranty. 

Keep reading as I break down the replacement process step-by-step, so you can make your Eufy camera work again. And if that’s not your cup of tea, I’ve also included some important notes at the end about Eufy batteries. 

A Detailed Breakdown of Eufy Camera Batteries Replacement

Please remember that the following steps require you to be handy with DIY repairs. It’s only recommended to do this if you have an old camera with a defunct battery and want to restore it. If it’s still under warranty, contact Eufy support first.

1) Check Battery Access and Camera Model

Check Battery Access and Camera Model

The first step is determining what kind of battery goes in your camera and how you can open it up. None of the Eufy cameras make this process easy, but some are a bit quicker to open up. 

So check your Eufy camera model, and note all the screws and panels around it. Different models like the eufyCam E, eufyCam 2C Pro, and the S330 all have slight variations in the hardware, so the process of opening them up will be distinct. 

The user manual, as well as online teardown videos like this one, come in handy for this. 

2) Order a Replacement Eufy Camera Battery

Search using your specific Eufy camera model number plus the term “replacement battery.” The voltage (such as 3.7V), capacity (e.g., 10000mAh), and battery type (lithium-ion) should match what’s listed in your model’s technical specifications.

More than likely, you’ll be able to find a battery that’s compatible. If not, then first open up the battery entirely, and you’ll be able to see the exact part number used. You can then order based on that. Do try to source them from reputable retailers to avoid getting a bad batch. 

3) Prepare Necessary Tools and Safety Gear

Prepare Necessary Tools and Safety Gear

This process requires precision electronics tools like anti-static tweezers, spudgers for prying, magnifying glasses, mini-Philips and torque drivers, along with utility knives, adhesive removers, and precision bits. Wrappings, mats, and wrist straps will help prevent static discharge.

A computer fixing kit can help get all these together, but even if you’re short on tools, just stick to the basics and see what else you can use around the house. A blow dryer can also help remove the glue using heat, so you can open the internal compartments. 

4) Carefully Disassemble the Eufy Camera Housing

Carefully Disassemble the Eufy Camera Housing

Next, you’ll need to disassemble your Eufy camera. It’ll help to refer to online videos similar to the one I linked earlier so you can understand the sequence of opening the various parts. Do take photos during this process so you can keep track of what went where. 

Unscrew and disconnect any ribbon cables, antennas, or connectors as you open up sections, and be sure to use anti-static methods. Remember not to apply too much force on anything that could break a delicate component; putting this back together is another uphill challenge. 

5) Remove and Replace Battery Cells

Next, once you’ve disassembled everything, you’ll be able to see the battery. Most Eufy cameras have a big battery comprised of 2 or 4 cells, around 6000-13000 mAh, and they take up the bulk of the space. It’ll likely have some epoxy coating around it, so try to gently open it up and take it out. 

You can then insert the new replacement battery, keeping the polarity in check, and gently secure the connectors without pinching any wires. You can use some adhesive strips to hold the battery in place. Avoid bending or damaging the small battery contact tabs.

Don’t worry about your handiwork being as good as the original manufacturing; you can still get it to work. 

6) Re-Assemble Housing and Restore Connections

Once battery replacement is complete, carefully rejoin the disassembled camera sections, ensuring no wires or components are trapped or crimped. Make sure all the weatherproofing seals are applied properly; otherwise water is likely to get in very easily. 

Once you’ve assembled everything and fastened all the screws tightly, it’s best to apply some additional insulation like tape or sealant around the openings to make sure the camera’s internals stay dry.

7) Recalibrate and Test Camera Operation

Fully recharge the newly installed camera battery and then test it out like you would with a brand-new camera. Pair it with the Eufy Security app again, in case it got unpaired. You can do all this before mounting it on the wall, just to make sure the camera works properly. 

Try a few test recordings and motion detection events to see if it all works. Then, you can mount it and monitor the next few days to see how it’s functioning, and how much battery it’s draining. If everything seems to be in order, then you can continue using your wireless Eufy camera as usual.

