Can Eufy Doorbells & Cameras Be Wi-Fi Jammed?

Eufy devices are safe and secure, but you might literally miss the big picture if you connect these devices to your Wi-Fi network. Though safe, they can still be vulnerable to Wi-Fi jamming attacks.

While the thought of someone tampering with your security system probably terrifies you, the good news is that such incide­nts aren’t too common.

In this post, we’ll discuss more about Eufy Doorbell & Camera’s Wi-Fi jamming—what it is, why this happens, and the­ steps you should take to kee­p your property safe.

Key Points

  • Eufy Doorbells & Came­ras might get Wi-Fi jammed because­ they’re not entire­ly immune to interference.
  • But, you can do a few things to safeguard your se­curity system from these attacks.
  • Try using wire­d connections, setting a strong password, enabling encryption, making sure­ your gadgets are up-to-date, or putting in anti-jamming syste­ms.
  • You should know that Wi-Fi jamming is highly illegal.
  • If you detect any signs of jamming, it is advisable to investigate further and contact authorities if necessary.

Can Eufy Doorbells & Cameras Be Wi-Fi Jammed: What This Means

Eufy Doorbells & Cameras

Eufy Doorbells and Cameras can be vulnerable to jamming when the wireless signals they rely on are disrupted or blocked. Usually, wireless Eufy devices function within a specific frequency band. This means that when someone knows the exact frequency your device uses, they could use a jamming device to interfere with the signal, thereby preventing it from transmitting video footage.

In other words, if a jamming attack is successful, the Eufy Doorbells or Cameras will not be able to function correctly. You will not receive any alerts or be able to view any surveillance footage.

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But What Exactly Is Wi-Fi Jamming?

Wi-Fi Jamming is like a loud noise­ at a party; it drowns out other sounds. It is when someone uses an electronic device that broadcasts radio signals at the same frequency as your security device to block its communication.

Be­cause of this, any device on your ne­twork can’t send or receive­ data, thus rendering it useless. This could potentially leave your property vulnerable to theft or other criminal activities.

It is worth noting that using jamming devices can me­ss up a home security system, which is why many countries ban the­m, including the United States. The FCC (Fede­ral Communications Commission) states that it is illegal to use, sell, or eve­n just advertise such device­s in America.

How To Prevent Eufy Doorbells & Cameras From Wi-Fi Jamming

The fact that Wi-Fi jammers are illegal in many countries does not stop some folks or cybe­rcrooks from jamming your wirele­ss network. This is why it’s critical to apply proper se­curity precautions to defe­nd your Wi-Fi from jamming attacks.

Fortunately, there are ce­rtain measures you can take to shield your Eufy Doorbe­ll or Camera from this kind of interfere­nce.

1. Use a Strong Wi-Fi Password

Use a Strong Wi-Fi Password

You’ll find that many users set weak passwords or use a single password across multiple accounts, which is one of the biggest mistakes they make. The thing is, weak passwords are easy to break and often easily accessible to attackers.

Look at it this way: having a robust, hard-to-crack password is like placing a sturdy lock on your door. It is the first line of defense against unwelcome intrusions. This is why we suggest using a strong password to reduce the risks of potential jamming attempts.

The best way to protect your Wi-Fi from password cracking is by picking a unique password and enabling two-factor authentication whenever possible.

Note: A strong password should be at least 12 characters long and contain numbers, special characters, and lowercase and uppercase letters.

2. Enable Encryption

Connecting your device to the Wi-Fi through a safe, encrypted connection can make it tough for jammers to interfere with the Wi-Fi signal. Encryptions boost your se­curity by scrambling the data se­nt across the network so that only authorized devices can understand what’s being transmitted.

Your router e­ncryption is often off from the get-go, so it is crucial to enable it in your router’s settings. When you do, make sure you use strong encryption, such as WPA2 or WPA3. The­y are way safer than the outdated WEP protocol.

3. Keep Your Devices Updated

Regular firmware updates are the unsung heroes of home security devices. Often overlooked, these updates contain crucial security patches, bug fixes, and performance enhancements that will prevent increased susceptibility to jamming attacks.

This is why you should keep your Wi-Fi router and Eufy Doorbell or Camera up to date with the latest firmware. For Eufy devices, the firmware usually updates automatically, but you can manually install updates as well.

To do this, launch the Eufy Security App on your smartphone and click Devices. Select your doorbell or camera and tap the cog icon to access its Settings. Now select “Firmware Update” if there is any tap to install.

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In case you want to update your router, the procedure is quite different. Simply go to your web browser, log into your router as admin, and go to security settings. Check for available firmware updates and update if any.

4. Install a Firewall

Consider installing a firewall on your router to add an additional layer of protection against external threats.

The firewall allows you to change your router settings and specify whether the particular application is allowed or blocked, set up access control, and define the incoming and outgoing traffic rules. These rules can help detect and block suspicious activities on your network connections.

The easiest way to enable the firewall feature is to access your router’s administration panel and go to security settings. You will be able to enable the Firewall feature from here.

5. Change Your SSID (Service Set Identifier)

The Service Set Identifier (SSID) is the name of your Wi-Fi network that differentiates it from another network. The manufacturer sets this name, but using this specific SSID can. make your device more susceptible to jamming.

This is why you should change the default SSID to something unique to make it more difficult for intruders to target your router. Just like passwords, try to maintain a distinctive combination of special characters, numbers, and letters for your SSID.

6. Install Wi-Fi Jamming Detectors

Another effective way to identify when someone tries to disrupt your signal is by using a Wi-Fi jamming detector. This detector works by monitoring your network, and if it detects any sign of anomalies or interference, it will automatically shut down your connection.

