Are Eufy Cameras Compatible With Google Home?

Google Home promises to be this all-in-one app that works with 50,000+ devices, and Eufy promises to work with it. But I’ve seen so many users complain across forums about their Eufy cameras not working with Google Home. 

So, I tested it myself and wrote this guide to give you the full lowdown on Google Home and Eufy. And alas, the news isn’t great. But I’ve included some troubleshooting steps you can take and set the right expectations for what works with Eufy, Google Home, and Google Assistant. 

Key Points

  • Eufy cameras have limited capability with Google Home, as all the features don’t work. 
  • Live streaming and notifications do not work reliably with Google Home, but they do work with Google Assistant. 
  • You can use voice commands with GAssistant to view the cam footage on a compatible display. 
  • You can also build some automations and routines in GHome, but this is limited as well. 
  • For full control and a smooth experience, it’s best to use the eufySecurity app.

Are Eufy Cameras Fully Compatible with Google Home?

Eufy Cameras with Google Home

No, Eufy cameras have limited compatibility with the Google Home app. While Eufy devices can connect to Google Assistant for voice control, some features don’t work properly inside Google Home, such as live streaming. But you can still use GHome and GAssistant together to get the important functionality. 

In the next section, I’ll tell you how you can connect your Eufy cameras to Google Home which features work well and which don’t. Plus, I’ll provide some tips for troubleshooting any issues you may encounter.

Detailed Breakdown of Eufy Camera Compatibility with Google Home

1) Google Home vs Google Assistant

Google Home vs Google Assistant

It’s important to know the distinction between these two platforms. Google Home refers to Google’s smart home ecosystem, which includes its speakers, Nest displays, and the Home app on Android, which can control a range of compatible products. 

Unfortunately, since Eufy is not fully compatible with Google Home, so you’re going to face issues (like no live-streaming) when trying to use it from within the Home app. It works much better in the eufySecurity app

Google Assistant refers to the virtual voice assistant that resides on almost all Android phones, the one you activate by saying, “Hey, Google”. Eufy does integrate better with Assistant, including livestreams.

2) Adding Eufy Cameras in Google Home

Adding Eufy Cameras in Google Home

To take advantage of the integration, first you need to add your Eufy cameras to Google Home. This will also integrate it with Google Assistant (for voice commands). So do this:

  • Download and open the Google Home app on your phone.
  • Click on ‘Devices’ > ‘+’ icon > ‘Works With Google’. 
  • Now, search for Eufy and click on it. 
  • This will prompt you to the Eufy Security login page, where you can sign in with your credentials. 

It’ll automatically search and add all the devices linked to your Eufy account. You should see them pop up in the Devices section of the GHome app soon enough. 

3) Live Streaming Limitations in Google Home

The biggest gap in Eufy’s Google integration is the lack of live video streaming support within the Google Home app.

When you open the Home app and tap on your added Eufy cameras, you won’t see any live camera feed. It’ll just show you a few control options, like turning the camera ON/OFF remotely. This is true for almost all of Eufy’s camera models. 

However, you can still view the live stream through Google Assistant, as I’ll explain later. 

For now, the Home app has very limited control over your Eufy devices, and it’s probably best to stick to the eufySecurity app for all the advanced features that Anker provides. I do hope to see Eufy improve this in future updates, as they have mentioned this issue. 

4) Notification Support in Google Home App

While live streaming inside the Google Home app isn’t possible, Eufy devices can send some motion alerts and activity notifications. You can also use it to announce any alerts from a Google Nest device. 

This integration is also a bit troublesome, as I’ve seen users report it doesn’t always work. And sometimes they get double notifications; both from the eufySecurity app as well as Google Home. 

Tapping on the Google notification won’t let you see the actual recorded clip; you need to navigate into Eufy’s app to see it. So this one is a bit of a hit-and-miss, too. 

5) Voice Control Through Google Assistant

This is where Eufy’s integration works much better. 

You can use voice commands to control your cameras through Google Assistant. 

Once you’ve added your Eufy cameras in GHome, like in step 1, you also need to make sure to give them a distinct name. 

Each camera should have an easy, recognizable name like ‘Porch Camera,’ ‘Backyard Camera,’ ‘Living Room Cam,’ etc. Having confusing names or numbers will confuse the Assistant, too. 

Next, you can say things like: 

  • “Hey Google, show me the front door camera.”
  • “OK Google, show my [Camera Name].”
  • “Hey Google, turn off the floodlight on my backyard camera.”

So this way, you can actually view the live stream on any compatible display, like Nest Hub. Plus, you can also use voice commands to control the features of your cameras and turn them on and off as required. Definitely a handy feature. 

