Kasa Issues After A Power Outage: What You Need To Know

Someone lighting a match due to a power outage

Power outages and rolling blackouts are the smart home tech fans’ worst nightmare. Every smart device brand has trouble when the power is flickering, but there are some specific Kasa problems that we need to look at. Kasa smart devices can experience connection problems during a power outage. These devices will automatically reconnect to the … Read more

How Kasa Smart Plug Works Without Internet (Not Everything Works Though)

A Kasa Smart Plug box with the text no wifi equals no worky

Smart plugs really are the next frontier when it comes to living in a truly smart home. However, they do raise some serious concerns when the internet goes out, and you’re relying on Kasa smart plugs. Your Kasa smart plug will still be able to use existing timer and schedule settings when the internet goes … Read more

Kasa Smart Plug Overheating Problems (What To Do Now)

A Kasa Smart Plug with totally realistic flames coming out of it (not Photoshopped at all...)

Smart plugs are one of the best smart devices out there, but they’re also prone to overheating (in a small number of cases). What should you do if your Kasa smart plug starts overheating? The first thing you should do is disconnect your smart plug and allow it to cool down. You should inspect the … Read more

My Amazon Smart Plug Says “Provisioning Failure” (How To Fix)

Amazon Smart Plug provisioning error

Smart plugs have some of the coolest potential when it comes to smart technology. These little devices bridge the gap between smart technology and yesteryears electronics. For the smart home wizard, a few smart plugs are a must. This isn’t to say they aren’t without their tech issues. What tech isn’t? There are a few … Read more

Kasa Smart Plug Keeps Disconnecting From Alexa (How To Fix)

A Kasa smart plug showing as device unreachable within the Alexa app

A smart plug allows you to bring old school electric devices into the 21st century. However, they’re nothing more than a power adapter if you can’t get them connected to your favorite smart home app. You can keep your Kasa smart plug connected to Alexa by first ensuring that the Wi-Fi network is on 2.4 … Read more

Kasa Smart Device Has “Unreachable” Error: 11 Easy Fixes

Kasa app showing a Device Unreachable error

Kasa devices are a great way to supplement your current smart home system. However, what do you do when these devices, or the Kasa app itself, start to struggle with connection problems? If your Kasa device has an “unreachable” error, that means that the app, the device, or your Wi-Fi network or having trouble getting … Read more

Why Does My Smart Plug Turn Off By Itself?

Philips Hue smart plug unboxed - but not yet plugged in

Smart plugs have limitless potential for getting your smart home fully integrated. These plugs can instantly transform any device into a smart device with some basic features. With that said, there are a few problems that these devices face. Smart plugs are pretty simple when it comes down to it. They interface between the wall and … Read more