My Eufy Camera Keeps Sending Notifications (For The Same Thing)

If you own a Eufy camera, you probably know how useful and convenient it is around your home. This camera can monitor your property and send you alerts when it detects sound, motion, or other events.

However, sometimes, you may face a problem: your Eufy camera keeps sending you notifications for the same thing repeatedly.

To say the least, this can be frustrating, especially if you have multiple cameras in your home. If you have tried fixing the issues, but nothing seems to make a difference, then you have come to the right place.

Key Points

  • Particular settings, incorrect configurations of the Eufy App, network issues, low battery, and system errors can cause the camera to keep sending notifications for the same thing.
  • If you are experiencing such problems, reconfigure motion detection settings and keep an eye on the camera’s power supply.
  • If the issue persists, reposition the camera to a favorable location and ensure the internet connection is solid.
  • We recommend resetting your Eufy camera as a last resort.

In this article, we will explain why this problem may be happening and show you some of the things that you can try to fix.

Why Your Eufy Camera Keeps Sending Notifications (For the Same Thing)

Eufy Camera Keeps Sending Notifications

There are several possible reasons why your Eufy camera keeps sending you notifications for the same thing. It could be due to weak network connectivity, triggers from the camera’s motion detection, or simply due to camera malfunction.

Let’s now take a look at the various scenarios by which Eufy Camera Keeps Sending Notification:

1. Network Connection

Internet connectivity, believe it or not, can be a cause for your Eufy camera sending notifications back to back. The camera normally connects to the internet via cellular data or Wi-Fi to get updates and send data back to the cloud.

But once in a while, your network may be unreliable because of different factors like weather conditions, other devices’ interference, router distance, etc.

This may cause syncing issues between the camera and your phone, making you get repeated notifications.

2. Motion Detection

The motion detection feature on your camera triggers or sends notifications to your phone whenever something is in its field of view. Sometimes, the feature may be inaccurate or too sensitive, leading to false notifications.

Also, when you install your camera outdoors and you are doing some tasks outside, such as gardening, it will continue triggering recording and sending you notifications.

3. Camera Malfunction

Of course, bugs, errors, and glitches in the system do not only produce false detections but could also lead to incorrect or duplicate notifications.

4. Battery Level

The Eufy cameras feature inbuilt batteries that power the sensors. When the batteries become depleted, the performance of your camera will also decrease.

As a result, the camera may have issues detecting sound or motion in low-light conditions or when there are interferences. When this happens, your camera will continue sending redundant notifications to your phone unless you fix the situation.

Eufy Camera Keeps Sending Notifications (For The Same Thing): 10 Ways To Fix This

Depending on the various reasons that may cause your Eufy camera to keep sending notifications for the same thing, there are different solutions that you can apply to fix the issue. Let’s get to them.

1. Adjust Motion Detection Settings

Eufy camera has motion detection features that trigger and send notifications to your phone when it detects any movement in its field of view.

The Eufy Security App, on the other hand, allows you to customize the different camera features to your liking. This includes the sensitivity levels, the motion zones, and the notification preferences.

You can find these controls under Motion Detection, which is under Sensor settings in the Eufy App’s Settings menu.

Adjust Motion Detection Settings

Sometimes, the motion detection feature could be too high, too sensitive, or inaccurate, which may result in duplicate alerts or false alarms.

In such instances, you can choose the Low Sensitivity Mode to make the camera less responsive and less prone to sending false alerts. Just ensure you don’t adjust the levels too low; otherwise, you may miss recordings.

detection sensitivity

2. Check the Battery Level

Eufy cameras have a built-in battery that powers its features and sensors. However, as we mentioned earlier, if the battery gets depleted, the performance, accuracy, and efficiency of your camera may also drastically reduce.

You can confirm the battery level of each camera in the EufySecurity App by clicking on the settings and selecting Power Manager. The battery power left for each camera is shown under the detection statistics.

power manager

Ensure none of your cameras have less than 20% battery power left. If that is the case, then consider recharging or replacing the batteries with new ones. If the batteries are not removable, simply disable the sensor temporarily and turn it on after a while.

3. Update Eufy Camera

Just like other security cameras, the Eufy camera uses software programs to detect motions, perform auto features, or send notifications. So, if you have not made updates to your software program, you might start experiencing notification issues and glitch problems.

The manufacturer usually releases updates that help improve the functionality of the camera. Normally, the camera installs the updates whenever it is connected to a stable internet. But you can still check for your Eufy camera software version manually.

To do this, open the Euffy App and click the three dots on the device tab. Then, click on the settings gear and tap Settings.

Euffy App

Original photo

Next, select General and click About Device to access the System Version.

image 5

4. Update Eufy Security App

Of course, ensuring the Eufy camera is up-to-date isn’t complete without updating the Eufy Security App. Installing the latest version of the application will remove the bugs and errors that are causing the issues and improve the camera’s overall performance.

