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PSA: Ring Devices Can Have Issues With TP-Link Deco’s Mesh Routers

Ring doorbell wifi error on app

Smart home technology has been out for a while now and this means that we’re starting to experience compatibility issues between older devices and newer standards. Mesh networks are the latest in Wi-Fi connectivity, but that means they sometimes have problems connecting to some older devices like Ring cameras. The first thing you should do … Read more

Kasa Smart Device Has “Unreachable” Error: 10 Easy Fixes

Kasa app showing a Device Unreachable error

Kasa devices are a great way to supplement your current smart home system. However, what do you do when these devices, or the Kasa app itself, start to struggle with connection problems? If your Kasa device has an “unreachable” error, that means that the app, the device, or your Wi-Fi network or having trouble getting … Read more

Internet/Wi-Fi Speeds Are SLOW Since Using Ring Alarm Pro

Marketing image of the Ring Alarm Pro base station

Since its introduction, many have upgraded their Ring Alarm system for the new Ring Alarm Pro. After all, you get enhanced home security plus an eero 6 router that also offers extra internet security. A win-win right? In theory, absolutely! But what about in real, everyday use? Some Ring Alarm Pro users who previously had … Read more