YouTube thumbnail for my newest video, covering Ring Smart Alerts (Rich Notifications)

New Video – Ring Smart Alerts (Rich Notifications) – A Really Useful Feature

Ring have recently released a new feature called ‘smart alerts’ or ‘rich notifications’, which basically sends an image (snapshot capture) alongside any alerts it sends out. So if someone clicks…

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YouTube thumbnail saying "Ring's terrible 2019 press: how did they respond?"

New Video – How Ring Recovered From December 2019 (Ring App Privacy Run-Through)

Ring had a bad end to December 2019, with various news items in the mainstream press about different breaches and hacks, including the very worrying story of parents who noticed…

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Various light glare from a Ring recording, due to sudden light, when in night vision mode.

Can Ring, Nest, Wyze & Eufy Smart Cameras Be Hacked?

The world of smart home technology has developed quickly and for the most part, it’s an exciting and positive change. Being able to control your smart home with ease, whilst…

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Marketing image showing the body of the Arlo Pro 3 camera

Can Arlo Cameras Work Without The Internet/WiFi?

I was recently talking about Arlo’s ability to record 24/7 in some cases, and it got me wondering whether Arlo’s smart cameras can function and record without any internet (or…

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YouTube thumbnail for my "watching all your Ring feeds in 1 monitor" video.

New Video – View All Ring Devices On 1 Monitor (Possible?)

Professional grade security systems will allow you to watch all real-time (live) views of the camera feeds on a single PC/TV monitor. This got me wondering whether it’s possible to…

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Various Ring doorbells and cameras in a UK store.

Which Smart Cameras Support 24/7 Continuous Recording?

Traditional CCTV cameras and professional-grade security systems have always supported 24/7 constant recording as a standard feature. It wouldn’t even have been listed as a selling point. But these systems…

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Marketing image of the waterproof eufy camera installed outside when it's raining.

Do Any Eufy Cameras & Doorbells Support 24/7 Recording?

Eufy cameras and doorbells have a bunch of great features, but do they support 24/7 constant recording like Nest do? This is a really useful feature to have because whilst…

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Cropped screenshots from the Ring app showing the WiFi health of two of my Ring devices.

Can Ring Cameras & Doorbells Be On Different Networks?

Ring produce a wide range of cameras and doorbells which can protect all parts of your property – inside and out. This is great, other than the fact that your…

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YouTube thumbnail for my Ring Indoor Cam garage install video.

New Video – Ring Indoor Cam Setup (With No Internet In Garage!)

I recently bought a Ring Indoor Cam for £15 as part of an Amazon bundle deal, and I wanted to wall mount this in my garage to detect would-be burglars….

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Various light glare from a Ring recording, due to sudden light, when in night vision mode.

Smart Cameras Facing Outside: Do They Work Behind Windows?

I recently purchased a Ring Indoor Cam for around $20 in an Amazon bundle, far cheaper than the outdoor Ring Stick Up Cam which is $99 when not in a…

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