New Video – Amazon Alexa – All Ring Doorbell Sounds

You can use your Echo (and Fire TV) devices as a doorbell for your Ring devices. There are currently 26 different doorbell sounds you can play via Alexa when someone presses your Ring doorbell. Some are standard doorbell sounds, whilst others are seasonal ones:

The timestamps for each Alexa doorbell sound are:

  • 0:52 – Default
  • 0:55 – Blink
  • 1:00 – Pager
  • 1:06 – Pattern
  • 1:11 – Sonar
  • 1:14 – Traditional
  • 1:18 – Bells
  • 1:28 – Clock Strikes
  • 1:41 – Deck the Halls
  • 1:49 – Jingle Bells
  • 1:59 – Sleigh Bells
  • 2:06 – X-mas Elves
  • 2:19 – Fireworks
  • 2:27 – Baseball
  • 2:35 – Birds Chirping
  • 2:47 – Spring
  • 2:55 – American Football Hut Hut Hike
  • 3:04 – Sports Whistle
  • 3:14 – Kiss
  • 3:24 – Thanksgiving
  • 3:32 – Hava Nagila
  • 3:40 – Turkey
  • 3:48 – Bats
  • 4:01 – Door Creak
  • 4:10 – Howl
  • 4:21 – Funeral March

Video Transcript

Hey YouTube, I’m Tristan from Smart Home Point. One of the things I really like about the integration between my Ring doorbell and my Echo devices is that you can set your Echo devices to play a chime or doorbell sound when somebody clicks your Ring doorbell. Now as it happens, there’s quite a few different chime and doorbells sounds you can choose in the Alexa app, so I wanted to film this quick video and just walk you through all the different sounds that are available. Let’s take a look!

So to check out the different doorbell sounds that are available through Alexa, I’ll just launch the app. If I go to devices and then cameras, I can choose my front door – which is obviously a doorbell, it’s a smart doorbell, but it’s just grouped as a camera in the Alexa app. So then we’ll go to doorbell sounds – here – you can literally see all the different sounds there, so I’ll go through them one by one.

This is the default one. Blink. Hmm, a bit old-school. Okay so they’re the different standard ones. Then we’ve got seasonal ones so we’ll check those out as well. Got some Christmas ones. A bit of an up-tempo one there! Sleigh Bells, not the most up-tempo. X-mas Elves. That would be a bit creepy! There we are. Fireworks. [Later] Okay, not the most doorbell sounding one! An interesting one. Let’s move on to Spring. Okay now a couple of sport ones. Let’s go onto Thanksgiving. Next. Okay so couple of random ones now, that’s Turkey and then Bats. I’ll go with Door Creeks. That would be good as a prank, definitely! Ditto, really. And then the last one is Funeral March.

Okay and that’s the different sounds that are available. So quite a few as you can see, you’ve got a few different seasonal ones – or quite a few different seasonal ones – and then you’ve got the more traditional ones up here. To be honest, for me I quite like the default to be honest – which I’ll play again. Because also in addition to saying that, your Echo device will say “someone’s at the front door” or “someone’s at your back door”, so you know you get quite a lot of information, so the actual sound itself doesn’t matter all that much [to me] in my opinion. It’s good that you’ve got a lot of different options here though.

So that wraps up today’s video, I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please click the thumbs up button and don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you!

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