Eufy Camera Or Doorbell Only Recording A Few Seconds Of Footage

Not all Eufy Cameras or Doorbells have the ability to support 24-hour recording. Most will only capture a few seconds of footage whenever they detect movement anywhere near your home—and the recording duration is mainly influenced by your local storage capacity.

We understand that this may raise concerns among some Eufy users. The good news is that you can actually make your Eufy Camera or Doorbell record for longer periods. Cool, right?

So, if you want to learn more about how to get the most out of your Eufy device, continue reading.

Key Points

  • The main factor affecting the recording duration on Eufy cameras or Doorbells is the SD card storage capacity.
  • This issue could also be due to an interrupted power connection and low or damaged batteries.
  • Other causes that should not be overlooked include software glitches, poor internet signal strength, and low motion detection sensitivity levels.

Eufy Camera or Doorbell Only Recording a Few Seconds of Footage: Why This Happens

Eufy Camera or Doorbell Recordings

Eufy Camera or Doorbell might only record a few seconds of footage if there is not enough local storage. The device could also be facing power issues, or perhaps the batteries may have run out.

There are several reasons why it’ll be impossible for your Eufy Camera or Doorbell to record for longer durations. If you are interested, check out the following causes we’ve extracted.

  • Not Enough Storage Space: Eufy devices, in most cases, rely on microSD and Eufy HomeBase for storage since their built-in memory isn’t large enough for constant video recording. Therefore, with insufficient space, these devices can only capture events for a few seconds.
  • Device Power Problem: Eufy Cameras or Doorbells depend on their power for many operations. When the power isn’t stable, the camera will not be able to record for long durations.
  • Low or Damaged Batteries: Eufy’s cameras and doorbells have batteries that can last almost a year with regular use. However, if the battery power runs out, your device’s recording power dims as well.
  • System Malfunction: Sometimes, a bug may have occurred with the camera or doorbell, which will essentially prevent the device from recording.
  • Poor Internet Connection: When the device has internet connectivity issues, the ongoing recording session cuts off, and you do not get the entire footage.
  • Motion Detection Sensitivity: Eufy cameras rely on motion detection to trigger recording. If the sensitivity is too low, it might miss significant movement or stop recording prematurely.

Eufy Camera or Doorbell Only Recording a Few Seconds of Footage: 9 Quick Fixes

Though it is impractical for a smart home device to record or run 24/7, here are some things you need to tweak to make your Eufy Camera or Doorbell record longer.

1. Adjust the Recording Settings

By default, EUFY devices are set to record clips up to 5–30 seconds in length. The recording is normally triggered by motion detection or other events that the camera or doorbell is set up to detect. Once the device finishes recording a clip, it automatically stops recording until it detects another event.

Although this is the case, if you aren’t satisfied with how long your Eufy is recording certain interactions, you can always adjust the recording length to a duration of up to 120 seconds. For example, you can increase the recording time from the said 5 seconds to 120 seconds.

You can do so easily within the Eufy Security App. Simply open the Eufy App, click on your respective device, select options, and click Power Manager. From there, set the Power Manager to “Customize Recording” mode, and it will record up to 120-second clips every time it gets triggered.

2. Check The Power Connection

A continuous power supply is important if you want your camera or doorbell to record continuously—especially if it is a wired one. We all know that Eufy devices rely on sufficient power to send notifications, detect motions, and record events.

Therefore, for uninterrupted recording, consider connecting your device to a reliable power source, either through your household electricity or a solar panel. Ensure you look out for tripped or damaged wires and repair them when necessary.

3. Replace the Batteries

When the device batteries run out, your camera or doorbell will run out of power and automatically stop recording. So, if your Eufy Camera or Doorbell relies heavily on batteries, then this might be the right time to check them.

Even though Eufy batteries can last up to a year under normal usage, continuous use might drain them more quickly. Environmental factors such as extreme temperatures could also affect their lifespan in the long run. This is all the more reason to recharge or replace them regularly to get the most out of your recordings.

To check if the issue is stemming from low batteries, open Settings on the Eufy App and select “Detection Statistics” just below the “Power Manager.”

select Detection Statistics

You’ll see your device’s battery level displayed on the screen.

device’s battery level

4. Update the Software

An outdated Eufy App or device software could be the source of your recording troubles. Since software is important for the smooth operation of the Eufy device, you ought to keep up with new updates as they’re released.

Eufy periodically releases software updates to fix bugs, clear errors, and optimize the device performance. These updates download and install automatically as long as you connect your smartphone and Eufy device to a strong internet connection.

However, the firmware updates may sometimes fail, meaning you’ll have to install them manually. To do this, open the Eufy Security app and click Devices.

Next, select your doorbell and tap the cog icon to access the Settings. From here, select the option to check for firmware updates if there is any tap to install.

Update the Software

5. Fix Your Internet Connection

If your device gets disconnected from the Wi-Fi, it will stop any recordings regardless of whether it detects motion or not. For this reason, check your inte­rnet connection and ensure your Wi-Fi signal isn’t weak.

