Are The Ring Floodlight Cam Bulbs Replaceable?

Ring Floodlight Cam wall mounted - front view

Ring is still one of the leading names in smart home technology. Their motion sensor security cameras are some of their most popular products. The Ring Floodlight Cam not only keeps the outdoors bright via its two bright LED bulbs, it also makes sure you have an added layer of security around the house. So … Read more

Can Hue Lightstrips Be Hardwired?

Power brick adapter for the Philips Hue Lightstrip V4

I’m soon going to be adding some under-cabinet kitchen lighting into my kitchen, and as a recent smart lighting fan, I was checking out Philip Hue’s Lightstrip range. These are designed to be plugged into a wall socket, but since I don’t have any sockets under my kitchen cabinets, I was wondering whether they can … Read more

Wyze Smart Bulbs Not Pairing Or Getting Past Setup Stage (How to Fix)

Add a Lighting Device in the Wyze App

Even though they’re a less known member of the Wyze family, Wyze smart bulbs are gaining popularity. This is particularly among established Wyze users as it gives them the ability to control their smart cameras and lights from one central location – the Wyze app.  But even the best-laid plans sometimes run into hiccups. Some … Read more

Philips Hue ‘Home and Away’ Not Working: How to Fix This

Philips Hue Home and Away app section

Home and Away is a Philips Hue feature that allows users to have smart devices turn on when they get home and turn off when they leave. This is one of the coolest smart features that users want to get up and running right away. The only problem is that this feature occasionally stops working. … Read more

Can Smart Bulbs Help Plants Grow?

A Philips Hue White Ambiance bulb held over a row of three plants indoors.

Keen gardeners and botanists are often seen in movies with a bunch of red lights perched over their precious plants, to help them grow. Since smart bulbs can emit red light, can you use them for your plants? A lot of ‘off the shelf’ smart bulbs are not ideal for plant growth, but some smart … Read more

When Philips Hue’s Motion Sensors Don’t Work: How To Fix!

My Philips Hue motion sensor in its box

Whether you’ve just setup your Philips Hue motion sensor and it’s not working as expected, or perhaps it’s worked for years but it’s now acting up, the issue is usually easy to fix and diagnose. Hence I wanted to write this guide to cover everything you need to know to get your Hue motion sensor … Read more

Can Multiple Devices & Hue Apps Control Philips Hue Lights?

Screenshot from the Hue app, showing my four room names: "Living Room", "Landing", "Hallway" and "Master Bedroom".

Philips Hue is the biggest name in smart lighting, but what are you going to do when you need to give additional users access to your smart light controls? You can set up multiple users whether you are using Bluetooth enabled Philips Hue devices or the Philips Hue Bridge. Your secondary users will only need to … Read more