Does Kasa Offer Windows/Desktop Software? If Not, Why Not?

A Kasa PC downloader but is it legitimate

We love the convenience of smart devices, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to put down the smartphone for a minute? There are plenty of ways to control smart devices, but can you control Kasa from your PC? There is no official application that allows you to control Kasa from a desktop computer. There … Read more

SmartThings Is Now “Dead” (Apparently)! Are There Alternatives?

A crossed out SmartThings Hub with the question Dead

In the world of smart home hubs, Samsung SmartThings is one of the many main contenders – or is it? Some users have begun to notice changes, albeit small, that make them wonder if SmartThings is soon to be a thing of the past. Even though the hub and app are still receiving updates, support … Read more

Zigbee vs Z-Wave vs WiFi vs Bluetooth: What’s Best?!

A diagram showing how Google's Wi-Fi router and points work, and how they extend your house's WiFi coverage (even to outdoor WiFi products).

I remember when I first started getting into smart homes. I was happily running a few (WiFi based) Echo speakers, but I started to hear terms like ‘Zigbee’ and ‘Z-Wave’ thrown around too. I was also (obviously) aware of Bluetooth, but I’d mainly seen it used in headphones and mobile phones: so it seemed odd … Read more

Kasa Device & User Sharing: Can You Share Between Accounts (Or Devices)?

Further information about the logged in devices to that Kasa account

Smart technology is supposed to make everything easier, but sometimes it can feel like a hassle if you constantly have to figure out how to get different users to control your Kasa smart tech. How can you get multiple users to control the devices in your home? Well the short answer is (unfortunately): Kasa devices … Read more

Changing WiFi Info On All Devices (Echo, Home etc) At Once?

A screenshot of the BT Smart Hub 2 (internet router) wireless configuration page, showing which details to change.

When thinking about the disadvantages of smart homes, I remembered a time when my internet router broke. I changed this, and so I had to manually re-configure 5 smart home devices… along with a couple of TVs, my printer, two tablets, two Kindles, three mobile phones and two laptops. Ugh – changing 17 devices manually … Read more

Why Your Kasa Smart Plug Keeps Losing Wi-Fi Connection

A Kasa smart plug with cross over it

One of the biggest challenges you face when you’re updating your home to smart devices is figuring out what to do with all of your old technology. You don’t have to update every piece of technology when you can simply update how they connect, but sometimes that connection can be a source of trouble. Kasa … Read more

PSA: Ring Devices Can Have Issues With TP-Link Deco’s Mesh Routers

Ring doorbell wifi error on app

Smart home technology has been out for a while now and this means that we’re starting to experience compatibility issues between older devices and newer standards. Mesh networks are the latest in Wi-Fi connectivity, but that means they sometimes have problems connecting to some older devices like Ring cameras. The first thing you should do … Read more

How Much Internet (Bandwidth) Does Ring Use?

Ring and Philips Hue internet usage from my BT HomeHub

Ring devices are some of the most common smart technologies out there today. This company makes everything from smart security systems to home lighting. It would be great to have a full home of Ring technology, but how much internet data would that take? Ring systems are dominantly WiFi based. This means that they are … Read more

Does Eero 6 (or the Ring Alarm Pro) Support Z-Wave Devices?

An Eero Pro 6 Wi Fi router

The Ring Alarm Pro’s key feature is the Eero 6 routers built right into the Alarm’s Base Station. They’re marketed as being able to work with Z-Wave and to a certain extent, Zigbee. Being as the Ring Base Station works with Z-Wave, might the Ring Alarm Pro also be used as a smart hub for … Read more