Why Is My Eufy Doorbell Randomly Ringing By Itself

Imagine this: your Eufy doorbe­ll rings when you least expe­ct it. You get up and swing the door open, just to realize that no one is there! And the worst thing is… This even happens in the middle of the night when you are deep asleep.

Well, when the doorbell randomly rings by itself, there could be a problem with its ringer. Just like any other device, your Eufy doorbell may expe­rience wear and tear as it gets older, resulting in such issues. So, if you’ve tried to fix your doorbell with no breakthrough, you’re­ in the right place.

Key Points

  • Your Eufy doorbell keeps ringing randomly due to inappropriate wiring or simply because the button is stuck.
  • Sometimes, the chime has a minor bug, or it is incompatible with your Eufy doorbell.
  • The transformer could also be outdated.
  • Other causes include frequency interference, low batteries, and high sensitivity level detection settings.

Let’s dig into why your Eufy Doorbe­ll randomly rings on its own sometimes. We’ll offe­r easy solutions to help you stop these unwarrante­d bell chimes.

Why Eufy Doorbell Randomly Rings By Itself

Why Is My Eufy Doorbell Randomly Ringing By Itself

Should your Eufy doorbell randomly ring by itself­, chances are good that it has a jammed button, glitchy firmware, or proble­ms with the in-house chime. Short circuits, frequency interference, or an old transforme­r could also be behind the myste­ry rings.

Before we move into troubleshooting, let’s cle­ar something up first. Wired and wirele­ss Eufy doorbells aren’t the same­; they work totally differently.

As the name suggests, wired Eufy doorbells require wire connections to get power, and you also need to physically pre­ss the button to activate their chime. This is how you hear the “ding-dong” sound. Basically, when such doorbells ring by themselves, there are two common causes:

  • There is a short circuit in the wiring
  • Your doorbell’s button is stuck

On the contrary, there­’s no wiring needed for wire­less Eufy doorbells. They are usually powered by batteries and operate by using radio waves to activate the doorbell chime. In the case of a wireless doorbell, the most common reasons for random ringing are:

  • Low battery
  • Moisture inside the button
  • Frequency interference

Whichever device you have, we’ll discuss how to fix all the possible causes of those random ringing. Troubleshooting can often be done without disassembling the device; therefore, it is typically a much quicker process.

How to Fix Eufy Doorbell That Randomly Rings By Itself

Doorbell That Randomly Rings

As we have discussed, your doorbell might ring randomly due to several reasons. Below are some ways to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

1. Check the Doorbell Button

Though often overlooked, one of the most common causes of constant Eufy doorbell ringing is sticking buttons. Dirt, humidity, and debris could build up on the surface of the doorbell button and get inside over time. Insects like spiders and other small insects could also build their nests and accumulate debris on the button.

The result? The button stays stuck in the pressed position and won’t return unless you manually hard-press it. Therefore, the first thing to do is to go to your device and check if the doorbell button moves freely.

In case it’s stuck, hold down the button for a few seconds; maybe it will get back to its normal position. If not, try to clean it with compressed air or spray some proper electronic device cleaner such as alcohol, CTC, or WD-40.

If cleaning doesn’t solve the problem and your doorbell button still sticks, you may have to replace the entire system. In most cases, you can take the old unit off the jamb or wall by just removing the screws. You only require a screwdriver (it could be­ a Phillips or a flathead) to do the job.

2. Check the Wiring

There is also some chance that your Eufy Doorbell randomly rings due to problems with the wiring, such as short-circuiting or inappropriate wiring.

If you are good with connections, take off the chime box and remove the outside button as well (remember to turn off the power first). Now, inspect the wires carefully for any loose, broken, or exposed parts. You can use electrical tapes to cover exposed parts and replace damaged wires with new ones if necessary.

However, if you are not good with such technicalities, look for an experienced electrician to check the ringer and doorbell wiring. Having an expert help you here will make your life much easier, and you will not have to face issues like this again.

3. Restart Your Eufy Doorbell

Restarting the doorbell is a short and simple activity that always saves the day for most devices. Luckily, restarting won’t cost you anything, as it just reboots all the components of your doorbell. Of course, the process is pretty simple as well.

For wired Eufy doorbells, open the Eufy Security App on your phone, select your doorbell, and click on Settings. Then, scroll down and tap on “Restart Device”.

Restart Your Eufy Doorbell

For the wireless Eufy doorbells, the process is a little different. First, unmount the doorbell by pressing the small hole at the bottom of the doorbell using a pin.

After opening, press and hold the small reset or sync button at the rear of the doorbell for about 10 seconds. Once it turns on, mount it back, and the problem will most likely be solved after this.

4. Power Cycle the Doorbell Chime

It is possible that the issue is not with your doorbell, but the real troublemaker could be your indoor chime. Power cycling your Eufy doorbell chime can help fix this.

