Can You Combine Kasa Cameras With Alexa Routines?

Alexa can help you get a ton of things done around your house, like using a smart camera more efficiently.

By using the Alexa app, you can assemble devices into Groups and create Routines – a series of commands that Alexa performs once you connect it to your device. 

If you are wondering whether you can combine Kasa Cameras with Alexa Routines, here is a simple answer. You can link your Kasa camera to the Alexa app, and with this, you get access to Alexa Routines.

In this guide we teach you how to connect your Kasa device to Amazon Alexa and teach you all about Alexa Kasa Cam Routines.

Can You Combine Kasa Cameras With Alexa Routines?

Can You Combine Kasa Cameras With Alexa Routines?

The TP-Link Kasa camera is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, meaning you can combine it with Alexa Routines. To enjoy this convenient feature on your Kasa device, you’ll have to enable the Alexa smart home skill.

For instance, you can give a simple command such as “Alexa, ask Kasa Cam to arm” and your system will arm without you breaking a sweat.

You can easily inte­grate Kasa with Alexa by linking your camera to the­ Alexa app, and you’ll be able to re­motely control and give commands to Alexa. Amazon lets you execute this function through mobile­ devices such as Echo Show, Echo Dot, or Fire TV. 

To use Alexa voice commands with your Kasa Camera, you must connect both de­vices to the same WiFi network. Once connected, you can use Kasa App-specific voice commands, actions, and triggers. To make your selection easier, here is a list of some Alexa commands that Kasa cameras support:

  • “Alexa, show me [camera name] to Echo Show.”
  • “Alexa, Stop [Camera Name] on Fire TV”
  • “Alexa, Stop [Camera Name] on Echo Show”

You can even create routine commands to control multiple Kasa cameras and devices with a single command. Alexa does not currently support the “Camera on/off” command because of security risks. For instance, intruders could use such commands to turn off your security cameras. No one wants that to happen! 

How Do You Connect Your Kasa Camera to Amazon Alexa?

This may sound like a hefty task, but connecting and integrating your Kasa Camera into Alexa is quite simple. You can either connect your Kasa Cam to Alexa through the Kasa App or the Alexa App.

The Process of Connecting Kasa Camera to Alexa Via the Alexa App

To effectively connect the Kasa smart camera to Alexa, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Open the Alexa App on your device and click “Home.” 
  2. Next, tap the “+” icon.
  3. Select “Add Device.”
How Do You Connect Your Kasa Camera to Amazon Alexa
Click On Add Device
Click On Add Device
  1. From here, click “Kasa Smart,” tap on “Continue,” and select “Enable To Use” to activate the TP-Link Kasa skill for Alexa.
activate the TP Link Kasa skill for Alexa
Connect TP Link Kasa device to Alexa
Connect TP-Link Kasa device to Alexa
Enable to use Button
  1. Next, log in to your Kasa account and tap “Authorize” to link the device. 
  2. You will also be prompted with a Pin field which you can use to disarm your Kasa system using voice control.
Log in to your Kasa Account
  1. If your Kasa account is successfully linked, you should see a “Kasa Cam has been successfully linked” pop-up. 
  2. Click “Done” to return to the Alexa app.
  3. From here, select “Discover Devices.” Alexa will scan and list the devices linked to your Kasa account.
Discover Devices
  1. Once Alexa discovers your camera, tap “Set Up Device” and select the “Group” for your camera or skip the step. 
  2. After that, tap “Done” to complete connecting the camera. Viola! You can now control your camera from the Alexa app.

Connecting Kasa Camera to Alexa Via the Kasa App

You can also link Alexa to Kasa through the Kasa Smart App. You will notice that this method is much simpler. All you have to do is:

  1. Open your Kasa App
  2. Scroll, and click the “Me” icon. 
  3. From there, you’ll see a “Third-Party Services” option. 
  4. Click on it to access compatible virtual assistants.
  5. Now tap on Amazon Alexa and click on “Connect.” 
  6. Finally, select the “Link” button to connect your Kasa to Alexa, and you are done! When you return to the home page, you’ll be able to use the Alexa command.

Simply say, “Alexa, discover my devices” to load your Kasa devices to the Alexa app. You can try different compatible voice commands to test the Alexa control on your Kasa devices.

Creating a Routine With Alexa and Your Kasa Camera

These are a series of commands that Alexa can perform once you connect it to a Kasa camera. Routines follow a simple formula and are usually triggered by an event. For instance, you can give it a command such as, “When you detect motion, alert me immediately.”

