Is The Ring Stick Up Cam Discontinued?

The Ring Stick Up Cam installed outdoors.

The Ring Stick Up Cam was first released at the end of 2015, and it has undergone various redesigns since then, along with being released as Solar Powered and ‘Elite’ (power over Ethernet) versions. But the Ring Indoor Cam – released towards the end of 2019 – seems to offer the same or more features, … Read more

Ring Indoor Camera: 10 Most Popular Questions Answered

A Ring Indoor camera removed from the box, but still with the protective plastic films on it.

The Ring Indoor Cam was released towards the end of 2019, and whilst it’s been out for a little while now, there’s still quite a few questions being asked about it. So I wanted to write this ‘frequently asked question’ guide to answer some of the 10 most commonly asked questions about it. Read on … Read more

Can Ring’s Smart Cameras Trigger Ring Alarm?

The Ring Alarm base station mounted on a wall above a shelf, with a Ring stick-up cam sitting on the shelf.

Ring’s devices can be linked together to provide closer integration, and it’d be nice if motion detected on a Ring camera (especially an outdoor one) could trigger the Ring alarm to sound. But is this possible? I’ve always been curious about this so I wrote this article to find out. It’s not currently possible for … Read more

Ring Video Range: How Far Can It See? Can You Zoom In/Out?

Using 'pinch zoom' in the Ring phone app to try and read information from a passing car at night.

Ring’s cameras and doorbells tend to film in full HD (1920x1080p) with a few exceptions. Whilst this is good, Ring cameras also use a wide angle lens that pick up a lot of footage – at the sacrifice of overall detail quality, that is. Whilst you can zoom in on Ring recordings by doing a … Read more

Stolen Ring Doorbell: What Happens? Can It Still Be Used?

A removed doorbell, showing the two supply wires (blue and orange twisted pairs).

You wake up in the middle of the night to a sound outside your front door. You check your phone and see that you have a Ring motion alert. You check it… only to see a burglar stealing your actual Ring Doorbell! Wait, what? The Ring Doorbell is meant to prevent burglars, not actually get … Read more

Is Ring Protect Free with Amazon Prime?

Ring Protect Plus Plan pricing, with "amazon Prime" text in foreground and a question mark.

Ring Protect is a paid-for plan that stores footage from Ring cameras and doorbells in the Ring cloud, ready to access 24/7 (along with extra features for the Ring Alarm system). Amazon Prime is a paid-for plan that gives access to a range of Amazon products and services. Amazon own Ring. Therefore Ring Protect should … Read more

Do You Need To Put Up The Ring Recording Warning Sticker?

Ring 'audio & video recording' warning stickers in different languages - English, French, German, Spanish and others.

When you buy a Ring doorbell, camera or alarm system, Ring warning decals come in the box – such as stickers that say “Attention: Ring Audio & video recording“. These are designed to be put in your window, and in theory they should ward off would-be criminals. But are they really a good thing to … Read more

Ring Doorbell Sun (or Anti-Sun!) Guide: Protect Your Device

The location of the sun in the sky at 9:04am

You don’t have much choice where to place your Ring Doorbell: it’ll be right by your front door. Maybe a few inches to one side, or maybe even on the door itself. Either way, if your front door tends to get hit by bright sunlight, your expensive Ring Doorbell could be susceptible to anything from … Read more