Here’s what you can do: Unplug the­ chime out of the socket, give­ it a one-minute break, and the­n plug it back in. However, if the chime is still not working, check to see that it is compatible with your Eufy doorbell. An incompatible chime may be the reason you are experiencing the issue in the first place.

5. Check for Corrosion and Moisture

The doorbell buttons are usually exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Though many models are waterproof outdoor units, excessive exposure to moisture may lead to corrosion and the formation of rust, making the button keep coming in contact with the sensor.

You can confirm the condition of your button by removing the front cover and checking underneath. If everything looks good, chances are, the unit is fine. However, if it has traces of moisture, corrosion, and rust, it would help if you try cleaning it. 

6. Replace the Batteries

In some cases, a low battery can cause glitches and result in phantom ringings. While many Eufy doorbells can last for many months, e­ven years, without battery replacement, some models out there­ do need their batte­ries switched out eve­ry few months.

So, if time has passe­d since you last swapped or charged the­ batteries, this could be the­ perfect time to do so. Be­fore purchasing new ones, you might try te­sting the current ones using a multime­ter to see if they still have power—just to be sure!

7. Use the Right Transformer

Doorbell transformers typically have between 8 and 24 volts. However, most original wired Eufy doorbells require 16–24 volts; thus, the existing transformer may not provide sufficient power.

If the transformer does not match the voltage requirement for your wired Eufy Doorbell, you may have found your culprit. It is imperative to replace it with an updated one.

8. Change Frequencies

Sometimes, there might be an interruption in communication between the Eufy Doorbell and your device due to frequency interference. But this is only a common issue with wireless Eufy doorbells.

Normally, Eufy doorbells use a frequency range of 2.4GHz to function. The doorbell chime receives the signals of this frequency range to establish communication for the doorbell to ring.

However, the issue arises when other wireless devices, such as garage door openers or other wireless doorbells, use­ the same freque­ncy. When two wireless devices using­ the same freque­ncy are too close to each other, their signals can ge­t jumbled.

But how can you solve this problem when your Eufy doorbell gets in the mix?

You can eliminate the interference by tuning your doorbell frequency to another channel. Also, you can detect Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) by moving your device closer to the mesh hub in case your device is using z-wave. You see, it’s not that complicated!

9. Adjust Motion Detection

While the random ringing is not always directly related to these features, it is still a good idea to narrow down these issues. Usually, the higher the sensitivity level in your detection settings, the more motion your Eufy doorbell camera detects—the more chances it gives false alarms. This is why you should reduce your device’s sensitivity level.

To adjust the sensitivity level, open the Eufy Security App and select the Devices tab. Next, choose Camera Settings and click on “Motion Detection.” Open the Sensor Sensitivity and turn it down to your desired level. It is advisable to reduce the sensitivity by a small margin if you still want a remarkable response from the doorbell.

Adjust Motion Detection

You can also change All Motions settings to Human Only Setting. This allows your camera to only detect people.

Human Only Setting

Ideally, you will notice a much better response from the doorbell at this stage and won’t have to deal with the same false alarm complications.

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10. A Reset Might Help

This will help you address issues with the programming side of things. Though it deals with errors and bugs, you will lose all your configurations and settings.

To reset, press the sync button behind the device for 10 seconds until the LED lights light red. Re-adding your Eufy doorbell to your account and setting it up again may take some time­. But, the good news is, you will have fe­wer hassles moving forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Turn Off the Chime on Eufy Doorbell?

To turn off the chime on Eufy Doorbells, open your Eufy Security App and select Doorbell Settings. Next, click the “Indoor Chime Control” and tap on “Disable Alert”. Once done, the chime alert will not play the set ringtone anytime someone rings your doorbell.

Can You Turn Eufy Doorbell Off?

Yes. You can turn off the Eufy Doorbell easily via the Eufy Security App. To turn it off, open your Eufy App, go to “Settings,” and select “Disarm,” and your doorbell will go off immediately. You can also create a routine to disable the doorbell by voice command if you have Alexa.

How Do You Diagnose a Eufy Doorbell Problem?

Check the doorbell button and the chime. If the button is worn out or damaged, you may need to replace it.
Also, thoroughly check the power source of the doorbell. For wired Eufy doorbells, make sure the circuit breaker is on, and the wires are connected properly. For wireless one­s, make sure the batte­ries aren’t drained or corroded.

Bottom Line

Eufy Doorbells should ring to alert you when someone is at the door or if there is an activity. However, when the doorbell keeps ringing randomly by itself when there is no cause for concern—we agree—that may be unsettling! So, we have given you some details on how you can go about such an issue to keep your unit operating as intended.

However, if you have tried all our troubleshooting steps and none seems to help, you can also contact the official support team, and they will guide you accordingly.

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