A Quick Look At The Hue PC Gradient Strips – New Video

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, I purchased the Philips Hue PC Gradient Lightstrips in the end. I love how easy they were to setup, and how they make gaming – and music listening – much more immersive.

This is a quick 1 minute video looking at this awesome new product from Philips Hue:

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, I’m Tristan from Smart Home Point. I wanted to talk about an awesome product that I bought recently, which is the Philips Hue PC Gradient Strips. Basically these are particularly good for gaming, but you can use them for other things.

And it basically scans what’s on your PC screen, and then it changes the lighting around the monitor. It’s quite easy to install, you just stick these things onto the back of your monitor, and then the lightstrip goes on there. And then you install an app – a bit of software – on your computer.

Then when you’re actually playing a game, it will actually scan – at three points – what is on your screen, and then it blends the light in-between it. So it’s pretty cool. I really like it when I’m gaming. Y’know, it just makes everything feel a bit better – even if I do completely suck as Rocket League!

You can also use it for other things like music. So for example if you’re playing a song, then as you can see, you can have it beat along to the music, and you can change the colors that are used, and the lighting intensity as well.

Really I think this is an awesome product. I really like it, and it makes using my computer a lot more fun.

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Tristan owns close to a dozen Amazon Echo devices, way too many Philips Hue bulbs and lightstrips, a boat-load of Ring Cameras and Doorbells... and a bunch of other smart home devices too (from Reolink, Google Nest, GLEDOPTO and others).

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