Why My Eufy Camera Keeps Making Clicking Noises

Clicking noises from your Eufy camera have got you worried? While it could just be because of some regular functions, it can also be concerning at times. So, how do you differentiate or resolve potential issues? Read on as I walk you through the possible reasons behind this clicking sound and ways to fix it.

Key Points

  • Eufy cameras click during regular functions like mode transitions, temperature-related adjustments, and IR filter activation.
  • Minimize clicking by fine-tuning camera settings, updating firmware, and ensuring regular maintenance.
  • Normal clicking indicates environmental response for optimal video quality.
  • Excessive or loud clicking may be problematic. Contact Eufy support to check for potential issues.

Why Your Eufy Camera Makes Clicking Noise

Your Eufy camera may make clicking noises when switching between day and night vision, adjusting focus, turning on the infrared (IR) filter or parts inside the camera expand or shrink with temperature change.

These sounds are typically normal and show that the camera is working. But if it’s happening too much or too frequently, you might want to get it checked for potential issues.

Eufy Camera Makes Clicking Noise
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Detailed View of Possible Reasons Behind Eufy Camera Making Clicking Noises

Let’s explore all possible reasons in detail why your Eufy camera may make clicking noises.

1. Mode Transition

Eufy cameras have two primary modes: day mode for well-lit environments and night mode for low-light or dark conditions.

When transitioning between these modes, internal mechanical components, like shutters or filters, shift position to optimize image quality. This movement is what produces the audible click. It’s a standard operational sound that indicates the camera is actively adapting to changing light levels to maintain clear visuals.

2. Temperature Fluctuations

The camera’s internal components, made of materials like metal and plastic, are sensitive to temperature changes in their environment.

As the ambient temperature rises or drops, these materials could expand or contract slightly. This subtle physical change can cause a clicking noise, signaling that the camera’s parts are adjusting to temperature variations. This clicking is a typical physical response and doesn’t usually indicate any malfunction.

Temperature Fluctuations

2. Focus and Zoom

Most Eufy security cameras are equipped with auto-focus and auto-zoom capabilities to ensure that the captured images and videos are always clear and sharp.

When the camera automatically changes its focus or zoom, say in response to a moving object or a change in the scene, the mechanical parts responsible for adjusting the lens move. This movement can produce a clicking sound, which is simply a part of the camera’s process to adjust the lens for optimal image quality.

Infrared (IR) Cut Filter Movement

The IR cut filter in a camera plays a crucial role in maintaining image quality. During daylight, this filter blocks infrared light to prevent image distortion. In low-light conditions, the filter moves aside to allow infrared light, enhancing night vision capabilities.

This movement of the IR cut filter, especially noticeable during transition periods like dusk and dawn, causes a clicking noise. It’s simply an indicator that the camera is switching to or from night vision mode, preparing itself to capture clear footage regardless of the ambient light conditions.

How to Prevent Eufy Camera Clicking Noise

To prevent Eufy camera clicking sounds, adjust settings like night vision and motion sensitivity. Modify the camera’s environment to minimize triggers. Regularly update the firmware and perform routine maintenance of the camera. If issues persist, contact Eufy support for professional assistance.

1. Adjusting Camera Settings

Often, the clicking sound can be reduced by tweaking certain camera settings. For instance, adjusting the night vision settings can minimize the frequency of mode switching, thereby reducing clicking. Similarly, altering motion sensitivity may prevent the camera from frequently activating and making noise.

To adjust Eufy camera settings to reduce clicking noise:

  1. Open the eufySecurity app.
  2. Navigate to Camera Settings > Motion Detection.
  3. Select the Motion Test Mode option from the bottom of the screen.
  4. Under Detection sensitivity, move the slider towards Low or High, depending on your preferred degree of motion sensitivity. I suggest standing in front of the camera and testing out different levels of sensitivity to find the sweet spot.
Adjusting Camera Settings
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Note: This only works for eufyCam, eufy SoloCam, and eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro.

2. Environmental Modifications

The camera’s environment can trigger clicking noises, especially if it’s sensitive to light changes or movement. By modifying the environment, you can reduce these triggers.

