How To Reset The SimpliSafe Base Station

Running into technical issues with your SimpliSafe­ Base Station is normal. The Base Station is the brains of the operation, so it is understandable that you may want to reset it when this happens.

Usually, the reset process revives the entire system, giving it a fresh connection.

Now that you are all up to speed, continue reading to learn how to reset your SimpliSafe Base Station the right way.

Key Points

  • Resetting the SimpliSafe Base Station would require removing the batteries from their compartment.
  • But before you begin, disarm and power down the Base Station.
  • Thereafter, use a screwdriver to pry off the battery cover.
  • Remove the batteries, wait for about 15 seconds, and reinsert them.
  • After returning the battery cover, test and confirm if everything works as usual.

How To Reset The SimpliSafe Base Station: Important Details

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We all know that performing a factory reset is a simple solution to resolve problems with your SimpliSafe Base Station. It often fixes all the errors and defects in the software, restoring your system to a working order.

When it comes to SimpliSafe Base Station, you can opt for a factory reset in the following scenarios:

  • If the Base Station stops communicating with the rest of your SimpliSafe setup.
  • When the system keeps issuing false alarms, it just seems stuck on mute or having trouble connecting to the monitoring center.
  • If you recently switched SimpliSafe plans, a reset can ensure your Base Station is in sync and configured for your new setup.
  • If all the devices connected to the SimpliSafe Base Station are unstable and unable to function properly.

Note: Suppose you are going to leave or sell your current SimpliSafe protection system to somebody else; you should know that resetting the device won’t delete your account. Instead, get in touch with the original company so that they can cancel their monitoring services and remove the system from your account.

Resetting The SimpliSafe Base Station: Step-by-Step

With all that information out of the way, here are the basic steps on how to reset your SimpliSafe Base Station.

Step 1: Disarm and Unplug the Unit

Before you try resetting your Base Station, the first and most important step is to disarm and power down the unit. Usually, the Base Station has three modes: Off, Home, and Away—you’ll be using the “Off” mode to disarm it.

Disarm and Unplug the Unit

You can disarm your SimpliSafe system at any time using the Key Fob, KeyPad, or the SimpliSafe App:

  • Using the Key Fob: Simply press the “Off” button to disarm your system using the Key Fob.
  • Using the Keypad: Disarming your system is relatively easy with the Keypad. Just hit the “Off” button and then enter your custom or the master PIN if you need to. Once everything’s disarmed, the keypad screen will show “Off.”
  • Using the SimpliSafe Mobile App: To disarm using your SimpliSafe Mobile App, open the app and press the ‘Off’ button on your home screen. The Off button will turn gray once disarmed.
System Disarmed

Once you have successfully disarmed the system, disconnect the power adapter from the Base Station. This will turn it off completely.

Step 2: Remove the Batteries

At the very bottom of the Base Station where the power cable was, you’ll see security screws holding the battery cover. You should remove these screws to pop the battery cover.

To do this, get a Phillips screwdriver, drive it into each screw, and then turn it anticlockwise. When the screws get loose, remove the cover off the bottom of the Base Station  in order to expose the batteries.

Removing the batteries isn’t much of a task either. Simply use your index finger to pop them out. It’s that simple! There will be no power going to the Base Station, which is important for this step.

Step 3: Reinsert the Batteries

Once you finish removing the batteries, wait for about 15 seconds and before you can reinsert them into the Base Station. It is important to reinsert the batteries almost immediately.

Afterwards, change the cover to the battery section and use the screwdriver you used earlier to tighten the screws. But this time, turn the screwdriver clockwise until the screws are comfortably tight. Try not to overtighten as that could damage the battery cover.

Step 4: Plug In the Base Station

Now it is time to plug the power adapter into your Base Station. Your device will now go through a reset phase, which can take up to two minutes. The system will then establish a fresh connection once the 2 minutes are complete.

Step 5: Arm the Base Station

If the reset has worked as planned, your SimpliSafe sensors should work fine now. To test this, try arming the Base Station by using the Home and Away buttons.

Still, you can arm your SimpliSafe system using the Key Fob, KeyPad, or the SimpliSafe App:

  • Using the Key Fob: To arm your system using the Key Fob, just hit “Home” or “Away” keys. The Keypad will chime with an exit delay countdown, letting you know that your system is in the process of getting armed.
  • Using the Keypad: To arm using the Keypad, tap the “Home” or “Away” button. The Keypad will show you a countdown and chime as the exit delay ticks down. Once it’s armed, the screen will clearly display the chosen mode: “Home” or “Away.”
  • Using the SimpliSafe Mobile App: To arm, open up your app and then tap on the big “Home” or “Away” key on the main screen. You shall see a countdown as well as hear some beeping sounds coming from the Keypad to let you know that the system is getting ready. Once it’s armed, the button you tapped will turn blue, confirming you’re good to go!

