Jeff Bezos HATES Music! Some Funny Echo Song Requests – New Video

Conspiracy theory: Jeff Bezos HATES music! Check out these (rude) song requests, and what Amazon Echo plays in response.

Video Transcript

Hello, I’m Tristan. I think I’ve uncovered a conspiracy theory. Jeff Bezos hates music. There, I said it! What am I talking about? Well, just listen to some of these song requests. Basically Amazon likes throw and shade at the entire music industry.

Me: “Play depressing Adele music”

Amazon Echo: “Shuffling depressing songs by Adele on Amazon Music”

She basically plays every Adele song: gutted!


Me: “Play really monotonous Ed Sheeran songs”

Amazon Echo: “The station Ed Sheeran on Amazon Music”

Pretty harsh he’s not monotonous.

Me: “Play boring 90s music”

Amazon Echo: “Playing boring 90s music on Amazon Music”

There you have it: basically Jeff Bezos and Amazon hates Adele, Ed Sheeran and 90s music! Thanks for watching.

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