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A Google Home Mini device placed on a wooden shelving unit

Does Google Home (And The Google Home App) Cost Money?

Google’s range of smart speakers – the Google Home range – are a rival to Amazon’s Echo range. Google Home devices (including the Google Mini and Nest Mini) give weather…

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Screenshot taken of the desktop view of Home Assistant's demo.

Managing LOTS Of Smart Home Devices (App Vs Smart Hub Vs ?)

When you have dozens (or even hundreds) of smart home devices – from smart speakers to smart bulbs, and smart plugs to cameras – you might be struggling to manage…

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The Ring Alarm base station mounted on a wall above a shelf, with a Ring stick-up cam sitting on the shelf.

Can Ring’s Smart Cameras Trigger Ring Alarm?

Ring’s devices can be linked together to provide closer integration, and it’d be nice if motion detected on a Ring camera (especially an outdoor one) could trigger the Ring alarm…

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Selfie of me (Tristan Perry) looking thoughtful

My Smart Home Thoughts: What I Love (And Hate!) About Them

I purchased my first Echo device back in 2016, and I’ve always found it quite useful, although my wife wasn’t convinced at first. But over time, as we’ve discovered more…

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A smart plug phone app on top of a person on a train.

Do Smart Plugs Work Away From Home?

When talking about the benefits of smart plugs, I usually give the example of being able to turn your slow cooker on from work, so that you come home to…

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The Ring Alarm base station mounted on a wall above a metal shelf.

Scary Thought: Can The Ring Alarm System Be Jammed?

The Ring Alarm is there to protect you and your house 24/7, right? After all, it’s an alarm system so it should be built to withstand a range of basic…

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A marketing image of the Leviton DW15P-1BW smart plug

Using Smart Plugs With Your Amazon Echo Device

Amazon regularly do bundle offers on smart devices, such as smart plugs with an Echo or Echo Dot. But why are they often included as a bundle – can you…

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Photo showing some of the multipoint latches/locks for my back door.

Smart Locks For Multipoint Door Locks

A lot of smart locks happily advertise that they can be easily installed as they are fully compatible with cylinder-type deadbolts. Whilst a lot of Americans doors use these type…

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Marketing image showing two ecobee air filters.

Are ecobee Air Filters Worth It?

ecobee, the Canadian smart device manufacturer best known for their line of smart thermostats, unveiled a HVAC air filter subscription service in April 2020. You get regular shipments to ensure…

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A standard (non smart) terrier thermostatic radiator valve fitted to a radiator in my house.

Smart Radiator Valves: Worth It? Or Just A Gimmick?

A single-zone smart thermostat can either put the whole house’s heating on, or off. It can’t control individual rooms (well, not without automatic dampers – which are rarely fitted in…

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