Kitchen with various smart lighting installed, and set to a purple-style color

Smart Lighting For A Kitchen: A Practical Guide

When I first moved into my house, it was fairly dark due to it just having two simple, A19 bulbs at either end of the kitchen-diner room. Whilst I have…

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Marketing image of a two-switch Lutron Caseta smart switch

How Smart Light Switches Can Use Power Even When Off

Smart light switches seem a bit of a contradiction when you first think about them, because an electrical switch has two states: on or off. But yet, any smart device…

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A Philips Hue White B22 bayonet bulb in the background, and an overlay UK light switch in the off position (in the foreground).

How Smart Bulbs Work With Switches (Regular And Smart)

Smart bulbs are one of the most popular – and fun – smart products available on the market. After all, you can change their color to anything you want, and…

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Marketing image for the Leviton Decora Smart WiFi 15 Amp Light Switch

Why Are Smart Switches “So Expensive”?

Smart switches can sometimes be better to purchase than smart bulbs, but when Lutron Caseta switches sell for up to $60 each, it makes some people ask why smart switches…

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A sticky note put over a standard wall switch, saying "Smart bulb!!! Don't turn me off!!!"

Smart Bulbs vs Smart Switches (Why Some People Are Wrong)

Whenever I see newcomers to smart homes ask what the best smart bulb to buy is, I often see one or two replies saying “Noooo, smart bulbs are POINTLESS!! Just…

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A recently installed Philips Hue v2 bridge which is setup in my loft.

Does Philips Hue Work Okay Without Working WiFi/Internet?

Philips Hue’s range of smart bulbs is set apart from many other smart bulbs because Hue requires a separate Hub (also called a Bridge), and the bulbs communicate over something…

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LIFX app showing the dashboard and various lights that can be controlled from here.

LIFX Bulbs Without Internet: Do They Still Work?

LIFX bulbs are at the more premium end of the market (just like Philips Hue), both in terms of build quality and also their price. However whilst Philips Hue bulbs…

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The input and output voltage information from the Philips lightstrip plug.

Can Hue Lightstrips Be Hardwired?

I’m soon going to be adding some under-cabinet kitchen lighting into my kitchen, and as a recent smart lighting fan, I was checking out Philip Hue’s Lightstrip range. These are…

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An enclosed light fitting in my bathroom.

Can Philips Hue Lights Be Used In Enclosed Fixtures?

An enclosed light is a housing which is completely sealed off, such that any light must shine out of the partially see-through exterior surface (usually glass or translucent plastic). Enclosed…

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A Philips Hue White Ambiance bulb held over a row of three plants indoors.

Can Smart Bulbs Help Plants Grow?

Keen gardeners and botanists are often seen in movies with a bunch of red lights perched over their precious plants, to help them grow. Since smart bulbs can emit red…

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