15 Smart Home Jokes (All 100% Hilarious… To Us!)

Smart homes can be really important: they can regulate our home’s temperature, wake us up each morning, turn on lights when we come home (so we don’t crash our cars into our porch), and more. But I wanted to lighten things up with some totally hilarious and awesome smart home jokes (well, I found them funny at least!).

Seven of my favorite jokes are highlighted in this video below, but read on for the full list of totally hilarious jokes!

Contributions Welcome: If you have your own smart home joke, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll add it here and credit you – assuming it meets the very high standard of humor that I have set. (In other words, unless it’s a really terrible joke, it will be published!)

Why Did The Smart Plug Refuse To Go On A Date?

Because it wasn’t turned on.

Why did the smart plug refuse to go on a date... Because it wasnt turned on.

Why Did The Smart Light Go On A Trip?

To see the world in a new light.

Why did the smart light go on a trip... to see the world in a new light

Knock Knock!

Who’s there?

Dunno – my internet is out so I can’t check my Ring doorbell.

(I’m a fan of anti-climatic jokes, as you can probably tell!)

Knock knock whos there... dunno my internet is out so I cant check my Ring doorbell

Why Is It Really Warm In The Corner Of The Room Where The Smart Thermostat Is?

Because corners are always 90 degrees… don’t blame the thermostat!

(Sorry for the terrible dad joke)

Why is it always warm in the corner where the smart thermostat is... because corners are always 90 degrees

How Can You Tell When Your Smart Light Is Depressed?

When it’s always a bit blue.

How can you tell when your smart light is depressed... when its always a bit blue
How can you tell when your smart light is depressed… when its always a bit blue

Why Did The Smart Lock Join A Gym?

To improve its deadbolt strength.

Why did the smart lock join a gym... to improves its deadbolt strength

A Very Smart Home

My smart home is so intelligent that it studies legal text books when I’m out. You could say… that it’s an intellectual property.

My smart home studies legal text books when I am out... you could say that it is an intellectual property

Why Did The Amazon Echo Start Doing Yoga?

To improve its Alexa-bility

Why did the Amazon Echo start doing yoga... to improve its Alexa bility

Why Are Smart Lights The Most Popular Type Of Smart Device?

Because everyone finds them… illuminating.

Why are smart lights the most popular... because everyone finds them illuminating

Why Did The Smart Lock Go To Therapy?

It had a lot of key-pressing issues

Why did the smart lock go to therapy... it had a lot of key pressing issues

Why Was The Echo Dot Jealous Of The Echo Show?

Because everyone was always touching the Echo Show.

(Bit of a creepy joke… sorry. All touching was consentual).

Why was the Echo Dot jealous of the Echo Show... because everyone was always touching the Echo Show

Why Is Everyone Really Serious At Matter Project Meetings?

Because it’s an important project. Some might say.. it’s no laughing matter. (Get it? That’s a pun, as a matter of fact)

Why is everyone serious at Matter meetings... because it is no laughing matter.

Arriving Home

A man walks into his smart home and says “Alexa, turn on the lights.”

Alexa responds, “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of your laziness.”

(I bet this will happen when the robots take over…)

What Do You Call A Ring Doorbell With Rubbish Image Quality At Night?

A Ring Doorbell.

(Sorry to throw shade at Ring, but it’s kinda true!)

What do you call a Ring doorbell with rubbish night time quality... a Ring doorbell.

Why Did The Smart Doorbell Interrupt Everyone At A Party?

Because it wanted to chime in on people’s conversations.

Why did the smart doorbell interrupt everyone at a party... because it wanted to chime in on peoples conversations
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