How To Download Apps On An LG Smart TV

Download Apps On An LG 20

The smart TVs supported by LG are managed through NetCast OS or webOS operating system. They have many built-in apps like Disney+, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and others. Even though this is so, one of the nicest things is that you can download more apps to personalize your TV experience. Remember that the interface … Read more

What Batteries Does SimpliSafe Use

What Batteries Does SimpliSafe Use

SimpliSafe is a popular do-it-yourself home security system among new smart homeowners. One of the factors for SimpliSafe’s success has to do with one simple yet crucial component: batteries. Well, the entire suite of SimpliSafe products uses either AA batteries or CR (watch batteries). Let’s take a look at SimpliSafe security accessories and what you … Read more

Komodo AIO Smart Sleeve: Monitor Heart Rate And Track Activities

Komodo aio smart sleeve

Nowadays, wearable technology like fitness trackers and smartwatches are not just popular. They also continue to soar as people become more concerned about their health and interested in their personal fitness. One such innovative piece of tech is the KOMODO AIO Smart Sleeve; it’s not a wrist wearable but rather a compression sleeve. Of course, … Read more

How Do I Remove Previous Owner From Ring Doorbell

how do i remove previous owner from ring doorbell

The Ring doorbell is undoubtedly one of the best modern technologies for your home security. Normally, before adding a Ring Doorbell to a new profile, you need to remove the original owner’s account information. Otherwise, the new owner will not have much control over the device. Fortunately, Ring makes it easy to change the Ring … Read more

Mijo Connected: Plans To Disrupt Smartwatch Market

Mijo Connected: Plans To Disrupt Smartwatch Market

Have you ever caught yourself staring at your wrist, wishing for something more from your smartwatch than just counting steps and vibrating with endless notifications? If that sounds like you, then prepare to be intrigued: Mijo Connected has emerged as a key player, aiming to flip the script on the traditional smartwatch game. Before you … Read more

How To Detect Mouse Jiggler and How Does It Work?

How To Detect Mouse Jiggler

Mouse jigglers, designed with the intended purpose of preventing computers from going to sleep mode, could actually pose challenges related to productivity monitoring. Your employees may use this technology to blur the lines between active work engagement and idle time. This is why mouse jiggler detection is still necessary for those who want to monitor … Read more

Is Eufy A Safe Brand? Are They (Or Their Parent Company) Chinese?

Is eufy a safe brand

The Eufy brand was launched by its parent company, Anker Innovations, in 2011. The company, which was once primarily a vacuum brand, is now a popular home security brand offering a variety of products and services, from cameras, baby monitors, and hard drives to weight scales, lights, smart locks, and more. But is Eufy a … Read more

Why Is My Alexa App Not Finding My Device?

Why Is My Alexa App Not Finding My Device

Picture this: you’re excited to issue your first command to Alexa, only to find that the app refuses to detect your new gadget. This hiccup can be due to network snags, device compatibility, or incorrect settings. In this article, we will dissect these problems and offer clear, actionable solutions to bridge the communication gap between … Read more