Does Ring Work With Google Home?

Does ring work with google home

The great news is that Ring can achieve some level of functionality with Google Home, but the compatibility between the two is not as seamless as compared to a system created by the same parent company. You see, Ring is owned by Amazon, which means it is primarily designed to work with Amazon. And given … Read more

Can Eufy Doorbells & Cameras Be Wi-Fi Jammed?

Can Eufy Doorbells and Cameras Be Wi-Fi Jammed?

Eufy devices are safe and secure, but you might literally miss the big picture if you connect these devices to your Wi-Fi network. Though safe, they can still be vulnerable to Wi-Fi jamming attacks. While the thought of someone tampering with your security system probably terrifies you, the good news is that such incide­nts aren’t … Read more

How Face Recognition (Familiar Faces) Works On Eufy Doorbells

How Face Recognition Works On Eufy Doorbells 20

Eufy’s video doorbells can easily enhance how you monitor your home’s front door. The latest models now also feature AI-powered facial recognition, a big boost towards smart security. But I’ve seen some people struggle to set this up properly.  I’ve compiled this quick guide so you can understand exactly how Eufy’s familiar faces feature works … Read more

Eufy Camera Or Doorbell Only Recording A Few Seconds Of Footage

Eufy Camera Or Doorbell Only Recording A Few Seconds Of Footage

Not all Eufy Cameras or Doorbells have the ability to support 24-hour recording. Most will only capture a few seconds of footage whenever they detect movement anywhere near your home—and the recording duration is mainly influenced by your local storage capacity. We understand that this may raise concerns among some Eufy users. The good news … Read more