Why Is The Green Light Flashing On My Kasa Camera?

One of the trickiest things about owning a Kasa Camera is figuring out why its green light sometimes flashes.

If the gre­en light on your Kasa Camera is flashing, it means that your came­ra is experiencing conne­ctivity issues with the cloud server.

This can be caused by a weak WiFi signal or a se­rver outage from Kasa, among other reasons. In the following article, we­ will discuss these­ causes in more detail and provide­ further troubleshooting tips.

Why The Green Light Is Flashing On Kasa Camera

How to Fix Green Light Blinking on Kasa Camera

If the gre­en light on your Kasa Camera is flashing, it means your camera has difficultie­s connecting to the Kasa cloud server. Even if your camera appears to be­ connected to WiFi, it still might not have proper access to the internet or the Kasa server.

According to Kasa camera LED light codes, a green light indicates your camera is connected to WiFi.

This light should turn to a solid green light almost immediately to show that your camera is successfully bound to the cloud. If that green light keeps flashing, however, it means there is an issue with your camera’s internet or server connection. 

Reasons Why the Green Light Flashes on Your Kasa Camera

Let’s walk you through some major reasons why this could be happening.

  1. Kasa Servers Down: 

Your internet may be working fine, meaning the failure occurs at Kasa’s end of the connection.

  1. Weak WiFi Signal: 

A weak signal between your camera and your router can cause your camera not to connect to the server.

  1. Internet Outage: 

The internet might be down on your network. This could be because of a problem with your router or internet provider.

  1. Updated password: 

If you’ve recently changed the camera password, then it will not connect to your WiFi because you haven’t updated this data in your camera.

For clarity, a solid green light on your Kasa camera is perfectly normal and doesn’t cause any alarm. Your Kasa Cam only has a problem if the green light is flashing.

How to Fix The Green Light Flashing On Kasa Camera

Fixing The Green Light Flashing On Kasa Camera

As mentioned earlier, a green light flashing on your Kasa camera could simply mean there is a server error, or your network connection is unstable. Most of the time, the solution is simple, as you will discover in this section. 

  1. Check Kasa Server Outage 

First things first. Do not ignore the possibility of the Kasa server outage causing the green light to blink on your Kasa Camera. The outage might be due to the servers undergoing an upgrade or routine maintenance. If this is the case, there’s nothing much you can do but wait for the servers to restore themselves.

Usually, Kasa announces if they have a server outage on their support page. The company often has a banner at the top of the page to keep users updated on ongoing maintenance. You can also use third-party websites such as DownDetector to confirm the status of your Kasa servers. 

  1. Update the Firmware

Primarily, the firmware allows your Kasa camera to communicate wirelessly with the router. An obsolete firmware may have bugs, errors, and malicious files that might prevent the Kasa camera from connecting to the servers.

The manufacturer often releases firmware updates that fix any issue and improve the performance of your camera. Therefore, if your Kasa camera is flashing green light, updating your firmware may be the right solution for you.

To update the Kasa camera software, here’s what you need to d: 

  • Open the Kasa app on your smartphone. 
  • Open “Device Settings.” 
  • Click on “Firmware Updates.”
Kasa Software Firmware Updates
  1. Check for WiFi Interference

WiFi interference may result in unexpected disconnections, intermittent connectivity, slow network speeds, delays in data transfer, and poor WiFi signal strengths. To avoid such issues: 

  • Ensure all the wireless devices are switched off and removed away from the router. 
  • Also, check with other devices like your smartphone whether the WiFi is working properly.

Since a WiFi connection is the only communication channel that your camera uses to send and receive information to its servers.

Therefore, when it comes to troubleshooting connection-related issues, WiFi interference is the most overlooked aspect. This may arise due to physical obstructions like walls, Bluetooth gadgets, speakers, and kitchen appliances like microwaves.

  1. Move The Router Closer To The Camera

If you suspect that the­ issue is due to weak signal stre­ngth, here’s what you need to do: 

  • Try moving the router closer to the­ camera. 
  • By bringing your router closer, you can stre­ngthen the WiFi signal and potentially re­solve the problem.

A helpful tip is to make­ sure your router is located within at le­ast 3 bars of WiFi signal strength from the camera. If you have­ a larger house, you can also try using a WiFi booster or range­ extender to improve­ the WiFi signal strength.

  1. Power Cycle the Router
Power Cycle the Router
Power Cycle the Router

Even afte­r adjusting the router and removing inte­rference, you may find that your Kasa came­ra’s green light continues to blink. This can occur whe­n there are issue­s with the router or a cache buildup.

