Smart Homes Are Always Changing

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Kasa Issues After A Power Outage: What You Need To Know

Someone lighting a match due to a power outage

Power outages and rolling blackouts are the smart home tech fans’ worst nightmare. Every smart device brand has trouble when the power is flickering, but there are some specific Kasa problems that we need to look at. Kasa smart devices can experience connection problems during a power outage. These devices will automatically reconnect to the … Read more

Why Does My Smart Plug Turn Off By Itself?

Philips Hue smart plug unboxed - but not yet plugged in

Smart plugs have limitless potential for getting your smart home fully integrated. These plugs can instantly transform any device into a smart device with some basic features. With that said, there are a few problems that these devices face. Smart plugs are pretty simple when it comes down to it. They interface between the wall and … Read more