Does Ecobee Have An Outdoor Temperature Sensor?

Does Ecobee Have An Outdoor Temperature Sensor

For over 15 years, Ecobee’s energy-effecient products have helped many save money with their innovative smart thermostats, which utilize indoor temperature sensors. But some may wonder; does Ecobee have outdoor temperature sensors?  When it comes to outdoor temperature sensors, unfortunately, Ecobee does not have an outdoor sensor. There may, however, be ways to work around … Read more

How Many Ecobee Thermostats Do I Need?

How Many Ecobee Thermostats Do I Need

If you’ve got a big home with multiple floors or a wide, open layout, chances are that one Ecobee thermostat won’t cut it. That’s because one unit won’t offer enough control over your entire HVAC system, and you’ll probably end up wasting energy. So how many Ecobee Thermostats Do You Need? The number of Ecobee … Read more

Ecobee’s Smart Thermostat Humidity Guide: All You Need To Know

An ecobee room sensor

The ecobee smart thermostat is one of the leading choices when it comes to bringing some elegance to your HVAC system. This smart thermostat comes packed with features that handle everything from learning your daily routine to nuanced scheduling options. On the top of every homeowner’s mind is humidity. Not only is this about comfort, … Read more

Smart Radiator Valves: Worth It? Or Just A Gimmick?

A standard (non smart) terrier thermostatic radiator valve fitted to a radiator in my house.

A single-zone smart thermostat can either put the whole house’s heating on, or off. It can’t control individual rooms (well, not without automatic dampers – which are rarely fitted in residential homes). In my opinion, this is one of the many flaws of smart thermostats. But what about smart radiator valves? Can these swoop in … Read more

Nest Thermostats and Underfloor Heating: Latest Info Guide

Two Google Nest thermostats in store, the Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen and Thermostat E.

Underfloor heating provides soft, gentle heating from underfoot throughout the day, giving a nice, natural feel to a house’s heating provision. This is especially compared to an occasional blast of warm air (or heat from a wall-mounted radiator) that many houses provide. So I wanted to explore how well the Nest Learning Thermostat range and … Read more

Help: My Fan Keeps Running With Ecobee! How To Turn It Off?

An Ecobee smart thermostat displaying the current weather

Ecobee makes one of the best smart home thermostats on the market. It comes fully ready to work with both Alexa and HomeKit. It also comes with all the features you’d expect from a modern smart thermostat.  Even with all these features, many users have been struggling to get their HVAC fans under control when … Read more

Why Is My ecobee Blowing Hot (Or Cold?!) Air? (How to Fix!)

A marketing image of the 2019 ecobee SmartThermostat black model with the temperature being displayed on screen.

The ecobee range offers various smart thermostats that are some of the most popular choices for today’s smart home. ecobee works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Homekit as well as a few other systems. Normally, you can rely on your ecobee thermostat to keep your home’s temperature right where you need it. However, there are … Read more

ecobee’s “Frost Control” Feature (& Does It Work Properly?)

Cleaning water condensation off a window

Frost control as a function isn’t unique to the ecobee smart thermostat. In fact, many old-fashioned thermostats and HVAC systems have their own versions of frost control. This setting is part of the overall attempt to wrest with relative indoor humidity. We humans have become picky creatures when it comes to climate. While we have … Read more