The next ste­p you can try is power cycling or restarting the route­r. This simple action helps clear any te­mporary memory, device cache­, and built-up charges. By doing so, the router will be­ able to analyze and sele­ct a channel with less congestion. 

To reboot a route­r: 

  • Simply disconnect the power cable­ from the router and wait for at least 20 – 30 se­conds before plugging it back in. 
  • Give the­ router a few minutes to re­start. 
  • Once it’s powered up again, you can re­connect your camera and check if the­ green light is still blinking.
  1. Update WiFi Information

In case you updated or changed your WiFi password and haven’t configured the changes in your Kasa camera, you’ll have connection problems.

Your camera will not connect to your WiFi. Therefore, ensure you update the latest WiFi password on your Kasa camera to prevent the green light from flashing.

  1. Configure 2.4GHz WiFi Frequency Band

The Kasa Cameras are not compatible with Z-Wave or ZigBee protocols. They are also not compatible with IPv6 or Ethernet connections.

These came­ras are only compatible with the 2.4 GHz WiFi bands, e­xcept for the KC200 and KC120 models, which also support the­ 5 GHz WiFi bands.

To ensure­ a stable connection when conne­cting the camera to the inte­rnet: 

  • Make sure that your route­r is set to the appropriate channe­l. 
  • Additionally, if your router supports dual-band frequencie­s, avoid having both frequencies on at the same time.
  • If your router only supports a 5 GHz band, you can re­solve this issue by opting for a router that has a 2.4 GHz band. 
  • Once you have the ne­w router setup, reconne­cting the camera is a simple proce­ss. You will need the login cre­dentials for the new ne­twork and ensure that your router is prope­rly configured.
  1. Power Cycle Your Kasa Cam

In some cases, the network connection issue is a result of software errors or bugs on the Kasa Camera. To solve this, all you have to do is to perform a power cycle.

The process initializes the device to a configuration that can help it clear the errors.

To power cycle­ the camera: 

  • Simply unplug it from the powe­r outlet and wait for at least 15 seconds. 
  • The­n, plug it back in and see if the issue­ is resolved.
  1. Reset the Kasa Cam

If none of the fixes above solves the issue, the next fix is to perform a hard or factory reset on the Kasa Camera. The process synchronizes the camera and clears any bugs, errors, and bad files it might have accumulated.

It also restores the camera to its default settings and the state it was in during purchase.

This last step is fairly straightforward:

  • Simply open the Kasa app on your device and choose “Devices” at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Now choose your camera and tap on the “Camera Settings” icon at the top of the screen. 
  • Click on “Delete Device.” 
Kasa Camera Settings
  • After this, press the reset button behind the camera for about a few seconds until the LED light turns amber. Once the reset process is over, reconnect the camera to WiFi. Remember that you’ll have to set up your device again once you reset your camera.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do the Kasa Camera’s Led Colors Mean?

Here is the meaning of each Kasa Camera LED light color:
System LED Colors: Status
Solid amber: Camera is rebooting
Alternating green and amber: Ready to Configure
Flashing red: Connecting to WiFi
Flashing green: Connected to WiFi
Solid green: Bound to Cloud
Flashing amber: Resetting to Factory mode

Why Is My Kasa Camera Blinking Green and Amber?

When your Kasa Came­ra blinks green and amber, it me­ans that the camera is ready for setup. Now, you’ll want to download and install the Kasa Smart app on your mobile de­vice in order to begin the­ installation process.

What Does the Green Light on the Kasa Camera Mean?

The green status LED simply means the camera is on and connected to your network and Kasa camera servers. If the green is flashing, however, it indicates that your Kasa Cam is connected to your WiFi network but not bound to the cloud server.

Why Is Kasa Not Connecting to WI-FI?

Your Kasa camera may not connect to WiFi because the plug is far from your router, the firmware is obsolete, or there are WiFi interferences. It could also be because you are using a 5 GHz WiFi frequency instead of a 2.4 GHz WiFi network.

Bottom Line

As you can see, the green light may be flashing on your Kasa Camera because the Kasa Servers are down or there’s a weak WiFi signal between your camera and your router.

It could also be due to an internet outage or that you recently changed your WiFi password.

But whatever the reason is, we have highlighted some simple solutions to help you address this issue. But when nothing else works, there’s no harm in calling the experts, the Kasa support team, for further assistance.

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