Can Wyze Cam See Through Glass? (Are There Any Workarounds If Not?)

Outside Window ledge to mount camera

Wyze provides a versatile variety of smart home security cameras. Depending on which ones you use, you can place them wherever they suit you best. For example, indoor cams, of course, need to be kept indoors as they’re not weatherproof. While outdoor varieties, which are designed to withstand the elements, can be placed anywhere outdoors … Read more

Do Wyze Cams Work Without Internet? (Why All The Confusion?)

Wyze SD card slot with SD card partially inserted

Wyze cameras are a popular choice in many smart homes – perhaps even yours! They’re budget-friendly and yield great quality video footage. Most people use these smart cameras as they’re designed to be used – connected to the internet via Wi-Fi.  Sometimes, however, for varying reasons, using the internet for your Wyze camera may not … Read more

Ring Camera/Doorbell Lens Has Popped Out? Here’s What To Do

A close up view of the camera lens falling out my Ring cam

Ring’s cameras and doorbells are fairly well built: they feel good quality and sturdy when you take them out of the box. They are also simple enough to install: whether they are battery-powered or hardwired, you shouldn’t need to bang them or force them into position when installing them. So I was surprised to recently … Read more

Fix Amazon Echo Show “The Camera Isn’t Responding” Errors

An Echo Show with the text This camera isnt responding

The biggest benefit of the Amazon Echo Show is that it can act as a central hub to control all of your smart devices. There are a few glitches that prevent the Echo Show from working as intended. Fixing the camera not responding error for Amazon Echo show starts with disabling the camera’s Alexa skill … Read more

Why Your Wyze Camera Is Lagging (5 Simple Fixes)

Wyze Live Video on Echo Show 10

Smart cameras play an important role in keeping our homes safe today. The videos recorded from these cameras have helped catch thieves red-handed, as well as ward off potential threats. They’ve even provided crucial evidence in the event of a crime. So it stands to reason that making sure these videos play flawlessly, is important. … Read more

Ring Floodlight Upside Down Mounting Guide: Soffits/Eaves, Horizontally & More

Ring Floodlight Cam in its box

The Ring Floodlight Cam is one of Ring’s flagship pieces of smart home technology. This light handles security, motion activated lighting, and a variety of other features. Making the most of the Ring Floodlight Cam is all about how you mount it.  For more users, the standard mounting works best. Simply attach this light to … Read more