How To Fix Eufy Doorbell P2P Connection Failures

If you own a Eufy Doorbell, you may have faced an error message saying, “Unable to connect to video doorbell (P2P connection failure),”—and then it tries to establish a secure video channel but fails.

To help you actively solve the issues that could be troubling your system, we’re walking you through some of the most common causes of P2P connection failures and how to troubleshoot them!

Key Points

  • Your Eufy Doorbell uses a P2P connection to connect to the network and help upload and livestream videos.
  • When this connection fails, it indicates there’s no link between the doorbell and the Eufy Security App.
  • What may lead to such a scenario include network issues, wrong router settings, device malfunctions, and software bugs.

What Actually Causes Eufy Doorbell P2P Connection Failures?

What Actually Causes Eufy Doorbell P2P Connection Failures

Eufy Doorbell P2P connection failures occur because of network issues, device malfunctions, app bugs, or when you apply the wrong router settings.

Ah, such are the joys of smart living! From unexpected alerts to connection hiccups, there’s always something exciting to keep us on our toes. Don’t worry though! If you’re still interested, let’s break down some of the most common reasons for Eufy Doorbell P2P connection problems.

1. Network Issues

Network-related causes are the most common with Eufy Doorbell P2P connection failures, and they include:

  • Cellular Data Proble­ms: Are you using mobile data for the Eufy Se­curity App? If so, you may have a weak signal that could be causing your connection to fail.
  • Wi-Fi Issue­s or Overloaded Network: Maybe­ your Wi-Fi is slow, or perhaps many devices are connected to­ your network. Either issue may re­sult in video stre­aming and connection breakdowns. Plus, your interne­t company may also limit how much data you can use, which can slow your network speed.
  • Frequency inte­rference: This can me­ss with the video stream’s ste­adiness or the video’s quality, making the­ connection cut out.
  • Distance From the Router: When the doorbell is too far from the­ router, the signal gets we­ak—you won’t be able to establish a P2P connection!

2. Eufy App Bugs

The Eufy Security App may have bugs or experience glitches that might impact its functionality and performance. For instance, the app may be outdated, have a corrupted cache, or conflict with other apps on your phone.

3. Device Malfunctions

Sometimes, the doorbell may encounter software or hardware component malfunctions. As such, the P2P connection failures could be due to a faulty battery, corrupted firmware, a damaged camera, or a loose connection.

4. Router Settings

You may not know this, but how the Eufy Doorbell connects with your devices depends largely on the settings on your router. Some prominent router settings that could be causing the issue include:

  • Router Wi-Fi Frequency Settings: The Eufy video doorbells primarily support 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi frequency, which has a better range and more channels than the 5 GHz frequency. So, using the 5 GHz band may make the doorbell lose connection with the Eufy App.
  • Router Port Forwarding and UPnP Settings: If the UPnP feature is off or you haven’t configured the port forwarding option, the app may not connect to the doorbell.
  • Router Firewall or Security Settings: Most routers have security features or firewalls that restrict or block the P2P traffic between the app and the doorbell. This can prevent the app from accessing both the recorded or live videos.

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Eufy Doorbell P2P Connection Failures—How to Fix It

Now that we’ve set the causes of Eufy Doorbell P2P connection failure straight, it’s time to look into possible fixes.

1. Fix Your Network Connection

Fix Your Network Connection

The first thing to do is to check your inte­rnet connection; it needs to be­ fast and dependable. If you’ve got weak Wi-Fi or a poor cellular data network, your doorbell won’t be able to establish a stable connection. It may connect for a few minutes, then disconnect, and so on.

For those using a mobile­ network, test the stre­ngth of your phone’s signal by trying to run other apps. A weak or fluctuating signal might be­ the issue.  If the signal strength is low or unstable, maybe it’s your se­rvice provider or data plan that is causing the connection problems.

It is as simple as that, but in case you’re using Wi-Fi and you think it is slow, try a spe­ed test site or app to check your Wi-Fi speed. If the speed is too slow and the latency too high, you might want to upgrade your internet package to a higher bandwidth plan or lessen the­ number of gadgets connected to your network.

2. Move Your Router Closer to Eufy Doorbell

Still on the internet connection, you may be receiving the connection error because your router is too far away from the doorbell. We all know that Wi-Fi signals are stronger when the router is closer to your doorbell and weaker when placed far away.

If your Wi-Fi signal is weaker, then try relocating your doorbell or router closer to each other. Also, conside­r getting Wi-Fi extende­rs or boosters as they can broaden your signal’s re­ach and strengthen the conne­ction.

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3. Make Sure There Is No Signal Interference

As we­ said before, signal interference can affect the stability of the video stream and cause the connection to drop. Things like electronics, walls, or metal objects could be blocking the path of the signal.

If any such objects and devices are in the signal’s path, consider moving them to a different location. If this does not solve the issue, don’t worry; move to the next fix.

4. Change the Frequency Band of Your Router

Your Eufy Doorbell might not conne­ct to your Wi-Fi because it could be using a network band that’s not supported. You see, the­re are two kinds of network bands: the­ 5 GHz and the 2.4 GHz band. The Eufy doorbells only support the latter.

So, adding one plus one; if you set your router to the 5 GHz band, your Eufy doorbe­ll just won’t connect. You can resolve this problem by switching the frequency band on your router to a 2.4GHz band.

