Amazon Alexa & Echo: Looping Songs, Playlists and Routines

One of my Echo Dots on the floor, plus a screenshot of the Amazon Music's playlists section next to it.

One of the nice features within the Amazon Alexa platform is the ability to loop music playing on your Amazon Echo devices, whether it’s an individual song or a playlist. You can also (sort of) loop songs kicked off from routines, granted with some caveats. This guide covers how to do this. Looping music on … Read more

Echo Show Calendar Guide: All You Need To Know

Echo Show calendar home card, showing tomorrow's upcoming event of "Create an amazing businesss"!

I’m one of those people who like to organize everything via their calendar. I need to ring a company up? Put it in the calendar (otherwise I’ll totally forget!). My wife asks me to hang something on a wall? I put it in the calendar… but probably still forget to do it! But either way, … Read more

New Video – Echo Show Calendar Overview: What Works Well… And What Doesn’t!

Me clicking something on the Echo Show's monthly calendar view.

I’m one of those annoying people who likes to track everything in their life on a calendar! Whilst I’ve used the calendar features on my other Echo devices, I love the calendar on the Echo Show – mainly because you can visually manage your calendar due to the Echo Show’s touchscreen. The Echo Show’s calendar … Read more

Amazon Echo Speaker Comparison (For The Whole Range)

A new Echo Dot (sandstone color) in setup mode with an orange ring going around it.

The speaker quality on Amazon’s Echo range has improved with each generation released, with the speaker of the third generation Echo Dot being 60% bigger than its ‘younger brother’ (the Echo Dot 2nd Gen). For example, the 1″ speaker on the 2nd Gen Echo Dot was only designed for being an assistant and an alarm … Read more

New Video – Google Play Music Is Closing! Why Google Home Is (Now) Useless For Me

YouTube thumbnail showing me talking, a crossed out Google Nest Mini, and the text "Getting Rid Of My Google Home/Nest"

My first ever video covered how to listen to free music (with no ads) on your Google Home/Google Nest devices. One of the methods relied on Google Play Music, where you could upload your own music library and play these songs on your Google Home. Unfortunately Google Play Music is shutting down in December 2020, … Read more

Can Arlo Cameras Work Without The Internet/WiFi?

Marketing image showing the body of the Arlo Pro 3 camera

I was recently talking about Arlo’s ability to record 24/7 in some cases, and it got me wondering whether Arlo’s smart cameras can function and record without any internet (or WiFI) access? Some smart cameras support this by just using a local SD card, although you naturally wouldn’t be able to view these recordings via … Read more

How Smart Light Switches Can Use Power Even When Off

Marketing image of a two-switch Lutron Caseta smart switch

Smart light switches seem a bit of a contradiction when you first think about them, because an electrical switch has two states: on or off. But yet, any smart devices must always be ‘on’ in order for it to be smartly controlled. So how does a smart light switch stay ‘aware’ (and ultimately powered on) … Read more

New Video – View All Ring Devices On 1 Monitor (Possible?)

YouTube thumbnail for my "watching all your Ring feeds in 1 monitor" video.

Professional grade security systems will allow you to watch all real-time (live) views of the camera feeds on a single PC/TV monitor. This got me wondering whether it’s possible to do this with Ring’s cameras (and doorbells) too? This video explains if it’s possible, and how to do it if so: Video Transcript Hey YouTube, … Read more