Can Someone Easily Steal My Eufy Camera?

Can Someone Easily Steal My Eufy Camera 01

As security camera experts, we understand why protecting your camera from theft is important. It is not just about protecting your loved ones and property; it is also about protecting your investment. While Eufy cameras can still be stolen, the brand does offer some level of theft protection for their devices. For instance, the cameras … Read more

Can Eufy Cameras Detect Animals & Pets (Or Just Humans)?

Can Eufy Cameras Detect Animals 01

It is no surprise that most homeowners want assurances about keeping an eye on their fur babies, even when out and about. While that may be the case, some cameras are only good at detecting motions triggered entirely by humans. That’s what sets Eufy Cameras apart from other security cameras. With the advent of AI-powered … Read more

Are Eufy Cameras Waterproof?

Are Eufy Cameras Waterproof

Waterproofing is the bread and butter of most outdoor cameras, so we wanted to turn up the heat—so to speak—to help you find out whether Eufy cameras are waterproof. Well, here is the deal: one of the great things about Eufy cameras is that they come with the more robust IP65 or IP67 weatherproofing. These … Read more

Why My Eufy Camera Keeps Making Clicking Noises

Eufy Camera Keeps Making Clicking Noises

Clicking noises from your Eufy camera have got you worried? While it could just be because of some regular functions, it can also be concerning at times. So, how do you differentiate or resolve potential issues? Read on as I walk you through the possible reasons behind this clicking sound and ways to fix it. … Read more

Why Does the Eufy Camera Security App Keep Logging Me Out?

wufy security app

Frustrated why Eufy keeps logging you out? Is your account compromised, or is it something less severe? To put your mind at ease and ensure uninterrupted access to your Eufy account, I am listing the most common reasons behind this and how to navigate them— plus some useful prevention tips. Dive right in! Key Points … Read more

Why Does My Eufy Camera Keep Beeping?

why does eufy keep beeping

It is pretty normal for Eufy security cameras to beep occasionally as part of their regular operation. But let’s face it—when the camera encounters unexpected or persistent beeping, it may raise an alarm and leave you wondering what could be causing the disturbance. Those beeps you hear are not just random noises; they are signals … Read more