If anything doesn’t work, unfortunately, you’re going to have to decide whether it’s worth opening it up again, taking it to a professional nearby, or simply moving on and buying a new model. 

Important Notes About Eufy Camera Batteries

Eufy’s Warranty and Customer Support

Eufy generally provides a 1-year warranty on most of its camera models. During this time, they’ll honor any battery issues and even replace the whole device if necessary. But unfortunately, most battery issues don’t show up during this period. The battery is more likely to fail after 2-3 years, sometimes less or more. Hence, Eufy won’t help you with replacement at that point; they simply recommend buying a new camera. 

Expected Battery Life and Usage Conditions

Battery lifespan varies based on camera model, usage frequency, charge cycles, and environmental factors. Under normal use, Eufy says that each battery can last from 180 to 360 days, and can be charged 100s of times. Meaning, one Eufy camera should easily last 4-5 years of usage and still recharge properly. 

However, this isn’t always the case since there are many variables at play. You might be in a very hot or very cold place, or you may have set up the camera for increased surveillance (with lots of recordings), and perhaps your charging habits were not the best. All this causes the battery to degrade faster and ultimately lose its capacity. 

You can optimize your Eufy camera’s settings to maximize battery life and adopt better charging practices like:

  • Lower motion detection sensitivity and enable the ‘Balanced’ mode in the Eufy Security app’s Power Manager. 
  • Don’t overcharge the batteries or leave them overnight. Use a 5V/1A charger to charge for 4-6 hours until it’s 100%, and disconnect the USB. Also, don’t let the battery deplete to 0; charge it when it gets to 20%. 
  • Update firmware and app regularly for the best performance. 

All this can help your restored Eufy camera last longer and help you with future cameras too.

Solar Panels or Hardwiring as an Alternative

eufy Security Outdoor SoloCam S230(S40), Solar Wireless Security Camera, Battery Camera, Integrated Solar Panel, Spotlight Camera, 2K, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, No Monthly Fee, Motion Only Alert

Many Eufy cameras are also compatible with solar panels, which are sold by Eufy as well as other brands. This type of solar charging helps the camera run 24×7 without any issues. 

So if your camera’s battery no longer works for regular usage, you can consider buying this accessory and connecting it. It’s definitely much easier than the procedure I described above, but can be a bit cost-prohibitive for some. 

Also, it’s possible to hardwire the Eufy camera so it always stays charged. This depends on the electrical sockets and wiring available around your house, but it’s a viable alternative to not throwing a camera that would function fine if not for a faulty battery. You can just use a wall adapter and an extended USB cable to continuously charge the device too. 


How do I know if my Eufy camera battery needs replacement?

Your Eufy camera battery likely needs replacing if it is several years old, and its battery life has decreased significantly. If you find yourself needing to recharge the battery every 1-2 weeks instead of months, and there are unexpected shutdowns or visible battery swelling, then it should be replaced. 

Is it safe to use third-party batteries for Eufy cameras?

It’s not recommended to use third-party batteries in Eufy cameras. However, since battery replacement is not always officially supported by Eufy, you may find compatible batteries of the same voltage, capacity, and specifications, preferably the same manufacturer as well, and try to install them at your own risk. This does void any warranty on the device. 

Can I get a professional to replace my Eufy camera battery?

Yes, it’s possible to hire a professional to replace your Eufy camera battery once it’s old and does not hold its charge. However, I don’t recommend this, as the overall repair cost would be higher than buying a brand-new camera. So weigh the cost vs benefits and decide accordingly. 


I hope this guide helped you replace your Eufy camera battery successfully. It’s a delicate process that requires patience. Even if replacement is not possible for you, there are alternatives like solar charging and hardwiring. And always try to optimize the battery life and follow proper charging habits to extend the lifespan. 

Feel free to share your own experience with Eufy cameras in the comments, as well as any tips and tricks on battery replacement.

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