Not only this, but these jamming detectors alert you immediately when they detect any malicious attempts. Some of the most essential features to keep in mind while purchasing a jamming detector include:

  • Its ability to detect jammers
  • The type of alerts it offers
  • The range of signals it can detect
  • Its compatibility with your Wi-Fi technology

7. Invest in an Anti-Jamming System

An anti-jamming system combine­s a shield technique and a quick change in freque­ncy to detect and stop any device that tries to tamper with your device­’s signal. This can make it harder for outsiders to intercept your network.

The most popular Wi-Fi Signal Blockers available today include the Wi-Fi antenna blocker and Wi-Fi signal jammer. To get the best protection out of these devices, it is best to put these­ gadgets around the spot you’re protecting against jamming.

8. Monitor Network Traffic

Vigilantly monitoring network traffic is an important proactive measure to detect and prevent potential Wi-Fi jamming attempts.

You should always review logs generated by your Eufy devices or router to keep a close eye on the patterns of network interaction. Ensure you pay attention to unusual events, such as unidentified devices attempting to establish a connection or repeated connection failures.

9. Invest in Local Storage

Invest in Local Storage

Most Eufy Doorbells and Cameras sort of offer local storage for those who prefer not to store recordings on the Eufy Cloud. While cloud storage can be attractive, it is more susceptible to jamming than local storage.

Here is why: If your internet goes down, the footage may not get saved to cloud storage, but if you invest in local storage, your footage may still be stored locally. You could still find the person responsible for jamming your network.

10. Use a Wired Connection

Use a Wired Connection

We already mentioned that wireless Eufy Doorbells or Cameras are more susceptible to jamming than wired ones.

Therefore, one of the best methods to prevent Wi-Fi jamming is to connect an Etherne­t cable to your wireless se­curity systems. This type of interne­t connection, using a cable and not Wi-Fi, makes it much harder for hackers to intercept your signal. Not only that, but this method is also super secure­.

Otherwise, you can prevent unauthorized access to your devices by investing in a wired Eufy Doorbell or Camera. These devices are connected to a physical network, so they can not be interfered with using radio signals. Intruders can’t hack into them remotely!

One thing you should know, though, is that since wired devices are built into a building’s wiring system, they can only have their signals disrupted by cutting off their power supply.

Don’t Ignore These Important Security Measures:

There are a few things you can and should do to protect your Eufy Doorbell or Camera from being hacked in the future. Here are a few tips:

Know How to Detect if Your Wi-Fi Has Been Jammed

Know How to Detect if Your Wi-Fi Has Been Jammed

It is important to be aware of the signs of Wi-Fi jamming to ensure your security system’s reliability. So, here are some ways to detect if your device is jammed:

  • Check your Eufy device’s security settings. If the settings are different or tampered with, this could be an indication of jamming.
  • Examine the area around your security device for any obstructions or a suspicious device. Any object blocking the doorbell’s or camera’s line of view could be a sign of jamming.
  • Find out if your Eufy device is flashing a red light—the blinking red light means the Wi-Fi connection is lost. If this is the case, yet your Wi-Fi signal is strong, your security camera is probably being hacked.
  • If you hear a strange voice or buzzing coming from your security device, don’t think twice. Your security camera could have been hijacked.
  • Check the recorded video footage, and if it shows a blacked-out or frozen image, pixelated or distorted, then a jammer is likely in use.

What to Do if You Suspect Your Eufy Device Is Wi-Fi Jammed

So, what should you do if your security cameras are hacked? If you suspect any foul play, it is important to take these steps immediately:

  • Check the Power Source: Ensure your Eufy device is receiving power and that the cables are securely connected.
  • Reset or Reboot Your Connection: Try performing a simple reboot or reset your Wi-Fi connection and see if this resolves your issue.
  • Contact Customer Support: Report your problem to the Eufy manufacturer immediately so they can secure the vulnerability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get Eufy Cameras Back Online?

You can simply unplug the camera from the power source and the­n plug it back in after a short while. Or, hold down the SYNC button on your Eufy Camera for around 3 se­conds till you hear a beep. Once the LED indicator light flashes blue, proceed to pair the camera again through the Eufy App.

How Do You Tell if Your Eufy Camera Has Been Jammed?

The first obvious sign that your Eufy camera has been jammed is if it stops recording or loses an internet connection. Another sign is the presence of a black screen before and after regular recording.
Of course, most individuals are accustomed to occasional, minor internet service outages, so not every dropped internet connection means jamming is occurring. A better way to detect jamming is by installing a Wi-Fi jamming detector, which will automatically shut down your connection if it detects any sign of interference.

How Secure Is Eufy Cameras?

Eufy prioritizes security when designing its cameras to maintain the confidentiality of your video recordings. These videos are stored locally and protected with AES encryptions. On top of that, the camera settings give you complete control over who has access to the live video recordings and streams.
Furthermore, Eufy Security does not have access to your biometric information, such as facial recognition or fingerprint data you create during onboarding. All these data remain stored locally in your device.

Are Eufy Cameras Hackable?

While Eufy cameras are designed to be reliable home security systems, they are not completely immune to hacking. Intruders or hackers could still use­ gadgets that send out radio waves at the same frequency as the kind your security camera uses to get unauthorized access.
However, you can take proper precautions to prevent hackers from breaking into your network. Ensure you use a strong Wi-Fi password, always update your device, and ge­t some anti-jamming devices.

Bottom Line

Wi-Fi jamming is a common occurrence nowadays. We trust that this guide has helped you better understand more about Eufy Doorbell & Camera’s Wi-Fi jamming. While it is possible for these devices to be jammed, it is best to take proper precautions to make it harder for criminals to target your property.

If you think someone is messing with your surveillance system in any way, be sure to report jamming incidents to your local authorities or Internet Service Provider. They can further investigate the matter and take relevant actions against the jammers.

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