Does Ecobee Have An Outdoor Temperature Sensor?

For over 15 years, Ecobee’s energy-effecient products have helped many save money with their innovative smart thermostats, which utilize indoor temperature sensors. But some may wonder; does Ecobee have outdoor temperature sensors? 

When it comes to outdoor temperature sensors, unfortunately, Ecobee does not have an outdoor sensor. There may, however, be ways to work around this. Let’s dive right in and take a closer look. 

Key Points

  • Ecobee does not have an outdoor sensor.
  • Company’s sensors are manufactured for indoor use only.
  • Ecobee devices establish a connection to local weather stations through your home’s Wi-Fi network to give you the most accurate weather information for you area.

Does Ecobee Actually Have an Outdoor Temperature Sensor?

Ecobee devices use your home’s Wi-Fi
Ecobee devices use your home’s Wi-Fi

As I mentioned in the introduction, no, Ecobee unfortunately does not have an outdoor sensor. It is important to note that the company’s sensors are manufactured for indoor use only, and no separate outdoor sensors are available. 

Ecobee devices use your home’s Wi-Fi to connect to local weather stations. The internet access then provides them with the data they need to give you the most accurate weather information for you area. Your Ecobee thermostat, in turn, uses this data to determine the best way to modulate the temperature inside your home.

Being that a smart thermostat obviously can’t control the temperature outdoors, Ecobee most likely didn’t see a reason to create outdoor temperature sensors. Local weather data and sensors inside the home are usually sufficient enough to create a comfortable, energy efficient environment. It isn’t impossible, however, that they may add outdoor sensors to their product line in the future.

How Do Ecobee Smart Thermostats Work?


Ecobee smart thermostats have indoor temperature sensors built-in. You can also purchase SmartSensors, Ecobee’s standalone indoor temperature sensors to work along with your Ecobe thermostat.

These sensors work by sensing the temperature wherever you place them around your home. The smart thermostat can also use weather reports to sense the temperature outside, further customizing your perfect temperature

No monthly subscription is needed to use your smart thermostats, and it can work even if the Wi-Fi goes out. Wi-Fi is needed for initial set-up, however.

You also won’t be able to change the temperature on your smart thermostat if you’re not home until an internet connection is re-established. 

Ecobee’s smart thermostats can even learn trends, i.e. the temperatures you usually set at specific times. They can even make use of geofencing, which is essentially your thermostats setting the temperature depending on your location.

For example, in the winter, it can warm up the house as you arrive home, or it can change the temperature to one that’s cooler when you leave, since you won’t be home.

Now as convenient as it is to have temperature sensors inside your home – what about outside? Since Ecobee doesn’t make outdoor temperature sensors, let’s look at ways to use outside temperature to create the perfect indoor temperature.

Can You Determine The Exact Outdoor Temperature With Ecobee?

So now, what if you want a temperature sensor outdoors too? This way, you can get the most accurate temperatures around the outside of your home.

Since Ecobee doesn’t offer an outdoor temperature sensor, here are some alternatives to explore. 

Separate Outdoor Sensor

Smart home hub
Smart home hub

One of the first options you can explore is purchasing a separate outdoor temperature sensor. There are a variety available through online retailers such as

You can link these to your Ecobee sensors using a smart home hub. Hubs such as Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Home can be used to link the devices, by adding both your Ecobee thermostats and your outdoor sensors to the hub.

From there, you can create automations that use the outdoor temperature to start or stop your heating/cooling systems. 

Smart Home Automations

Instead of purchasing an outdoor temperature sensor, many have used systems like IFTTT and Alexa’s Routines to create automations based on outdoor temperatures.

Since Ecobee uses indoor readings to regulate temperatures, these automations allow you to use the outdoor temperatures to adjust your indoor temperatures as well. 

You’d simply create a routine that starts when your hub’s weather function detects a certain temperature outside, then the smart thermostat would be triggered to set your home to a certain temperature.

Indoor Sensor Placement

In the quest for getting the most accurate outdoor temperature, placing an indoor sensor outdoors definitely won’t work. They’re not weatherproof and will get damaged very easily. Some, however, have found success placing their temperature sensors in rooms that reflect the temperature outside. Basements and attics are two popular options.

Attics especially are rarely used except for storage, so any kind of air conditioning or heating usually doesn’t exist up there.

Placing your indoor sensor in the attic helps you get a more accurate outdoor temperature reading, without risking damage to your device.

You can also try placing it right against a window, which will also give a more accurate determination of outside temperature, no matter what time of year it is. 

Finding The Right Temperature 

Ecobee smart thermostats and their sensors are a great addition to the modern smart home. They help your home to be more energy efficient – and comfortable!

As a bonus, you can control your home’s temperature from anywhere. But what if you want to know your outdoor temperatures as well? You have a few options that you can explore.

You can use smart home automations, an outdoor sensor from another manufacturer, or even change the placement of your indoor sensor to a room that reflects the temperature outside.

All of these are viable options for creating the best home environment, with the right temperature. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does ecobee detect outside temperature?

Ecobee cannot detect outside temperatures because it does not have an outdoor temperature sensor. However, it connects to the Wi-Fi to harness data from weather stations and incorporates the data to obtain a specific temperature for your exact location. 

Are Ecobee temperature sensors accurate?

Yes, the Ecobee temperature sensors are incredibly accurate. Every Ecobee sensor has a +/- 1.0F accuracy, and provides users with a reading every 15 seconds. 

What is the best version of Ecobee?

The best version of Ecobee is the Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium. The Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium is priced at $249.99, and is the most functional and aesthetically pleasing version of the Ecobee thermostat.


Ecobee is one of the best thermostat manufacturers available out there, even though it doesn’t have an outdoor temperature sensor!

In this article, we walked you through an explanation of why the company hasn’t created an outdoor temperature sensor, as well as ways to work around the problem. We hope it helped!

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