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Why Your Wyze Camera Is Lagging (5 Simple Fixes)

Wyze Live Video on Echo Show 10

Smart cameras play an important role in keeping our homes safe today. The videos recorded from these cameras have helped catch thieves red-handed, as well as ward off potential threats. They’ve even provided crucial evidence in the event of a crime. So it stands to reason that making sure these videos play flawlessly, is important. … Read more

Wyze Cam Stuck in Black & White Mode (No Color Recordings)

Night Vision Settings for IR Lights in the Wyze app

Wyze cameras are some of the most widely used smart cameras in the modern smart home. They’re inexpensive and can easily be found at most online and in-person retailers. For the most part, these cameras work great – with only occasional issues. One issue that some users have found is that their camera’s footage gets … Read more

Do Blink Cameras Record 24/7 (Continuously)?

The Blink Mini smart camera plus box contents

Home security is a top concern on all of our minds. As such, many have armed their homes with smart cameras for that necessary security. One brand many people use, is Blink. To better achieve that sense of security, many have wondered if their Blink cameras and doorbells can record continuously. Having continuous, 24/7 recording … Read more

Amazon Echo’s Music Keeps Stopping Or Buffering During Playback

Aux Port on Echo Dot

Music is how many of us get through our day. Whether it’s Rock, Rap, Latin, or Classical – music has the power to move us. But there’s nothing more annoying than when the music won’t play! While listening to their music via the Amazon Echo, some Echo users have run into a couple of annoying … Read more

Why Your Amazon Echo’s Volume Keeps Randomly Going Down

Whisper and Adaptive Volume Options in Alexa App

Picture it: you’re enjoying your favorite tunes as you clean the house, and then you notice your music getting lower and lower. Or you ask Alexa to give you the morning news, but her voice is barely audible, even though the last time you used your Echo it was beyond loud. What’s worst, this isn’t … Read more

Amazon Echo Keeps Connecting To The Wrong Wi-Fi Network (How To Delete The Old One)

Device Options on Echo Show10

Sometimes people have a hard time letting go of the past. Apparently, so do some Amazon Echos! Over the years, for one reason or another, we may have to change the Wi-Fi network or internet service provider (ISP) we use. In turn, of course, the Wi-Fi used with our Echos has to change as well. … Read more

Echo to Echo Calling: A How-To Guide

Communication and making a call in the Alexa app

The Amazon Echo is practically a household name. It’s often the staple smart home hub in smart homes around the world. They have a wide variety of helpful features for making your day-to-day life go smoothly. There are even some functions that people aren’t aware of. One such function is being able to call other … Read more

Time (Or Timezone) Wrong on The Ring App And Recordings

Adding a new location in the Ring app

Ring cameras are widely popular tools in home security as they help monitor the inside and outside of your home or business. Because of this, they’ve become an indispensable tool to many. As reliable as these cameras usually are, there are occasional issues. Some Ring users have experienced problems with the time or timezone being … Read more