At this point, if you no longer hear the Base Station announce “No Link to Dispatcher,” the reset was successful. Your SimpliSafe security system is now ready to sound the alarm if someone breaks a protected window or opens a guarded door.

Reconnect Wi-Fi If Necessary

Usually, once you register a sensor with the Base Station, it creates an open communication channel. As long as the sensor stays on the list, the Base Station always receives its signal. So, there’s never any need to reconnect Wi-Fi.

However, if your video doorbell cameras and motion sensors do not sync with the Base Station after the reset, you’ll have to check and reconnect your Wi-Fi through the SimpliSafe Mobile App.

To do this, open the app on your phone or tablet and tap on the horizontal bars at the top left-hand. Select “My System” and go to “General Settings” or “Camera Settings.”

From there, click “Wi-Fi Network.”

click “Wi-Fi Network.”

It will take a moment before the device displays the available Wi-Fi networks. After you get here, you should choose the network you want to use and enter the right Wi-Fi password. Wait for a little bit so that the system can establish a connection.

If something goes wrong during the connection, the app will send an error message prompting you to try again. Simply do so but carefully this time.

Philips Hue Motion Sensors may encounter glitches. Troubleshoot them effectively for seamless functionality.

Bonus tips: If the Reset Didn’t Do the Trick

Don’t rush just yet! If resetting didn’t fix your issue, try giving it another shot; sometimes, electronics just need a little reboot persuasion. Make sure you’re following the steps carefully.

Did you wait long enough with the battery out? Did you unplug everything first and wait long enough with the battery out? In case you did everything right, then you may want to consider the following:

  • Update the Cellular Module: One of the most vital pieces of tech in your SimpliSafe system is hidden within the Base Station: the cellular module. It is important to upgrade this component to keep connecting your system to the monitoring center. Updating the cellular module is often the case for older units sold before December 2019.
  • Replace the Battery: If the reset didn’t work, this could mean that the batteries in the Base Station have no charge, and you need to replace them. You should only use rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride batteries for the Base Station. Avoid regular alkaline batteries, as they could damage the device.
  • Update the Base Station: The smart lock or other security devices may not work if the Base Station is not updated to its newest version. You can easily update the Base Station software using the smart home keypad with only a press of a button.
  • Check for Interference: Sources of interference could potentially get in the way or even drown out some of your sensors from reaching the Base Station. Look for devices like ham radio, wireless weather station, or remote-controlled garage door opener, and keep them away from your unit.
  • Reposition Your Base Station: Longer distances may cause errors that a simple reset won’t resolve. Therefore, try moving your Base Station closer to the rest of your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Reconnect Your Simplisafe Base?

Simply unplug the power adapter from the Base Station. Then, at the very bottom of the unit where the power cable was, you’ll see security screws holding the battery cover. You should remove these screws using a Phillips Head screwdriver and pop the battery cover.
After that, remove one or all batteries from the Base Station, wait for around 15 seconds, and then reinsert them back in. Return the battery cover and plug the power cord back in as well. It takes a moment for the Base Station to establish a connection.

How Do You Clear the Red Light on Your Simplisafe Base Station?

To clear this up, you can dismiss the notification using the Keypad. Simply use the right rocker button to select the warning symbol and then click “clear” to dismiss the warning message.
You can also get rid of the red light by setting your system to Off Mode using the SimpliSafe Mobile App or the Keypad. After that, rearm your system to reset the alarm status.

How Do You Shut Off Simplisafe Base Station?

You can disarm your SimpliSafe system through the Keypad. Just hit the “Off” button and then enter your custom or the master PIN if you need to. Once everything’s disarmed, the keypad screen will show “Off.”
You can also disarm it through your SimpliSafe Mobile App. To do this, open the app and click the big “Off” button on the home screen. The Off button will turn gray once disarmed.

How to Update Simplisafe Base Station?

To update the Base Station software, first, ensure you have a cog symbol on the Keypad screen. Hold the keypad near the Base Station and press the left side of the screen where the gear symbol is to bring up the “Install Update” menu. Now, push the right side of the Keypad’s screen to install the update.
When the system undergoes updates, it will be offline for 8 to 12 minutes. In case you are connecting your system to Wi-Fi for the time, expect the process of downloading and applying all required updates to last around 45 to 50 minutes.

Bottom Line

Here, we’ve given you a detailed guide on resetting the SimpliSafe Base Station if your device isn’t functioning as expected. If you follow the steps properly, your SimpliSafe Base Station should be ready to establish a fresh connection with your other devices. Suppose you still have any challenges, it is advisable that you seek more help from the SimpliSafe support team.

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