Philips Hue Lightstrip Mounting Guide (Don’t Use the Standard Adhesive!)

Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus unsticking from the wooden skirting board

Philips Hue’s light strips are one of the easiest and most fun ways to add a dazzling pop of color and festivity to your home and entertainment system. But you can only enjoy them if you can keep them on the wall – not hanging off, or even worst, on the floor! One key to … Read more

Can Ring Cameras and Doorbells Record Cars Going Past?

Car Driving by in Daytime on Ring Video Doorbell

Ring cameras and video doorbells are useful tools in home security. They help protect our homes, families – and our Amazon packages! But what if you want to keep an eye on things a little further out from your home? Say, the street, for example? There are times that suspicious activity or circumstances preceding a … Read more

“Amazon Music Is Streaming On Another Device” (How to Fix This Error)

Amazon Echo for Kids

Amazon Music is one of many popular music streaming services available today. It’s designed to work seamlessly with Amazon Echo devices, and most of the time, they do. But what happens when you get hit with an error message? One of the most common error messages many Alexa and Amazon Echo users encounter is, after … Read more

Flashing Light Doorbell: Blink Lights When Someone’s At Your Door (Without IFTTT)

Doorbell Routine Trigger action

Automations in the modern smart home are one of the most useful things today. They make things easier such as creating bedtime routines that help get the little ones to sleep, or even help you to relax after a long day. They may even be of help to families who are hard of hearing. For … Read more

Ring Sensor Guide for Garage Doors

Example placement of Ring Contact Sensor on a garage door

The Ring Alarm is a great tool for ensuring the security of your home. It helps protect most aspects of your home, most notably entryways – but what about your garage? After all, this is another way thieves can enter your home. One component of the Ring Alarm System, the Contact Sensors are advertised for … Read more

Help! Someone Put Tape (or Gum) on my Ring Doorbell Camera

Someone putting brown tape over a Ring Doorbell

Picture it – you’re sitting at work and wondering why your Ring Doorbell alerts haven’t gone off so much as once. You know the mailman always comes around 10 am, and you’ve got at least one delivery coming, and that one dog runs across your lawn at the exact time each morning – so what … Read more

Is the Ring Alarm Range Extender Needed?

A Ring Alarm Range Extender plugged in

The Ring Alarm System has become an indispensable tool in many smart homes. I mean, what’s not to love about the fact that you can set up your alarm system according to your own preferences, all while keeping your home safe? Now, when either purchasing one of the Ring Alarm kits, or each item separately … Read more

How Long Do Eufy Cams Record? (Max Recording Length)

Eufy app in App Store

Smart home security cameras are one of the most sought-after items for the modern smart home – and with good reason! The safety and security of our homes, as well as the ones that live in them, are of utmost importance. In your search for a good security cam, one brand you might consider, is … Read more

Why Are Smart Bulbs So Expensive? (10x The Price Of Normal Bulbs?!)

Smart LED bulb in dark pink

There’s nothing like coming home to relax after a long day. To that end, in addition to other comfort features of their home, many people invest in their lighting as well – particularly ambient lighting. This kind of lighting makes coming home that much more relaxing.  Today, lighting goes beyond just fancy light fixtures and … Read more

Ring Camera and Doorbell FPS (Frame Per Second) – Why It Matters

Ring Stick Up Cam Video Clear Footage

Our Ring cameras and doorbells are vital parts of our home security. So it stands to reason that when we view our smart camera footage, one of the most important factors is that we can actually decipher what we’re looking at. It makes all the difference to know whether we’re looking at a person – … Read more