5. Check the Router Firewall Settings

Though this does not happen too often, sometimes your doorbell can not link up properly because­ your router’s firewall is blocking it. When this happe­ns, you will need to hop onto your router’s online­ interface and adjust the­ firewall settings.

You’ll have to disable the firewall setting to allow the P2P traffic to pass through. Simply log into your router as admin and go to security settings. You’ll be able to disable Firewall from here.

You can also add the Eufy Doorbell and the Eufy Security App to the exception list or whitelist. While at it, do not forget to turn off any proxies or VPN services, as they may interfere with your connection as well.

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6. Check if the Doorbell Has the Correct IP Address

Occasionally, when you set up or connect the wireless Eufy doorbell via LAN cable, the device may assign an IP address different from the local network. Such conflicting IP addresses may make P2P connections difficult. This is why you should double-check to ensure the Eufy doorbell maintains its IP address.

To check the IP address, open the Eufy Security App, go to your Eufy doorbell, select Settings, and click “General”.

open the Eufy Security App

From here, select About Device, and then tap IP Address

We recommend you create a Static IP address if you want to avoid any IP conflicts or changes in the future. Setting the Static IP address is pretty simple.

Just open your web browser, log into your router as an admin, and select “DHCP Server”. Navigate to the “Client List” and find the Eufy Doorbell. Normally, the device’s IP address is listed along with its name.

Select DHCP Server

Now locate the Static address distribution menu, click “Add”, and then paste the Eufy Doorbell IP address. After saving the changes, restart your router to finish.

7. Enable UPnP on Your Router

UPnP has clear benefits. It allows devices to communicate with each other via the router and speeds up the setup process when connecting a device to an online server.

Eufy Doorbells use UPnP to open an outgoing port to the Eufy server. The Eufy App then uses the server to access the home network and the video stream. But if the UPnP feature is off, the app may not connect to the doorbell.

Therefore, when your P2P connection fails, consider enabling the UPnP feature on your router. To do this, access the router’s web interface, log in as an admin, and enter your credentials.

Now open the Advanced tab or UPnP setting if that is what you see instead. From there, select Enable UPnP to finish the setup.

select Enable UPnP

Note: How you enable UPnP depends on your router type. The first step is the same for most router brands: logging in as an admin. What follows depends on your specific router:

8. Enable Port Forwarding on Your Router

Just like UPnP, port forwarding lets the doorbell communicate directly with the router to establish quick P2P connections. This is why we recommend that you manually set up this feature for your doorbell or the Eufy App.

To do this, log into the router as admin and enter its username, IP address, and password. Now, navigate to the port forwarding icon and enter the port’s range or port number you want to forward. The port number varies depending on the model of your doorbell, but it is usually 32108 or 32100.

Enable Port Forwarding on Your Router

From there, select either TCP or UDP ports protocol and key in your IP address. Finally, click “Enable” or “On” to activate the port forwarding rule.

activate the port forwarding rule

9. Update Firmware or Software

Please understand that Eufy doorbells are like tiny computers that run on certain algorithms, which may sometimes contain bugs. So, the P2P connection failure might be due to outdated software or firmware.

This is why manufacturers often produce new updates to clear out any bugs and errors your device may have. For this reason, ensure you regularly check for updates and update the doorbell to the latest firmware version when necessary. Update not just your doorbell but the Eufy Security App as well

Update Firmware or Software
image 22

10. Clear Eufy Security App Cache

The EufySecurity app collects and stores cache on the phone to run the program and help it load faster. However, sometimes, the cached data may be corrupt—they could be causing these P2P connectivity problems.

Therefore, check the cache data to clear any bugs or errors. To do this, open Settings on your phone and click on Apps. Find the Eufy Security App, and open it.

Find the Eufy Security App

After that, go to storage and select Clear Cache.

Clear Eufy Security App Cache

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Your Eufy Doorbell Failing to Connect to the Network?

Your Eufy doorbell may fail to connect to your network because you are using an unsupported frequency band. The doorbell only supports the 2.4 GHz network band, so ensure your router is set to that specific band.
Also, your Wi-Fi signal and cellular data network could be poor. You can always use the Eufy Security App to check the internet signal strength, just to be sure.

Why Is Eufy Doorbell Not Connecting to Your Phone?

The Eufy doorbell might not connect to your phone due to disabled location and Bluetooth services. You should always ensure your location and Bluetooth is on, whether on iOS or Android devices. Additionally, do not forget to disable the Airplane mode if it is on.

Why Does Your Eufy Wired Doorbell Keep Going Offline?

You might experience offline issues if you have loose connections on your doorbell or if there are bugs and errors in the system. However, you can solve such issues by ensuring your cables are firm and with no loose ends. You can also try updating the device’s software to eliminate bugs or errors.

How Do You Reset Eufy Network Connection?

For a Eufy network conne­ction reset, press and hold the­ reset button located at the back of the doorbell. Hold for at least one minute­ until the LED light is no longer blinking. After that, give­ it sometime before opening the device and connecting it back to your Wi-Fi network.

Bottom Line

So there it is. Sometimes, you can fix P2P connection issues with your Eufy doorbell by fixing your internet connection, reconfiguring your router settings, updating firmware, and clearing the Eufy App cache.

However, if none of the steps in our guide work, the device could have hardware issues. Such instances may require you to reach out to Eufy customer support for more assistance.

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