  1. Observe the environment around the camera. Identify any elements that might trigger the camera unnecessarily, like fluctuating light sources.
  2. Reposition the camera away from direct light sources, reflective surfaces, or high-traffic areas. Make sure it’s not facing unstable light sources like televisions or frequently opened doors.
Environmental Modifications
  1. After repositioning, observe the camera over a period to check if there’s a decrease in clicking noises.

3. Firmware Updates

Manufacturers often release firmware updates that can resolve known issues, including excessive clicking.

  1. Open the Eufy camera app and navigate to the settings of the camera in question (typically done by tapping the three dots on the right side of the device name > gear icon.
  2. Tap General > About Device.
  3. Finally, select the Check for Firmware Update option at the bottom and let it look for available updates.
Firmware Updates
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  1. If an update is available, make sure your camera is connected to Wi-Fi and start the download. Wait for the update to install completely without interrupting the process.
firmware update available
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  1. After the update, restart the camera and monitor it to see if the clicking issue has been resolved.

4. Physical Inspection and Maintenance

Sometimes, clicking noises can be due to loose or malfunctioning parts within the camera. To prevent this:

  1. Carefully examine the camera for any loose parts or visible damage. Check screws, mounts, and casing.
  2. Gently clean the lens and body of the camera using appropriate cleaning tools, ensuring not disturb any sensitive components.
  3. If any parts are loose, carefully tighten them. Ensure the camera is securely mounted and stable.
Physical Inspection and Maintenance

Note: It is best not to interfere too much with the camera or with any internal parts at all unless you are a professional as it can potentially mess up your camera. I advise hiring someone professional for the same.

5. Professional Support

If you’ve tried the above steps and the clicking noise persists, it may be time to seek professional help.

  1. Before contacting support, note down your camera model, the issue details, and what steps you’ve already taken.
  2. Reach out to Eufy support through their official website, customer service email, or hotline.
  3. Provide the customer support representative with all necessary information. Follow any additional troubleshooting steps they suggest. If recommended, send the camera for professional repair or consider a replacement.

Is It Possible to Completely Stop the Clicking Noise?

Completely eliminating the clicking noise in a Eufy camera can be difficult, as this sound is typically an inherent part of the camera’s functionality. 

This clicking is designed to be a subtle indication that the camera is actively responding to changes in the environment, ensuring optimal video quality under varying light conditions. It’s a sign that the camera’s sensors and mechanical parts are functioning as intended to provide continuous surveillance, especially critical during low-light conditions when security risks can be higher.

However, if the clicking noise is excessively loud, frequent, or seems to be out of the ordinary, it might indicate a potential issue that could require further investigation or intervention.

In such cases, consulting the user manual for troubleshooting tips or reaching out to Eufy’s customer support would be the best course of action. They can provide insights into whether the sound is typical for your specific model or if it suggests a malfunction that needs addressing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be concerned about the clicking noise affecting my Eufy camera’s performance?

No, generally, the clicking noise doesn’t affect your Eufy camera’s performance. It’s a normal sound during mode changes or focus adjustments. However, if the clicking is excessive or unusual, it’s worth checking settings or consulting customer support.

What is disarmed mode on the EUFY camera?

Disarmed mode on a Eufy camera turns off all monitoring and recording functions. In this mode, the camera won’t detect motion or record video, making it useful for ensuring privacy when you’re home.

How do I change the sound on my Eufy camera?

To change the sound on your Eufy camera, access the camera settings in the Eufy Security app. Navigate to the audio settings, where you can adjust the volume, change alert tones, or customize sound settings as per your preference.

What is Eufy’s silent mode?

Eufy’s silent mode disables the camera’s audio notifications and alarms. When activated, you won’t hear any sound alerts from the camera, but it will continue to record and send notifications to your phone. This mode is ideal for times when you need a quieter environment.

Eufy Camera Clicking Noise in a Nutshell

To sum it all up, these clicks are usually just the camera doing its job, adjusting to light or motion changes. But if the clicking gets too much, tweaking the settings, updating the firmware, or changing the camera’s environment can really help. I hope you find the above-mentioned tips as useful as I did.

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