Can You Screen Mirror To Your Amazon Echo Show?

The Echo Show has proved useful time and again, and in so many ways. It’s a step up from the classic Echo Dot as well as other versions of the Echo. This is because the Show’s screen adds a world of possibilities for controlling the modern smart home. Of course, you can watch videos on your Echo Show, but what about videos from your phone or other smart devices as well?

Some have wondered whether screen mirroring is another check on the list of the great things the Amazon Echo Show can do. So is screen mirroring with your Echo possible? Or will you need to explore other options?

The general answer is ‘no… you can’t really screen mirror on the Show’, but let’s back up and recap what sets the Echo Show apart from other Echos in the range.

What is Amazon’s Echo Show?

The box of my Echo Show 8
The box of my Echo Show 8

Amazon has an extensive line of Echo devices. Part of this line of devices is the Amazon Echo Show. The Echo Show takes all the functionality of other Echos – but with the added benefit of a screen.

The Echo Show comes in a few different versions, each named after the size of its screen. For example, there’s the Echo Show 5, with a 5.5-inch screen, the Echo Show 8, with an 8-inch screen, and the Echo Show 10 with a 10.1-inch screen. One of the newest Echo Shows to grace the scene is the Echo Show 15, which boasts a laptop-rivalling 15.6-inch screen.

The Echo Show is a popular choice among smart home users. Even if they have multiple Echos, at least one (or two!) is often an Echo Show. Why? The Show’s screen gives it capabilities that many smart home owners find useful.

For example, there’s the option of Live View which supports a majority of smart home camera brands, along with watching cooking videos right in your kitchen as you cook. They’re also great for catching up on the News as you go about your morning routine. There are even activities to keep the little ones occupied!

The Echo Show is indeed a useful tool for a variety of purposes. But what if you want to use your smartphone or tablet with your Echo Show, and make use of screen mirroring? First off, what is screen mirroring – and can your Echo do this?

What is Screen Mirroring? Why is it Useful?

Screen mirroring is when you view the contents of one smart device’s screen, on another smart device’s screen, exactly as it appears on the source screen. So in a sense, the two screens come to “mirror” each other.

This is a common practice when it comes to using a smartphone, tablet, or iPad as the source. Smart TVs and computers are the most common devices that people screen mirror to.  But screen mirroring can also work from one phone to another, or even to a tablet.

Screen Mirroring Option in iPad Menu
Screen Mirroring Option in iPad Menu

Screen mirroring can be useful if you’re trying to watch something on your phone, but want to see it on a bigger screen. This is a great option if you don’t want to open the application you’re using on a different device and any the hassle that may involve.

This can also help if you’re using an app that’s specifically used only on one platform (i.e. Android, iOs, etc) and can’t be opened on another. For example, if you’re using an app that only works on a smartphone, but you want to see it on a bigger screen, such as your smart TV.

This can also be helpful if you’re watching something on one device, and you don’t want to open it again on another device. Perhaps you’re worried about losing the spot you left off at in your show or video.

Another popular option related to screen mirroring, is casting. Casting is usually available within select apps and allows a show, movie, or even music, to be cast, or projected onto a different device. You can use this feature when the casting symbol is present in an app or video.

Where to select device to play in Amazon Music app
Casting symbol in the Amazon Music app

To that end, some may want to use screen mirroring or casting from their phones or tablets to their Echo Show – especially if you want to see your videos on the big, beautiful screen of the Echo Show 15!

But is this possible? If so, how?

Does the Echo Show Support Screen Mirroring?

The Echo Show supports many things – but screen mirroring is, unfortunately, not one of them. Screen mirroring and using a second screen are features only available on Fire Tablets. The closest you can get to screen mirroring would be casting. But even this only works with certain apps.

For example, you can use it with YouTube, but not streaming services such as Netflix or Disney +. You can also use casting to stream music to your Echo from the Amazon Music app. You’d simply select the casting icon, then choose which device you’d like to cast music to.

Select Device to Play in Amazon Music app
Select Device to Play in Amazon Music app

Some people have reported success with getting their Echo Show to screen mirror YouTube from their smartphone. This method includes a series of steps that involve signing into YouTube first on your smartphone, then via your Echo’s web browser. After that, you’re supposed to navigate to Settings where you’re supposed to input a code that will link your phone and your Echo Show. 

However, after many have actually tried this out, this method appears to be outdated and has not proved to be a viable option. Perhaps at one time this was an option, but with upgrades to both YouTube and Amazon’s software, this is no longer the case for most users.

Since screen mirroring to your Echo isn’t really possible, what other screen-sharing options could you explore?

Alternatives to Screen Mirroring to Your Echo Show

So now you’re faced with a dilemma – you still want to see the content from your phone or tablet on your Echo Show, or a bigger screen at least. Since screen mirroring just isn’t possible with the Echo Show, fortunately, there are other options you can consider.

Using Echo Show’s Browser

Let’s say you want to watch YouTube on your Echo, instead of your smartphone. Instead of trying to screen mirror from your smartphone, you can simply open up YouTube on your Echo. Start by saying, “Alexa, go to YouTube.” She’ll then open up Amazon’s Silk web browser, and navigate to YouTube.

YouTube open on Echos Amazon Silk Browser
YouTube open on Echo’s Amazon Silk Browser

From there you can watch any YouTube video, and even sign in to your account for a more personalized experience.

Smart View

Another option you can make use of is a feature called Smart View. This is the screen mirroring feature available with most Samsung phones and smart TVs. Using this option, you’ll be able to see your smart device’s content on another screen such as smart TVs, and compatible tablets.

To use Smart View, you’ll simply select the icon on your smartphone.

Smart View Option on Samsung smartphone
Smart View Option on Samsung smartphone

Then you can select a device from the list of available devices that shows up.

SmartView Screen in Samsung smartphone
SmartView Screen in Samsung smartphone

In order to use Smart View, you’ll either need to cast to a Samsung Smart TV or use a Chromecast for a non-Samsung smart TV. The Chromecast is needed in order to give the phone a channel by which to display its contents.

Google Chromecast

Connecting a Google Chromecast to the back of a TV
Connecting a Google Chromecast to the back of a TV

Speaking of Chromecast, this is a helpful device for casting content from one smart device to another.

The Chromecast is a small device made by Google that allows you to cast the content from your smartphone or tablet, to your television. You simply plug this helpful little device into your smart TV’s HDMI input, and use that channel for all of your casting needs. Some newer smart TVs even come with the Chromecast built-in!

Anytime you see the casting symbol on a video or app screen, you can tap that, then choose from among the available devices to cast to, such as your smart TV.

iOS Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring is also available on iMacs, iPads, and iPhones. These devices also use AirPlay, which you can use to view content interchangeably between different iOS/Apple devices.

This option is particularly useful if all, or a majority of your smart home devices are made by Apple. This method is also compatible with the Apple TV. The following YouTube video by Shane Whatley sums up the different Apple TV approaches:

Viewing On The Big Screen

The Amazon Echo Show is a useful tool for the smart home. Screen mirroring is helpful for a variety of functions and applications. Put together, they could be great – if only they were compatible. The Echo Show, though it’s a smart device with a screen, doesn’t support screen mirroring. It does support casting, but only for a limited amount of apps.

Fortunately, there are other options. Whether you decide to cast Amazon Music, use the Echo Show directly, or use an alternative method, you can still get to see what you want, how you want to.

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