Can The SwitchBot Bot do Double Button Presses?

The SwitchBot is a very convenient solution for your smart home since it can automate practically everything that has a button.

This includes light switches, coffee makers, and many other appliances.

Can The SwitchBot Bot do Double Button Presses?

Can The SwitchBot Bot do Double Button Presses

Yes, the SwitchBot bot can do double button presses via the custom mode. If you already have the SwitchBot smartphone app, then it is very easy to program that function, as we will explain below.

How to Setup the SwitchBot Bot to Do Double Button Presses

The SwitchBot Bot is controlled via Bluetooth, so before you start, make sure you have the app installed on your smartphone and everything is connected properly.

The setup process varies slightly depending if you’re using your Bot as a standalone or connected to your Switchbot Hub Mini. If you’re using it as a standalone, you must be within Bluetooth range of your device.

If you’re using a Hub Mini, then the device is able to act as a gateway via your wifi network and can even be controlled on the cloud.

Here are the steps for programming the SwitchBot Bot to do double button presses:

switchbot App
Switchbot App
  1. Make sure your SwitchBot app is up-to-date with version 6.12 or above.
  2. Inside the app, find the SwitchBot device you want to customize and open its settings.
  3. Tap on Mode, select Get New Feature, and upgrade your app to allow beta features.
  4. Still inside the settings, change the mode to Custom Mode.
  5. Now, create a new action for your bot.
  6. You will see that you have three options: press-hold time, press interval, and repeat times. You can tailor them to your preferences, however, you should set the number of repeat times to 2.

Now, you should successfully be able to program your SwitchBot to do a double-button press. There are a few limitations to this method though, and it might not work as expected depending on what appliance you want to control.

The main setting to be aware of is the press interval. This setting will dictate the time between each button press. We recommend you try different values to find the most optimal for your particular use case.

Another thing to be aware of is that Custom Mode, according to SwitchBot, is still a beta feature. That is, your device’s battery might drain faster and you might encounter a few problems.

As a compliment, we recommend you take a look at this SwitchBot’s guide dedicated to Custom Mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I do if I Can’t Find Custom Mode in my SwitchBot App?

Make sure your SwitchBot app is up-to-date with version 6.12 or above. Plus, you must enable beta features inside the app before you can find Custom Mode, as we explained in our how-to section.

Can Custom Mode Damage my SwitchBot Bot?

Since Custom Mode is a beta feature at this time, SwitchBot advises users to proceed with caution. The mode might drain your battery faster and cause damage such as robotic arm breaks if used inappropriately. These sorts of damage aren’t covered by the company’s warranty program.

My SwitchBot Bot Double Button Presses are Too Slow, What Should I Do?

In this case, you should make the interval time of your action combo shorter, and make sure that the press-hold time is set to zero. As we said, we advise you to try different settings to see which works best with your appliances. 


As you can see, setting up the SwitchBot to do double-button presses is fairly easy. However, make sure to try different values for the press-hold time and press interval to find the sweet spot for your use case.

As Custom Mode is a beta feature inside the SwitchBot’s app, you should keep in mind that according to the company, your device’s battery might drain faster and excessive use might cause damage. This is a rare occurrence though.

Thank you for reading this article. Make sure to read our related guides so we can help you explore all of the features of your SwitchBot Bot.

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