In case you have a poor Wi-Fi signal, try relocating your router closer to the camera or doorbell. Make sure devices like electronics, metal objects, Bluetooth speakers, or microwaves are not close by, as they can block the signal path.

You might want to opt for a dedicated router for your smart doorbells and cameras to ensure seamless connectivity

6. Check Storage Capacity

If your Eufy device has limited storage space or is near its capacity, it might prioritize shorter recordings or even stop recording altogether. Usually, Eufy devices record and store recorded clips locally, either directly on the device storage (SD card) or on a HomeBase device.

When your SD card is full, consider replacing it with one that has a larger storage capacity. Eufy Security video devices can support up to a 128 GB microSD card.

Additionally, for those devices connected to a Homebase device, regularly check their status to ensure there is enough storage space for new recordings.

You can see the remaining storage space in the Eufy App under the ‘Video Storage’ section of the Homebase settings. If the storage is full, upgrade your Homebase kit or delete unnecessary footage.

upgrade your Homebase kit

7. Clear App Cache

If your camera or doorbell continues to record short footage, you can easily solve it by clearing the app cache. Clearing the app’s data and cache can help wipe out corrupted files, glitches, and other software issues.

To clear the app cache, open Settings on your phone, then access the Eufy App on the applications tab. Now go to storage and select Clear Cache.

Clear App Cache

After clearing the cache, we recommend you power cycle your Eufy device to refresh and reinitialize it. To do this, remove the Eufy batteries from the back of the camera and wait for about 5 minutes. Then, reinsert the batteries and power the device back on. It’s that simple!

8. Increase Motion Detection Sensitivity Level

The Eufy motion sensitivity determines the kind of trigger that prompts the camera or doorbell to start recording a clip. If recordings are only a few seconds long, perhaps you have set the sensitivity level too low.

If that is the case, you can easily increase the sensitivity level from the Eufy App, again, in the settings menu. Simply open your Eufy Security App and select your respective device.

Now go to the device Settings and choose Motion Detection. From here, you can adjust the motion detection zones to your preferred level.

Increase Motion Detection Sensitivity Level

Keep in mind that putting the sensitivity level too high will trigger the Eufy device too often. So keep it moderate!

Detection Sensitivity

9. Consider Subscription

Even though Eufy does not require subscriptions for basic recording and storage, you may need to subscribe to access advanced features such as cloud storage.

With a subscription, your EUFY device can store footage in the cloud, which means you don’t have to worry about cut recordings in case the local storage is full. Plus, you get a 5-day continuous recording capability with the latest Eufy Camera and Doorbell models.

EUFY offers free cloud storage for up to seven days of recorded footage. However, after the seven-day period is over, the footage is automatically deleted to make room for new recordings. You can also upgrade your cloud storage plan for additional storage space and up to 30 days of recorded footage retention.

Alternative Smart Cameras and Doorbells with 24/7 Recording

Eufy devices do a good job at letting you know who’s on the other side of your door—even when you are not home. However, if you are looking for some great Eufy alternatives, we’ve got some ideas that should fit.

1. Ring Pro

Ring Wired Doorbell Plus (Video Doorbell Pro) – Upgraded, with added security features and a sleek design (existing doorbell wiring required)

Ring Pro is a flagship ring doorbell with good connectivity and the best video quality. It records crisp 1080p footage, and it is accurate with motion and person alerts. With a subscription, you get 24/7 recording and integrations with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, and Samsung SmartThings.

2. Google Nest

Google Nest Doorbell (Wired) - Formerly Hello Video Doorbell with 24/7 Streaming - Smart Doorbell Camera for Home with HDR Video, HD Talk and Listen, Night Vision, and Person Alerts

Nest Doorbell records good video quality and offers a continuous timeline view of everything at your front door, even out of the motion-detecting range. It accurately distinguishes between animals, people, packages, and cars. But you need to have an active subscription if you want the 24/7 recording.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Record Longer on Eufy Doorbell?

You can adjust the recording time on your Eufy security camera up to a maximum of 2 minutes through the Eufy Security App. Simply open the app, click on your respective device, select options, and click Power Manager. There, you can control how long the recordings should be.

Why Is Eufy Camera Not Recording All Events?

There could be several reasons why your Eufy camera is not recording all events, such as issues with your power supply, outdated software, Wi-Fi connection problems, or motion detection settings that might have been turned off.

You can troubleshoot these issues by ensuring the batteries are fully charged or checking the power cord, which sometimes could be damaged. Also, regularly check for software updates to keep your camera up to date and make sure the camera recording and motion detection features are enabled.

Do Eufy Cameras Record All the Time?

The camera only activates when its sensor senses motion or movement. Once activated, the camera starts recording clips, allowing you to see a glimpse of what is happening before the notification goes off.

You can configure your Eufy camera to record continuously and record footage around the clock. On the other hand, for older models, it can only be set to record events when the camera detects motion.

Bottom Line

We hope you found the answers you’ve been looking for! Try the various steps we have provided, see the results, and if the problem persists, feel free to contact Eufy’s friendly customer support team.

Remember, patience is key when troubleshooting tech. With a little detective work, you’ll extend the footage length on your Eufy Camera or Doorbell in no time.

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