New Video – Had A Baby? How Smart Home Tech Can Help! (My Top 8 Features)

YouTube thumbnail for my video covering how smart home tech can help after having a baby.

When you find out that you’re going to be a parent, thinking about smart technology around you home probably isn’t top of your priority list. However smart devices can be really helpful, so I wanted to cover my favorite 8 features that I’ve found useful since becoming a dad. Feel free to jump to specific … Read more

New Video – Amazon Alexa – All Ring Doorbell Sounds

YouTube thumbnail snippet for my 'Ring Doorbell - All Alexa Sounds' video, showing me talking and the Alexa app.

You can use your Echo (and Fire TV) devices as a doorbell for your Ring devices. There are currently 26 different doorbell sounds you can play via Alexa when someone presses your Ring doorbell. Some are standard doorbell sounds, whilst others are seasonal ones: The timestamps for each Alexa doorbell sound are: 0:52 – Default … Read more

New Video – Ring Doorbell & Camera Zoom: Is It Any Good?

YouTube thumbnail for my video covering zooming in Ring video captures (for Ring cameras and doorbells).

Ring doorbells and cameras record in full HD (1080p), apart from the original Doorbell 1 (which is 720p). Whilst this captures a good level of detail, they don’t contain a telephoto ‘zoom’ lens, however, so you’re always going to be a bit limited in terms of what detail you can pull out of small, far … Read more

New Video – Ring Doorbell Chime & Chime Pro: All Chime Sounds

YouTube video thumbnail showing a Ring Chime Pro and the Ring app showing the different Ring Chime sounds.

The Ring Doorbell can work with a separate Chime device which plugs into your wall socket and works over WiFi, playing a doorbell sound whenever someone presses your Ring Doorbell. What some people don’t know, however, is that you can customize the sound that gets played on your Chime so I wanted to shoot this … Read more

New Video – Grr! Alexa/Echo Gives Wrong Weather: How To Fix This!

YouTube thumbnail for my 'fix Alexa weather forecast' video.

I love most of the features that Echo provides… apart from the weather forecasting, that is. That’s because I moved house a few years ago, but it still gives me the weather forecast for my old town. Also, Alexa uses AccuWeather which – despite its name – isn’t always the most accurate. As a result, … Read more

New Video – 1 Month’s Night-time Cat Captures (From My Ring Doorbell)

YouTube thumbnail showing four different cats captured by my Ring Doorbell

Our neighborhood has quite a few outdoor cats that come out at night. Most of the time they just walk around, but sometimes they chase each other… or lick themselves! So I rounded up a month’s worth of footage of the local cats, captured by my Ring Doorbell Pro: I’ve included every single cat clip … Read more

New Video – 15 Relaxing Google Home Sleep Sounds (Free, No Subscription Required)

A Google Nest Mini on top of a fox cushion.

I am a big fan of using white noise and relaxation noises as a sleep aid, and so I wanted to shoot a quick video to showcase the 15 different commands you can issue to Google Home to play sleep sounds (without any separate subscription or installing a third party skill): Video Transcript Hey YouTube, … Read more

New Video – Introducing Amazon Echo: Firefly Edition (Meme)

A Firefly edition version of the 'Introducing Amazon Echo' meme, showing 'echo' crossed out and replaced with the 'firefly' logo.

I recently came across the ‘Introducing Amazon Echo’ meme on YouTube, and I noticed that none had been created for Firefly – my favourite TV show which was cancelled (too soon…) by Fox. Hence I created I light-hearted Firefly edition for this Amazon Echo meme, using voiceovers mainly from the Firefly TV show, but also … Read more

New Video – 5 ANNOYING Hue & Alexa Integration Issues (& How To Fix Them)

YouTube thumbnail for my 'Hue and Alexa integration issue' video, showing me looking annoyed in-front of an Echo and Hue bulb.

Whilst I like controlling my Hue smart lights through Alexa, there are some annoying integration issues between the two, which I explore in more detail in my new YouTube video: The timestamps of each issue in the video is: Video Transcript Hey YouTube, it’s Tristan from Smart Home Point here. I recently got Hue lighting … Read more

New Video – How To Stop Your Ring Cameras From Recording: 6 Simple Solutions

YouTube thumbnail for my 'Stop Ring recording' video

To go alongside my ‘How To Stop Your Ring Cameras From Recording‘ text guide, I have just finished recording a video guide for it too: (no Ring cameras were hurt in the filming of this video!) The six approaches are: Video Transcript Hey YouTube, it’s Tristan from Smart Home Point. Ring cameras and Ring doorbells … Read more