6) Creating Automations and Routines

Creating Automations and Routines

Another useful integration is the ability to create custom automations and routines using Eufy devices and Google Home together.

For example:

  • When the front doorbell detects a person, have your living room lights turned on and an announcement on your Google Home speaker.
  • When your outdoor camera detects motion at night, have it turn on your smart plug-connected porch lights.

You can use different Triggers based on your Eufy devices as well as other smart home devices you have to create these routines. 

Now these automations can also be hit-and-miss sometimes; they don’t always work correctly. It depends on the specific Eufy models you have, so see what works well for you. 

7) Troubleshooting Eufy Cameras with Google Home

If you face any issues after connecting your Eufy cameras to Google Home, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try: 

Can’t add Eufy in the Google Home app

  • Ensure your Eufy account credentials are correct while linking to the Google Home app. 
  • Check the internet connection on the phone and Eufy cameras
  • Force close and reopen the Google Home app
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Google Home app

Added Eufy camera not showing up

  • Check if the camera is online in the Eufy Security app
  • Reboot the camera and wait a few minutes
  • Remove the camera in Google Home and re-add it

Voice control not working for Eufy cameras

  • Make sure the cameras are visible inside Google Home.
  • Rename the cameras to short, distinct, easily identifiable names. 
  • Check if Google Assistant is able to recognize your voice. 
  • Relink Eufy with Google Home and reboot your device. 

Other issues

  • Make sure everything is updated and the latest firmware is installed. 
  • Check if each camera is added to the correct room in the GHome app. 
  • If the problem lies with one specific camera, try factory-resetting it or contact Eufy/Anker support for more help.

Important Notes on Eufy-Google Home Integration

Eufy’s Plans for Better Integration

Eufy has already acknowledged these limitations with the Google Home integration and has stated that it’s due to software restrictions imposed by Google. 

However, they are working on it and trying to include live streaming as well as other features so that you can control your Eufy cameras properly inside Google Home. 

Google Home App Preview

Google Home App Preview

You can join the Public Preview of the Google Home Beta app, which contains the latest features and updates, before being rolled out to the general audience. This way, you’ll be the first to have proper Google Home compatibility with Eufy cameras once it’s worked out. 

You can also share feedback based on your experience with this. I’ve seen a few Reddit users report that the live stream works, but it seems to be a mixed bag, with many saying it’s glitchy or freezes often, so your mileage may vary. 

Be sure to keep the Eufy camera firmware, the eufySecurity app, and Google Home Beta all updated to the latest versions. 

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Other Security Cameras That Work With Google Home

If you’re looking to purchase additional security cameras and are disappointed by Eufy’s limited integration with GHome, here are some other options to consider that have better compatibility:

Google Nest Cam Outdoor - 1st Generation - Weatherproof Camera - Surveillance Camera with Night Vision - Control with Your Phone

  • Nest Cameras – Made by Google, so they have full Home app support.
  • Arlo Cameras – Supports live streaming and offers robust Google Home integration.
  • Reolink Cameras – Support live streaming and also Google Assistant for voice control.
  • Wyze Cameras – Affordable cams with decent Home app integration.
  • TP-Link Tapo Cameras – Also integrate pretty well with live viewing in the Home app.

For Google Home purists, Nest would certainly be the way to go, especially if you’re using other Google smart devices, as it keeps everything under the same ecosystem.

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How do I enable facial recognition with Eufy cameras using Google Home?

You cannot enable Eufy’s facial recognition features directly through Google Home. Facial recognition functionality is only available in the eufySecurity app. So you’ll have to use that to add familiar faces and set up notifications accordingly. 

Do Eufy Video Doorbells work with Google Home?

Yes, Eufy video doorbells do work with Google Home, but with limited features. Like Eufy cameras, the doorbells will not reliably live stream in the GHome app, but you can use Google Assistant voice commands to see the live stream on a compatible display. 

Are there any privacy issues when linking Eufy with Google Home?

There are no major privacy issues when linking Eufy with Google Home. Since Eufy camera videos are stored locally on your HomeBase, Google does not have direct access to them. And all your data is encrypted on both ends by Eufy and Google. 


So, in short, Eufy cameras have a few limitations when connecting via Google Home. But Eufy is working on this integration to improve it, and hopefully, soon, you’ll be able to get a better experience. To take advantage of all the advanced AI features Eufy has, it’s best to use the native eufySecurity app. 

If you have any other questions about Eufy and Google Home, or if you know any tips, do share them below in the comments.

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