Do Kasa Lights Have A Dance/Disco Mode?

Do Kasa Lights Have A DanceDisco Mode

If you find yourself wondering whether the Kasa Smart Lights offer Dance/Disco mode, you’re not alone. This has been a popular concern of many Kasa Light users. While there is no specific Dance/Disco mode in Kasa Lights, unlike many other smart lights these days, the Kasa Lights do make up for it with their versatility. … Read more

Are Kasa’s Lights ZigBee Or Z-Wave?

Are Kasa’s Lights ZigBee Or Z Wave

It is a great time to upgrade your home with the Kasa smart light bulbs—but do yourself a favor and read this article first! None of Kasa’s smart devices support ZigBee or Z-Wave. This also applies to the Kasa lights (which I will delve into in more detail later). To that end, here’s a rundown … Read more

How Long Do TP-Link Kasa Light Bulbs Last?

TP Link Kasa Light Bulbs Last

TP-Link has made significant progress since the initial rele­ase of their smart light bulbs. One particularly interesting feature, though, is how long these bulbs can last. Typically, TP-Link Kasa Light Bulbs can last for up to 25,000 hours with proper usage. Since the lifetime of these smart bulbs is one of the most concerning things … Read more

Can You Color Cycle With Kasa Lights?

Can You Color Cycle With Kasa Lights

Did you just got a Kasa Smart Light, and are now wondering if you can color cycle with it? If so, you’re in the right place! Although Kasa does not e­xplicitly provide instructions on color cycling with their lights, it is indee­d possible to cycle through various colors. In this article, we give you a … Read more

Does SwitchBot Use Zigbee (Or Are There Similiar Companies That Do)?

Does SwitchBot Use Zigbee

Zigbee is a popular wireless data-transfer protocol used in smart devices such as lightbulbs and power outlets. It allows these appliances to work seamlessly without consuming too much energy. While Zigbee is quite popular, SwitchBot uses another protocol called Bluetooth low energy (BLE) in its products. Similar companies, however, are compatible with ZigBee. Key Points … Read more

Why Is Philips Hue So Expensive? Are They Worth It?

YouTube thumbnail showing me sleeping with my Hue bulbs and accessories

This morning I ordered some Philips Hue bulbs (four White Ambiance E14s, a size sometimes called ‘decorative candles’) and a starter kit including the hub/bridge. To be honest, I was almost annoyed at myself for ordering them because I’ve been wary about smart lights for years. Why? Well, I remember having a conversation with someone … Read more