I already walked you through how to connect your Kasa Camera to Alexa in the section above. Now I will show you how to create a Routine in the Alexa app for your Kasa security camera. 

Here are the steps you need to follow: 

  1. Begin by opening the Alexa app on your device and clicking “More” in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  2. Tap on Routines and select the “+” to create a new routine.
Tap on Routines
  1. Now select “Routine Name” and name the routine.
select Routine Name and name the routine
  1. The next thing to do is click “When This Happens,” tap on Smart Home, and select the Kasa Camera you are creating the routine for. 
Click on When This Happens
  1. Select the capability you want to set and tap on “Add Action,” then choose the action it completes. Hit “Save” on the top right to finish. You now have Alexa set up, and all Routines created will show on your screen. 
tap on Add Action then choose the action it completes

Other Smart Cameras You Can Combine With Alexa Routines

Smart security cameras provide an excellent way to ensure your home is secure even while you are away. And with the innovation of Alexa, you can watch your home even easier using Alexa-compatible cameras. Lucky for you, there are other cameras just like Kasa Cam that can combine with Alexa Routines equally fine.

  1. Ring

The Ring camera and Alexa are developed and owned by the same company, Amazon. This explains it all. They share a lot of Alexa-compatible functions.

If you have a Ring camera, you can set it up anywhere. You will get a clear 1080p HD resolution, night vision, built-in siren, and motion detection. You’ll also be able to maximize its Alexa features and create your routines.

  1. Eufy IndoorCam

Eufy IndoorCam works with Echo Show and allows you to arm or disarm your cameras whenever you enter or exit your home. You can also call up live video feeds from specific cameras around your home to view their live feeds via the Echo Show.

The camera has the best rechargeable battery, which can last up to a year. This depends on how frequently you trigger the camera, making creating any routine easier.

  1. Arlo

The Arlo came­ra seamlessly integrate­s with Alexa, providing you with convenient control ove­r the camera settings, clip vie­wing, and live streaming. This waterproof came­ra features night color vision and delive­rs stunning 2K video resolution. With its battery-powe­red functionality, you have the fle­xibility to install the camera in any location of your choice while­ enjoying effortless control through Ale­xa.

  1. Google Nest

Despite­ being companies world apart, Google and Alexa are pretty compatible. In particular, certain Google Nest de­vices, such as Nest cameras, can be­ used with Alexa. This allows users to acce­ss a 24/7 live stream of their home­ and receive motion ale­rts. Additionally, when paired with an Amazon Echo Show, users can e­njoy two-way audio functionality.

  1. Wyze

Wyze works with Alexa to give you voice control over your Kasa camera and other smart devices. The camera features an impressive starlight sensor and 1080p color night vision. It is IP65 rated, making it water-resistant and usable both indoors and outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Add Kasa Skill to Alexa?

To effectively connect Kasa smart camera to Alexa:
Open the Alexa App on your device and click “Home”
Tap the “+” icon, then select “Add Device”
Now click “Kasa Smart” and tap on “Continue”
Select “Enable To Use” to activate the TP-Link Kasa Skill for Alexa
The next step would be to enter your Kasa account and password and tap “Authorize” to link the device. Once your Kasa account is successfully linked, you should see a “Kasa Cam has been successfully linked” pop-up. Click “Done” to return to the Alexa app.

Can You Connect Kasa Camera to Alexa?

Yes! You can connect your Kasa camera to Alexa through the Amazon Alexa App. With Alexa voice commands, you can instantly see the live view from your Kasa camera on Fire Tablet devices, Fire TV, Echo Show, and Amazon Echo.

Why Is My Kasa Camera Not Responding to Alexa?

Your Kasa camera may not respond to Alexa if the linking feature is not enabled on the Kasa app. To connect the Kasa Camera via the Kasa app, follow these steps:
Open your Kasa app
Click on Me icon
Choose the Third Party Services to access compatible virtual assistants
Tap on Amazon Alexa
Click on Connect
Select the Link button to connect your Kasa to Alexa
Tap the back button to return to home

Bottom Line

The Kasa cameras connect to your home network and work around the clock to provide audio and video surveillance. The fact that you can combine Kasa Cameras with Alexa Routines makes it a must-have security system. You’ll be able to use Alexa commands to organize, monitor, and control your home security from the comfort of your couch.

Besides, Kasa cameras are wireless, making them more convenient. Receiving commands won’t be an issue as you can place these cameras almost anywhere around your home.

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