Updating the Eufy App is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is go to the App Store on iOS or Play Store on Android devices and search Eufy Security. From there, select the official Eufy App icon; if an update is available, click on the Update button.

Update Eufy Security App

5. Force Stop Eufy App

Another fix you can try when the camera keeps sending notifications is to force stop the EufySecurity App and clear its cache. Doing this will not only refresh the app and restore its functionality but it also removes corrupted files that might have bugs.

To force stop the app and clear the cache, open your phone settings and click on Apps. Find the Eufy Security App, and tap it.

eufy security

From there, go to App details/info and select Force Stop.

force stop

After that, go to Storage and tap Clear Cache. Once done, confirm if the issue is fixed.

clear cache from eufy security

6. Disable App Run In Background

The Eufy app will continue sending notifications to you if it is running in the background on your device or phone. Therefore, double-check that you have not allowed it to run behind the background.

A good way to do this is to pop into your settings and skim through the app section. Then, select the Eufy Security app and click on display over other apps. Next, toggle off the display/Appear on Top of over other apps to disable it.

appear on top

7. Reposition the Camera

Since Eufy cameras detect motion using thermal sensors, any drastic shift in environmental conditions in a particular area can trigger motion alerts. Therefore, you can adjust or change other parameters, such as detection angles and detection range, depending on where you place your camera.

Slightly adjusting the range and angle of your Eufy camera can help heaps when it comes to removing particular obstacles that cause false alerts.

8. Mute or Disable Notifications

In case you are doing some tasks outside, you can temporarily stop the camera recording and sending notifications during this time in three ways:

  • Disarm your camera in the security mode and set it to Away. Once you’re done, turn it back to Home mode.
  • Disable the Push Notifications in the Home Settings, and once done, turn it back on.
  • Open your Eufy Security App and tap the Snooze icon on the camera card to turn on its Snooze feature. This will mute any incoming notifications.

In some instances, you might need or prefer not to receive push notifications on your phone or device for any motion-triggered event.

Besides, if you share the camera with multiple users, you can disable the notifications just on the user’s device.

To do this on Android devices, open your phone settings and click notifications. Then, tap More and select Eufy Security App. Now click to disable the notifications.

show notification

For iOS Devices, select Settings and tap Eufy Security. Then, click notifications and select the Allow Notifications bar to disable it. You can always turn push notifications back on through your settings if you’d like.

9. Check Internet Connection

Make sure the internet is properly working and the Eufy camera is properly synced with the Eufy Security App.

Also, If the router doesn’t seem to work, you should power cycle it to remove all the errors and temporary glitches that might be causing network issues.

To power cycle your router, find the power adapter of your router and unplug it. Then, wait for about a minute, plug it back in, and connect it back to the camera.

10. Reset Eufy Camera

Since Eufy cameras are plugged in at all times and perform a good deal of functions daily, glitches, bugs, and errors are bound to crop up. At this point, a factory reset can help solve a lot of bugs in the hardware of the Eufy camera.

You should know that resetting delete­s all footage and data, so save or back up your files some­where else­ first.

For camera reset, pre­ss the sync button on the rear of the camera and hold it for about 10 seconds. When you hear a beep and see­ a flash from the blue LED light, then le­t go of the button. That’s it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get Less Eufy Notifications?

You can get less EUFY notifications by turning off the push notifications feature in the Eufy App. Simply go to the Home mode settings, set the security mode to Home mode, and disable the “Push Notification” button.

How Do You Delete Eufy Notifications?

You can delete EUFY notifications from your phone through the Eufy App. To do this, click on the Edit button in the upper right corner of the event page and select the events you want to delete. Then, click delete. You can also play any unwanted video; the delete button will appear under the page.

Why Is Eufy Camera Notifications Not Working?

EUFY camera notifications may not be working properly because your camera’s settings, such as motion detection sensitivity, notification sound volume, or notification display mode, are incorrect.
Therefore, ensure you configure sensitivity settings and turn on notifications both on the camera and the phone. You can even enable notifications for specific types of events for which you want alerts, such as sounds and motion detection.

How Do You Change Eufy Notification Settings?

To access, set, or change Eufy notifications, open your Eufy Security App and click on side Menu. Then, open Settings and tap “App Permissions”. Next, click on Notifications and toggle it either on to allow notifications or off to disable.

Bottom Line

There you have it! These are the possible solutions that will fix your Eufy camera that keeps sending notifications for the same thing.

It’s really up to your Eufy App settings, battery power, and software updates. Also, your camera’s position and keeping a stable internet connection are equally essential.

However, if none of the methods worked for your camera, consider contacting Eufy customer support; they can help you with further troubleshooting steps.

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